Stuff Review: Killzone 2 - 'wonderfully taxing'

There's much to celebrate. A solid campaign, an ever-mutating multiplayer and a graphical leap for mankind. It is important however, to understand that underneath the veneer what we have is also very recognizable: this is still a game that includes token 'red barrels'.

For all its guts and glory, for all its taxing, gritty fortitude, Killzone 2 adheres too strictly to the rules of its genre to send itself into the stratosphere.

What will stand the test of time is its pitch perfect grasp of said genre, it is wonderfully taxing, take-no-prisoners assault on your senses and your trigger finger. It is the ultimate conservative First-Person-Shooter, whether it wants to be or not. And this is why it's worth your bucks.

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Carbide73452d ago

That was a good read, even though I haven't heard about this site before, this was one of the better reads. Well written and honest.

Alexious3452d ago

Great review and on-spot score. The EDGE pathetic ones only deserves to be stomped down the rest.