First Look At EA's Skate

GameVideos has the first clip of the game in action.

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Chagy4307d ago

if you into skateing games

Skizelli4307d ago

I'm not a skater myself, but I was a huge fan of the THPS series. I lost interest after THPS3. Finally, something fresh and more realistic. I'm not a huge EA fan, but they have the right idea going with realism. This could turn out to be a game with some real technical gameplay. Here's hoping, anyway.

th3 itch 4307d ago

wow i cant wait for this game. this is for all the skaters out there, unlike tony hawk's BS! no offense though. even though its from EA, im still gonna buy it.

techie4307d ago

Love the bright light and dark shadows...that are actually quite soft under the skater. Good work...its all about gameplay now...

TheGoodMART4306d ago

And It's really fun i just hope EA does something new

InMyOpinion4306d ago

Tony Hawk does'nt have any "skate feel" to it, this looks much more realistic. The skater looks like he struggles with his tricks and the motions look incredible.

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