PS3Bn: KZ2 Demo Impressions Redux

PS3Bn update: "I seem to have brought out the worst in a lot of people with my last post about what I thought of the Killzone 2 demo. So be it. If people are going to react that immaturely to my opinion on something, that's up to them.

That said, I played the demo some more last night, and I have to say that the menu still annoys me!"

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OooSheeet3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I agree with you about the annoying menu that keeps jerking around for no reason. Personally I hate the clumsy handling, I read an interview with the head of development who said they wanted the handling to feel "heavy" but they have over done it, there is lag when you look left and right! I was a huge fan of the original game but this game has no split screen against the bots and from what I have seen of the gameplay videos on youtube, there seems to be little variation in the levels, I don't personally like "industrial" maps in games. This looks like just another "dark corridor shooter". I do however like the enemy AI and their movement, which look very realistic. To be honest I didn't think the graphics in the demo were anything special, even if they were, and including the good AI, it's just not enough to justify the hype that surrounds this game! Based on the demo I'll pass!