PALGN: Transformers Animated Review

PALGN writes: "Hmm. A game based on a Saturday morning cartoon designed to flog immense amounts of plastic. Anyone got a ten-foot pole handy? Still, given a choice between giant robots and whatever the heck else is keeping the kids entertained at 6 o'clock in the morning, it could be a lot worse. And, in fact, "it could be a lot worse" quite neatly sums up Transformers Animated: The Game.

Things get off to a decidedly perky start with an animated cut scene that we can only imagine is very much like the TV cartoon. Bright, colourful and pacy, it appears that the Decepticons have been up to no good and, um... well, to be honest, that's where we completely lost interest in the story. The AllSpark got a mention at some point and a variety of squeaky voiced supporting characters kept banging on about a variety of hi-tech sounding thingies, but it all boiled down to an urgent, universe-saving need to go from A to B, via lots platforms, doors and switches."

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