GTA IV Teaser Site Up, Trailer In March

The Grand Theft Auto IV web site is now live, containing a giant "IV" graphic and a countdown clock indicating when we can expect the first trailer for the Games. (March 29th)

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kingboy4307d ago

Can`t wait to see what this guys have prepared for us

Chagy4307d ago

its gonna be a small trailer about 1min30sec long and the begging of the trailer is gonna start off with the regular 5 second long "RP" screen then it will go on to a 10 sec screen with the words "GTAIV". That already takes 15 seconds of the trailer. The Trailer will continue with some game footage probely some cutscenes. then in the end it will show a 5sec scene that says "coming soon" or "Available Oct 16" Then it will go into another 10 sec scene which is the final process of the trailer which show the System Logo "Availabe PS3 and Xbox 360" then the "R" logo finish thats your trailer. so basically all you getting is 1min of actual fotage. remeber "You Hear It First" :-) lol

bluhefner4307d ago

As long as i get some sort of info on what the game will be like i will be satisfied. Its been a long damn wait, and we still gots another 7 1/2 months.

pshizle4306d ago

this game will look and play better on the 360

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The story is too old to be commented.