Left 4 Dead Survivor DLC explained

On this week's episode of GTTV, GameTrailers looks into the new DLC content for Left 4 Dead dubbed the "Survival DLC". The video is mainly about the "Lost and the Damned" DLC for GTA4, so click forward to the 18:45 minute mark for the Left 4 Dead mention.

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Buttons3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )


hippo243601d ago

DID he say 12 new maps??

Arsenic133601d ago

12 maps, probably just the sub chapters of the campaigns.

terrandragon3601d ago

Aren't there about 4 maps in each Campaign? Or is it 5?

solar3601d ago

effing lame. Valve you make me angry. we should already have DT and DA for VS. when we bought the game. ::shakes fist::

Survival Mode sounds kinda cool.

drsfinest723601d ago

what did he say? im at work and no speakers

micro_invader3601d ago

Well, basically what he said was that with this new DLC they're opening up Death Toll and Dead Air for versus. While also adding a new mode; Survival.

Survival justs set you, and your four teammates, against endless hordes of zombies and times how long you last.

JosefTor3601d ago

I agree that this stuff probably should have been in the game in the first place but since I absolutely love the game and game concept... I'll throw them some slack. These updates definitely are appreciated but what I probably want even more is the patch that the PC gamers got.

I can't wait for the smoker updates, toning down the auto shot gun against the tank, and making hitting against a jumping hunter work less.

I can only see this game series get better and better. It might be nice to have perks in the next game like COD 4/5. So... you can have yr super zombies or survivors have different abilities. Just a thought.

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