Edge gives KillZone 2 7/10

VG247: The latest issue of Edge, number 199 to be precise, has given Guerrilla Game's nuclear-shooter a rather surprising 7/10.

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LTC3594d ago

But was anyone suprised? This is the lowest mark killzone has got.

DarK-SilV3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Edge can go to hell,its like, (lets do something stupied, ok lets give a high profile game a 7).
@Below, they gave a lots of high profile games a 7 or 8
Fallout 3 (I think a 7)|
MGS4 8
R2 6

LukaX233594d ago

Don't you remember some European website claimed they reviewed it and gave it a 6/10? That was one pathetic attempt for attention. I think EDGE was having a bad day. :P Halo Wars is good too though, wth, 7/10 as well? LOTR: Conquest, 2/10?! It's not the most amazing game but it's not THAT bad! What's their problem? This doesn't make them anymore credible.

gaffyh3594d ago

Finally it's arrived, the fanboy review. The review that just wants hits LMAO.

GrieverSoul3594d ago

Shocked?! Very!
FEAR 2 got better mark than KILLZONE 2! Ive played the demo of both of these and FEAR 2 doesnt even came close to KILLZONE 2 in any way!
Judging by the marks they give, they are pretty harsh! But the FEAR/KILLZONE difference just puts them on the BIASED train!

The Dark Knight3594d ago

But no thanks edge.. Ive tried the demo plus the beta and i reckon its a stone cold 10.

I dont need your review. If i hadnt played the demo or the beta and judged the game by your review id kick my own ass.

Trust me peeps just ignore this review and judge the game for youselfs.

Thanks for wasting my time edge.

thor3594d ago

I thought Edge might still have some credibility. I mean, you know, Resistance 2 might not be worth a 6, but it's not all that so we can forgive that perhaps.

But giving Killzone 2 a 7? Against pretty much every other review site out there? That's just shameful.

If you look at the other games they've reviewed, it seems that they rate hyped games DOWN and un-hyped games UP. There is no way that Fear 2 should get a higher score than KZ2. KZ2 blows it away in every regard. There's no way in which you can say Fear 2 is better.

jammy_703594d ago

EVERYBODY just look at the mag then put it BACK on the shelf! dont buy it lol
bastards! review games not consoles!

ShiftyLookingCow3594d ago

Hey, don't be fooled! Edge is actually written by avid psychologists from the future who test their pet theories about fandom, fanboys and fanatics(who btw are ruling the time from where the shrinks came from) by playing mind games on unsuspecting gamers by using the cloak of "Super Hardcore"-"Will always give lower scores than others"-gaming-magazine.

StephanieBBB3594d ago

Give credit where credit is due given!

- Guerilla has gone far and beyond what people think was graphics wise, possible to do on a console and more or less on a PS3.

- They have re-innovated the cover system in to an FPS and executed it perfectly. You can almost not believe that other FPS's doesn't have it after play KZ2.

- The A.I is superb unlike other games coming out around this time, and the multiplayer is up to par with the best.

- The guns feel very good and 100 times better than F.E.A.R 2's weapons.

I mean come on. This game deserves nothing less than 8. And if you have a mind set that your not going to like the game your reviewing before you start to review it, then you probably should let someone else do it.

I know that this is one persons opinion and im letting you know that Im disagreeing with it to 100%.

RememberThe3573594d ago

The shameful part is that they are going to post this score for hits, not to help gamers. They seriously need to get off their high horse.

jetlian3594d ago

i think its a fair review!! i think the controls are horrendous

TheExecutive3594d ago

Fear 2 is in no way better than KZ2. I didnt expect much from Edge so this is no surprise to me. I hardly ever agree with their scores.



1.3 deserves like 100 agrees for that


edge probably goes on metacritic and gives killzone 2 a rating of "1" all day.


Chris3993594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Edge has always been like that. Their preference: Nintendo > MS > Sony. If it has Mario or Link it's golden. If the plumber and the elf aren't around, give them (Halo) space marines. Everything else is a 7/10. Game Informer is a much better mag. The write-ups in Edge are totally pretentious and contradictory.

People need to remember that a review is just an opinion. The vast majority of people who have reviewed the game or played the demo found the experience to be utterly gratifying.

And then there's Edge. They enjoyed Halo Wars, Fear 2 and Race Pro (that one's a reach - the official Xbox Magazine gave it a "6") more. I've never trusted Edge reviews. They underscored some of my favorite games this gen: Heavenly Sword and Folklore.

To each their own, I guess.

@below. Honestly, go to the Open Zone. You're contributing nothing but unnecessary bile to the conversation.

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3594d ago
whoelse3594d ago

lol there's always someone.

Agent VX3594d ago

Well, as they say, opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one.

But this happens to every game out there, so please.... quit with the "everybody hates Sony" thing, it is getting soooo lame already.

And from quite a few lower scored reviews for KZ2 (90% or lower), it definitely looks like Guerrilla Game's can improve on a few things. But regardless, KZ2 is scoring quite high.

Viper73594d ago

Pathetic score from pathetic magazine?

callahan093594d ago

This score from Edge doesn't shock me at all. But the fact that they gave it a lower score than FEAR 2 seems a bit off to me. Now, I haven't played the full version of either game, but based on the demos, I don't see how FEAR 2 can possibly out-do Killzone 2. I thought the Killzone 2 demo was pretty cool and the FEAR 2 demo was decent until the mech part at the end, which I absolutely hated and felt that it didn't belong. But where are the scans? I want proof of these scores and I want to know why they think Killzone 2 is not as good as FEAR 2.

Other harsh reviews from this issue: Halo Wars, the Maw, Klonoa, Deadly Creatures... hell every last one of them seems too harsh except FEAR 2, which based on my time with the demo couldn't possibly be over an 80% in my personal opinion, and probably House of the Dead, which I also doubt could be much better than an 80%.

Anyway, I can't stand Edge. I don't know if this is a result of individual reviewers or some other inconsistency, but 9 out of 10 games get reviewed on the "We're going to rip this game to pieces and harp on every flaw it's got" scale, and then that tenth game barely gets analyzed at all, no nit-picking, just reviewed on a completely different set of criteria it seems. Anyone else notice this?

TheForgotten0ne3594d ago

I agree that they were hard to get used to, but it's how Killzone is played. Not all FPS can have the same controler, they try to make it different.

But you can always change them, I did, to make them close to the "normal" fps, and then I feel that it's better then even CoD4!

TheTwelve3594d ago

A 7/10 from Edge is a 9/10 from anyone else. They're just very strict in their reviews. Problem is that Metacritic won't recognize that.


Sitdown3594d ago

"Edge can go to hell,its like, (lets do something stupied, ok lets give a high profile game a 7). "

Perhaps I am misinterpreting your post....but it appears that you are saying that just because a game is high profile...its not allowed to be subjected to a score of a that's interesting, because should this be the score that they really feel the game should are asking them to skew their review based on the title being high profile.

Why are you all so concerned..most have played the demo and beta so you are able to judge for yourselves. Enjoy the a matter of fact..such reviews help a game out.....because it decreases your expectations....and allows you to be overwhelmed because of a difference in perspective. Besides....there are always outliners...and a certain standard of deviation.....AKA you all know what the median/average score is.

Bubble Buddy3594d ago

:O. No not really, Edge is so predictable. This isn't the first time they rated a great game a low score.

s8anicslayer3594d ago

edge gives halo 3 a 100% and gives kz2 70%?this is total bull and this needs to stop!

monkpunk13594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

This is enough, edge has well and truly blown it this time and proved their worthless. Average accross the net and in mags is 9, this is pure proof that the review system is flawed. Their years of work gaining respect and credibility flushed down the toilet in an instant, well done boys...

Sony should pull the plug on any advertising that they pay for in their mag.

Tarasque3594d ago

Man little high on the review arn't we edge.

mphillip493594d ago

I don't have a problem with them scoring it a 7. From the looks of things they have scored a lot of games 7 or below that received really high rankings from other websites. It just bothers me when you see these sites give a game a low score just due to being biased. I mean they gave Halo Wars a 7 which also took some guts. I think they are not giving games higher scores just because of the name that is on the cover. I will still be buying the game.

JsonHenry3594d ago

Edge must be used to playing PC FPS games. Because for me personally, the only way you could give what little of the beta and demo I have played of Killzone 2 a 7/10 is because you have been comparing it to current top end PC FPS games. (which is not a fair comparison in my book)

If you compare K2 to other high end console shooters like Halo 3 or Far Cry 2 then you would have to give K2 at least the score you gave those two games.

Everyone that reads here often knows I prefer my 360 over my PS3 hands down - but I would throw every other console FPS under the bus to save my pre-ordered copy of K2.

jammy_703594d ago

a lil to hard, and its on ps3, theres your bad score


callahan093594d ago

How did BOING! (from the developer of Bullet Witch and Vampire Rain!) get the same score as Killzone 2?

Jake11113594d ago

To those of you that are saying the game isnt good I highly doubt you have played it. I have finished the Demo about 8 times and I want to go back for more.

I think what makes the game amazing are the controls, AI and realism(yes I said it!)

The controls are innovative! At first I switched to a COD type control and found it too hard to use cover and zoom. So I went back and pushed to "CHANGE" my thinking. And guess what! I changed and love it. Pushing the R3 to zoom feels almost natural now. The cover seems natural. Peeking up and around cover is wild!

AI..! I can sum it up with this. I was hiding behind cover and realized I was getting shot. I looked around and thought... Ok.. no one in sight..glitch??? NO!!!!! The dude was halway up the stairs to my left and he was shooting me through the cover and the gap that was to the left of my cover! I thought maybe I was online or something? Tell me this.. When have you ever seen that in a video game with NPCs??? Never!

Realism. The explosions, sound, weight of the character, movement, scenery, physics, destruction are all amazing. I have yet to see a gas can indent when I shot it. I have yet to see a plastic table bust apart with plastic fiber sticking out. This is amazing.

Therefore. The truth is this. This game is AMAZING. I have the 360 as well and think GOW1 and GOW2 were great. But nothing like this. I do like both systems but I can honestly say that Sony and the PS3 are heading for the top with games like this!

KEEP THEM COMING SONY!!! Cant wait until Feb 27!!!!!


GameGambits3594d ago

EDGE is about to be Killzowned by the hype train lmao.

I guess doing meth and PCP, then doing a game review is a bad idea to say the least.

Hope they brought their flame shields, because even a fanboy of all things Microsoft wouldn't give this game below an 8.5. It's really that good.

Cerberus_Hunter3594d ago

They gave same score to God Of War 2.

kparks3594d ago

wow killzone 2 -7 halo wars -7.....and HOUSE OF THE DEAD-8 LOL WTF...who are doing the reviews there!!!!

info3594d ago

it says in the review:

quote: " a Gun game in the truest sense, its bullets and ragdolls offer a literal take on the Theatre of war, a rare pleasure since Goldeneye.

In fact they prease the technology, the extremely engaging gameplay, the multiplayer offering.
They don`t like the swearing (it would be good to send a few of those into a real war to see which poetry is going to be screamed at their sensitive ears) and the characterisation/story.

They were probably expecting MacBeth ....not that they did for gears of war though. Indeed.
Anyway you want the best war / shooting game there is here it is. No fanboy no scores are relevant. If that's what you want just go get it.

unless of course you can`t stand the F word....I though De niro had a great performance with this....ah well

blind-reaper3594d ago

cmon just change the damn name to edgebox 360... lol but yeah no surprise here.

caliman873594d ago

IT still is a must buy for me.

morganfell3594d ago

It isn't just PS3 fans getting screwed by this. I will repeat myself on this one.

But both Killzone 2 and HALO Wars seem like extrememly polished titles if the demos are representative. Both recieved poor scores from Edge. This issue should actually bring 360 and PS3 supporters together. I would hazard that super 360 fans are less likely to want to join in a chorus of howls as they have more to lose from Killzone 2 being great than PS3 fans have to lose from HALO Wars being great.

But the fact is if you do not play both games then as a gamer you lose. By both games having been graded unfairly all real gamers lose.

Who wins? The people generating hits - Edge. Is that really what we want? The best possible thing people can do is mark this story as lame, stop talking about it, let it die and if you want to argue at least pick gaming journalists that have some type of even keel.

No Way3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

So, are you saying that just because a game is considered to be a high profile game, that they should automatically receive a review of a high score?

In other words, their opinion, should be based on if a game is considered "high-profile" or not?

A review is an opinion and that's all it is, I could review a game if I wanted. But, thatd be a little different than reviews nowadays because I would jus give my opinion, or review, on the sound, graphics, and gameplay. Unlike the reviewers nowadays who look at every little detail.

darthv723594d ago

I have been playing the demo for the last couple of days and I honestly want to like this game. I just cant seem to connect with it like i did with resistance 1 and 2. I dont know if it is the gameplay or story but it is obvious that the full game will reveal more.

I didnt care for the first kz so i really hope there is more to this game than updated graphics. Graphics get a 10 but graphics do not make a great game. So far i am ranking this an 8 based on how the demo plays. Perhaps edge had similar displacement issues with the full game.

I really like a good story along with great gameplay over the visuals. I have tried all sorts of adjustments to the control schemes but nothing is making me enjoy this as much as playing res2. Take the grapic goggles off and see it for what it is. Another fps which could be great (if the story is immersive)or just mediocre with fancy visuals.

So far I am not blown away with this game but will reserve final judgement until the full game comes out.

Tru_Ray3594d ago

This is the same publication that gave out the following scores:

Resistance: Fall of Man - 7
Resistance 2 - 6
MGS4 - 8
LBP - 10

GeoW - 8
GeoW 2 - 9
Fable 2 - 9
L4D - 9
Halo 3 - 10

Does this mean that Xbox 360 exclusives are better than PS3 exclusives? No. All it means is that this particular publication has rated 360 exclusives higher at this particular point in the console cycle.

I am actually a huge fan of EDGE magazine, but I don't take their scores very seriously. They have referred to the PS3 as "the pariah of this generation" so that should tell you how biased they are. Unless a PS3 game is revolutionary in scope (e.g. LBP) they are not going to give it a 9 or higher. Plain and simple.

I have played through the KZ2 demo about six times now and each play-through has been a different experience. The enemies actually react like real enemies, (unlike all of the generic shooters this game has mistakenly been associated with) which makes killing them all the more satisfying. Guerilla games has clearly raised the bar for all PS3 shooters.

Don't let the hate dissuade you from buying this awesome game. EDGE is just trying to sell magazines.

dantesparda3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Who the fvck is Edge? And what the fvck do they matter? And who gives fvck about review scores!? I'll never get you guys. In this day and age of a bazillion videos on the internet and demos galore. Why do reviews even matter anymore? And these reviewers are just regular people, not some unbiased gods, they are biased fanboys who act like they're not, but they are!

We've all played the demo and know how the game is. We dont need Edge or anybody else for that matter telling us how the game is, when we can all see for our selves. And I wish people would stop complaining about the controls. The controls are fine. What do you want every game to have the same controls? They try to be different through that way. My problem with the game isnt the controls, but rather how scripted it seems. But Im still getting it, cuz A.) its a good game. And B.) deserves the sale. And C.) practically all games are scripted.

Fvck Edge (whoever the fvck they are) and stop giving them hits. Just copy and paste the story here and that's it. No hits for them, its that easy. Now Im off the get some more trophies on Motorstorm 2 and Wipeout HD. Now if only Konami would hurry it the fvck up and bring out some trophies for MGS4 and ingame music already!

Besides, it's obvious that they are just some PS3 hating, 360 loving fanboys. Giving their opinion credit is like giving the 360 fanboys opinion on this site credit. You know it all stems from hate and fanboyism.

Lifendz3594d ago

how can you even attempt to appear to be a legit site/mag when you do that bad a job of reviewing a game.

stevenhiggster3594d ago

I aint surprised at this but can they seriously say Crayon Physics Deluxe is on the same level as Killzone 2!? Get a life Edge.

darthv723594d ago

"I have played through the KZ2 demo about six times now and each play-through has been a different experience. The enemies actually react like real enemies, (unlike all of the generic shooters this game has mistakenly been associated with) which makes killing them all the more satisfying. Guerilla games has clearly raised the bar for all PS3 shooters."

I seem to be playing a different game than you. Each play through is always the same. You start on the beach and move around the corner to take out some guys on the top of a bridge. You then move around another corner or two and two APC come on with guys coming out.

I have been doing more sight seeing each time I play but it is funny how the action doesnt continue in the background when you arent there. Like if I choose to hang back and not even reach that part with the apc's, it should continue to happen even if I am not there.

It is the same thing each time i play. Just because you choose to shoot first instead of listening to the two guys when you reach that warehouse doesnt mean it plays differently. You still need to kill all the baddies before your partner tries to hack the control panel. I tried killing my partner and could not do it. I could kill any other friendly which was nice but it doesnt change the outcome.

That would truly be a different experience if you had to do things differently because your partner wasnt there.

vickers5003594d ago

You guys are hypocrites. What happened to "reviews don't matter"? Some of you are saying "this review is going against the other reviews that gave it a 9+". So you DO care about reviews then. Well, from this moment on, let it be known that n4g ps3 fanboys DO care about reviews, and that it does affect their opinion of the game (don't lie and tell me it doesn't).

The game does deserve the 9's and 10's it's getting by the way.

LONEWOLF2313594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

If its pathetic as you say why are you letting it bother you???

We all know that this game KILLS all FPS out there so there no real reason to pay attention to what score this Magazine gives it. As a matter of a fact there is no reason to pay attention to what every magazine gives it, what matters is the score YOU give it and nothing more.

Spydiggity3594d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

why are you ppl getting so worked up over someone else's opinion of the game???????

i don't get fanboys at all. you are convinced it'll be great, lotta ppl said it'll be great, you know a lot of ppl will buy it, so who cares?

but 400 comments saying that edge just wants more readers and attention, or they aren't credible. come on. who cares? i know i'll get flooded with disagrees and hate mail from ppl who've only played this game for 5 minutes. but i am not saying i agree with edge at all. i am simply saying, don't get worked up over other ppl's opinions...especially about a topic as trivial as this.

from the comments i've read, you'd think a war was about to break out.

on a side note...i haven't played Fear 2 on console, but on PC it looks really sharp. i mean REALLY sharp. in fact, it looks an awful lot like crysis but indoors. if you only played it on console you don't know what you're talking about. i would definitely say an 8/10 is a justified score for Fear. in fact, imma go download the demo on console just to see the difference.

EDIT: @Jsonhenry: i completely agree as you can see above. i'm not surprised you're already getting disagrees though. you forgot to mention how F*CKING AMAZING killzone 2 is and how much you love sony. you know that's an automatic no-no here at N4G.

@statix: he didn't say anything about killzone 2 in comparison to Fear. stop taking his statement personally. but since you brought it up, how's mindlessly shooting in one shooter any different from another? neither game is Half Life

Alvadr3593d ago

Edge says 7.. 100s of other sites say 9.

Tell me why we should trust edge?

dylz3593d ago

you guys are the fanboys EDGE obviously scores games low and does not just give away 9s and tens so you have to take that into. Secondly has anyone thought for one moment that games are subjective just like music, movies people have varying opinions. I'm sure there are games you have just loved but everyone else has just hated. Thirdly unless you have played the full game yet there is no way we can comment on if we BELIEVE the reviewer got it wrong. Fourthly without the text the number is meaningless

mal_tez923593d ago

They gave Resistance 2 a 6
Then gave Killzone 2 a 7

WTF is wrong with these people.

really randumb3593d ago

(>^(>^(>^(>^(>^ (>^(>^(>^(>0.o)> KIRBY SMEX!!!!

3593d ago
N4360G3593d ago

LOL are people actually surprised by this? It's Edge.I can't wait to play this beast on my PS3 in only 20 more days!!

prunchess3593d ago

You do realise there is an alternate setting for the controls so that they are just about the same as COD MW? Maybe you hated that control system to.

I've been playing FPS games for years now and I find KZ2 controls to be bang on.

incogneato3593d ago

Not surprised. Edge is a loser magazine that only manages to survive based on the controversy they try to create. Boycott these losers.

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Deviant3594d ago

predictable..its EDGE

FEAR 2: Project Origin - 8 ...<- :D

Panthers3594d ago

I would like to see how many PS3 exclusives have Edge as their lowest score on Metacritic. I bet it is a lot of them.

ape0073594d ago

I give the demo above 9.5

JsonHenry3594d ago

Well, to be fair, FEAR 2 seems like it is going to be a hell of a lot of fun. But then again I only played the PC demo so I have no idea if the console version should deserve an 8.

But then again reviews are only opinion in most cases. And everyones opinions vary.

Xandet3594d ago

The new House of the Dead game got a higher score for god sake.. that alone should give enough reason to ignore this review and move on.

Statix3594d ago

Oh please. The FEAR 2 demo was okay/decent for a little bit of mindless shooting action. But in all honestly, the game was nothing that I haven't experienced hours upon hours already on the original FEAR 1 on PC; turn on slow-mo, kill everyone in the room, rinse and repeat. In fact, the gunplay felt even weaker and more downgraded than in FEAR 1.

If originality is the primary sticking point in why KZ2 deserves its low score, than FEAR 2 definitely should NOT be rated higher. It's objectively a weaker game in all areas except for scare-factor (which in itself is debatable).

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CrazzyMan3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

EDGE has same credibility as MAXIM on Killzone 2, LOL. =))

sumguy823593d ago

You're a fanboy who takes any criticism way too seriously. Don't feel bad though, you are the same level as most of the N4G community. For years now i've been reading these comments from fanboys taking things too far and over reacting and attacking other ppl's credibility. what credibility do the fanboys even have anymore?

you praise ps3 games right up to the day they come out. then they come out and nobody hears about them and you're on to the next thing. you counter other ppl's valid points by mentioning unreleased games.

YES, KILLZONE 2 looks good for a console game. No the graphics aren't best ever, no the game isn't ground breaking in terms of gameplay, style, perspective, etc. it's just a good looking typical shooter. and the demo was short and boring, the controls were lousy, and has pretty much confirmed for me that this is not a must buy title. I'm also pretty confident that the week after this avg game releases, the sony fanboys will realized that's tru (just like with every other game so far) then they will jump on the new hype train. what game will it be next? god of war 3? or uncharted 2?

how about we pull the bandwagon over, everyone jumps off, and you go back to being gamers.

CrazzyMan3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"No the graphics aren't best ever, no the game isn't ground breaking in terms of gameplay, style, perspective, etc. it's just a good looking typical shooter. and the demo was short and boring, the controls were lousy, and has pretty much confirmed for me that this is not a must buy title."

LOL, yes you are HATER or just x360 fanboy. =)
I doubt you have even played KZ2 demo. Neither you have played MP, which is BRILLIANT and alone justifies KZ2 purchase.
Get lost, TROLL. You FAIL at gaming, You FAIL at life.

sumguy823593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

dude, how dare you accuse anyone of being a fanboy when you most certainly are one. i didn't say a single thing about 360 in what i posted. nor did i say anything troll like.
again...typical hypocrite. accusing others of being exactly what they are. there was absolutely nothing "brilliant" in that 8 minute demo. and only a fanboy could make a statement like that and think it's justified.

i'm really much more of a pc gamer and don't really play either my ps3 or 360. oh...and thanks for saying the very typical thing that all idiot fanboys say. "I doubt you have even played KZ2 demo." if i didn't play it, i wouldn't comment on it. that is definitely something reserved for fanboys. a guy on n4g had an extra code and gave it to me. i played it (twice) and thought it was okay.

i especially like how you edited out the first part of that paragraph where i said it does look good.
i know the ps3 fanboys love to over hype a game to the point where it has no choice but to fail, and you are doing it to this game just like everything else. why can't a game just be good? why does everything coming out on ps3 have to be the best game of all time? about every 4 months we go through this, and no game has come close to the hype. just because you shower a game with praise and i don't doesn't make me a troll. i thought it was very average in every way except graphics. and even the graphics are only great by console standards.
i'm sure the reason you called me a 360 fanboy is because i said ps3 fanboy. but we are talking about a ps3 game on a ps3 article. why would i address 360 fanboys?

next time you want to call someone out, make sure you aren't a complete retard first.

edit: why is it that ps3 fanboys always say sites and magazines have no credibility only when they criticize a game they are SURE will be great? i don't see how when they offer an opinion that differs from your own that makes them less credible? just makes you sound stupid. and while we're on the subject: halo 3 got just as good reviews and yet every ps3 owner agrees that game doesn't deserve its scores, but then you can say that edge has no credibility because they went against the other reviews??? sounds like more hypocrisy to me.

i'm glad all the ps3 fanboys rally together if it makes them happy. but don't attack other ppl cuz they don't share your OPINIONS. it has nothing to do with credibility, especially since you have NONE.

1 more edit: you actually believe i fail at gaming and life cuz i said this game is good, but not great? you don't realize how ridiculous that sounds? i would say you fail at life for taking unreleased games so seriously, but i don't wanna add to all the crying you do before you fall asleep every night.

CrazzyMan3593d ago

I said BRILLIANT MP - MULTIPLAYER. Which alone justifies KZ2 purchase.

"nor did i say anything troll like."
You were just HATING on KZ2 demo, which has BEST console graphics todate, BEST AI todate, BEST physics todate and BEST fps experience.

"if i didn't play it,"
I already knew about how long demo is, how much it takes on hdd, how controls feels even before i got played the demo. So, you prove nothing here, unless you say your PSN id, TROLL.

All rest what you wrote, only proves that you are HATER, what positive about PS3 you say in this topic? NOTHING.

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Antan3594d ago

And Halo Wars got a 7, make out of this what you will.

"Thanks largely to its online play, Killzone 2 should find itself a fanbase no one can overlook. In singleplayer, it's a testament to craft and imagination, if only because one is so immaculate while the other barely exists. It fights a great battle, it's just a shame about the war."

"The attention to minute detail is unlike anything you've seen before. You'll almost certainly play it twice, if only to test the AI and take another look."

"This intimate, sizzling combat feels more like that of FEAR, but is actually more like [...] Black
A gun game of the truest sense, its bullets and ragdolls offer a literal take on the 'theatre' of war.
A quasi-tactical shooter, its action rivals any in STALKER or COD4"

"The Helghast provide some of the best enemy AI seen yet"

Taken all this info into consideration, 7 seems a touch harsh, they don`t like the story but thats a common complaint of course. Still, this has no effect on my thoughts for the game. 40+ reviews in an average above 90% can`t be wrong.

Sheddi3594d ago

"40+ reviews in an average above 90% can`t be wrong" Dont be so sure about that.

I enjoyed the demo and have pre-ordered it. I REALLY cant wait to get it!
U guy will see me...doing headshots in the mp!

RussDeBuss3594d ago

just out of interest, anyone know what score they gave gears?
if they were complaining about the kz2 story surely they must have moaned about the gears story.
like most shooters the story is not the strongest part of the game, and gears was no exception. it was really fun to play, bit the story was a bit of a let down.