Out of Eight: ParaWorld Gold Edition Review

Out of Eight writes: "As a trained geophysicist, I took a couple of classes on paleontology and found it mildly interesting. The courses focused more on boring invertebrates instead of the real attention-grabber of the field: dinosaurs. Those lumbering beasts used to dominate the Earth, until it got too cold for those sissies. We've previously encountered the noble sport of killing dinosaurs, so now it's time to make them do our bidding in the real-time strategy game ParaWorld. This game actually came out in 2006, but I never reviewed it (although I requested a copy multiple times) and only sampled the demo, so it's new to me. Plus, this is the gold edition, which means it must be super-mega-awesome (or it comes with some new units and maps). Let's take a field trip 65 million years into the past (remember to pack a bag lunch!) and see where ParaWorld stacks up in the strategy game lineup."

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