GamePro: Stacraft 2 vs. Dawn of War 2

OMG StarCraft via GamePro writes: "RTS gamers face tough decisions on tight budgets; which title gives more bang for your buck?

So you love real time strategy games, but are on a tight budget and unsure of which hyped title you should spend your hard earned cash on? This economy is making no exceptions, it's relentless and taking a toll on all of us. Now, more than ever, gamers need to embrace their favorite pass time to help ease the stress and forget about what's going on around them, if at least just for an hour or two."

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Charlie26883538d ago

LOL at the Zerg/Tyranid comment...I guess someone better do a little research next time >.>

JsonHenry3538d ago

For me, StarCraft 2. I don't like how resources are handled in DoW2. And I like base building/base destroying as well.

But that is not to say I am not enjoying the DoW2 beta. I just prefer "Command and Conquer" style RTS games.

pippoppow3537d ago

I thought the 1st Dawn of War was pretty good but I lost interest in it. Starcraft on the other hand I played through and remember playing multiplayer matches early into the morning. Sucked going into work and feeling like I was going to pass out but it was worth it. Can't wait for part 2.

mariusmal3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

oh well.. here we go again.

both where on my to get list. and they still are.
after playing the DOW2 beta i'm even more sure it's gonna be a great year for rts gamers :D
first console fanboys now game fanboys ? let's not hope for the future

shawnsl653538d ago

starcraft 2 for me, if i upgrade my video card that is.

Agent VX3538d ago

I won't get Dawn of War 2, but I will probably get Starcraft 2.

But I doubt I will be playing Starcraft 2 much, Empire: Total War will still be taking most of my time a year later.

Superted20073537d ago

Its gonna be DOW for me although I might consider the first starcraft aswell at a later dateb because I just loved the whole micromanaging aspect of DOW, the front line combat with a few choice squads is my thing just like COH

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