Minor Character Model Inconsistency in Killzone 2

While playing Killzone 2, a minor issue was noticed during gameplay.

Take a look.


further verification...look in his off hand (not back) ;-D

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PoSTedUP3273d ago

lol thats cool, and is why it is only a demo.

ProperFunked3273d ago

i understand that, its just something im pointing out, a "minor" issue, i dont expect it to stop anyone from buying the game seriously lol =D, im still buying it for sure. im replay the demo (like i am at this very moment, to get used to the aiming, thats my only gripe, oh, and also trying to get adjusted to the standard 1 control setup, its actually not bad, just kinda annoying to have to click R3 , clicking sucks)but i'll adjust

The Hunter3273d ago

But i think it was confirmed yeah... Funny bug too :P

PoSTedUP3273d ago

you have a good eye.

i like the standard 2 (i have the triggers for the ps3 controller and it makes it feel so comfortable when you shoot/it makes the recoil feel even realer) and try playing it without cross hairs man it makes all more exciting and realistic having just the gun on screen with no hud or cross hairs man i love it that way.

MechaGear3272d ago

The very same that was playable on all those expos last year.

godofthunder103272d ago

They have a lot of games that you could go to setup and click it so they wont have a crosshair on it.i did it with a lot of games.It look like it would be cool but it's not having a gun in person it's a lot harder to hit things with.

phosphor1123272d ago

This is awesome. I wonder how it looks with a zooka in his hands xD. Gonna check =P. (I wish I had a capture card to screen capture it for you =[ )

Tempist3272d ago

"I'm not trying to nit pick I swear, but..."

Give it a break. When it comes down to nit picking a demo, you've reached rock bottom. I'm glad to know that this gent is sitting around bored as hell just looking at his shadow in game rather than playing the game.

terrandragon3272d ago

The GameTrailers review nitpicked at the model inconsistency. But I know most people will be fine with that.

SnuggleBandit3272d ago

everyone will just nitpick, nitpick and nitpick some more until no one can enjoy the f*cking masterpiece that GG has created

hotdawg3272d ago

Minor Inconsistency with a demo. The author fails and needs to get out of the basement. Maybe then he can pay a hooker to sleep with him and see the minor inconsistencies with his life.

acedoh3272d ago

Someone needs to get a life.... It's one thing to criticize a final version of a product but when you are criticizing a demo that is months old... That is sad. Why don't we start critiquing blooper reels of movies for mistakes... I mean they should never make a mistake in the process of making a movie... should they??? Get some journalistic integrity.... take a journalism class in college and learn about meaningful story creation. This is like reporting the neighbors cat in the tree on the news...

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ProperFunked3273d ago

hahaha what if!? lol easter egg, so does that mean im supposed to be excited that i found this?!

I could understand using R2 as fire on the 360 controller because it feels like an actual trigger, but R2 is more of a throttle then a trigger. also no crosshair is pretty cool (trying it now) but im more used to play "hardcore" on COD4/WaW (i no, stop comparing) so im used to just spraying at close range, in this game you have to unload an entire clip (like Geow) to bring these guys down, if you were close range it mite work, but from afar, not so much. then again, its all just us having to adjust to the changes, like Seb (QA Manager) said in the other news article.

jkhan3273d ago

Not really mate, I thought the enemies were taking very few bullets to die. But may be I was just aiming chest high and head shots & it was Normal difficult. I think the game was too easy even for normal difficulty, not blaming the AI, AI was simply great. They surprised me a couple of times but overall a few shots and they are down.
Try shooting enemies in the legs, its really funny to see them stumble :P

ProperFunked3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

alright maybe 3 to 5, now that im actually trying to make each shot count (considering the aiming difficulty), but I'm trying to keep in mind how players are gonna be moving online, most (from the videos ive seen) arent gonna be standing still, so i try to take shots while im moving and aiming at the same time cuz thats how i believe its gonna be. So pot shots arent gonna be too effective[unless your sniping<---stoked] then again you sound like your an amazing shot with the controls already. nice

Snow3273d ago

That's it ! I'm canceling my pre-order.

ProperFunked3273d ago

yeah your right, me too... >_<

PixlSheX3273d ago

Man it's just a bug report, so GG can fix it.. if they haven't done it already.

Ghoul3272d ago

not a bug its a glitch


jkhan3273d ago

Funny that was really funny, I knew this would happen. I mean I don't see people dissecting each and every frame of the demo for a game. It would have been funny if someone can bring frame by frame analysis of Halo 3, Gears 2 and COD4 & then compare it Killzone 2.

ProperFunked3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

i wasnt actually trying to find it, i was just watching the animations of the shadow and noticed that he holds his gun while using the knife....=\. like i said, "minor" issue, as to the point where it really doesn't effect anything.

jkhan3273d ago

Sorry I didn't mean any offense, I have just seen to many articles mentioning each and every frame of the demo.

I think the reason for this is that they don't really render the whole character model. It would be waste to process a full character if we aren't gonna see it during gameplay. My guess is they are generating a more static type of shadow to compensate that. But again thats what I think.

enviable273272d ago

Then why make it a big deal? Let me guess Site Traffic?...Oh yea thats what it is

LukaX233273d ago

Why are people reporting this? Lol, no one else posted anything like this. This IS news.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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