Will The PS3/360 Combo Become The Best Ever?

PSXextreme writes: "In regards to which console is "better," we can all argue until we're blue in the face...or we can stop and examine the benefits of owning both systems."

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3447d ago

Ps3/PC is the way to go this gen.

Timberland2K93447d ago

No problem with that i own both and play them side by side.

Its just the stupid fanboys who say ps3 has no games that really get on my nerves with there ignorant bull shi(

I'll Play Killzone 2 On P&P with Project Gotham 4

PoSTedUP3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

ps1 and N64 yo hands down WOULD HAVE been the best combo in the history of gaming.

incogneato3447d ago

Agreed. PS3/PC combo is the only way to go. You get all the PS3 exclusives and console exclusives, then with the PC you can play all the 360 games in better quality plus PC games.

360 + PS3 is a joke combo for amatuers. They have too many similar games.

RememberThe3573447d ago

Right now I'm just waiting for Killzone 2 so I'm playing Lost Odyssey. It great have the best of both worlds(Lost Odyssey isn't the best, but the story telling is fantastic).

Sayai jin3447d ago

@Wife Of The Bad Guy- There are many who can not afford a gaming. Sure some good PC games do not require a high end computer, but most of the next gen style games do. Thats why a 360/PS3 combo is a good mix. You can own both systems for under under $1000 USD w/ peripherals. No need to upgrade within a year or two.

The author is write on some points. You can argue which one is better, but really I have sat back and enjoyed gaming like never before. Sure it is okay for people to prefer a certain console, but denying that they both are unique and offer a entertaining time is not accurate.

I personally own all three consoles and a high end PC.

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Zeevious3447d ago

Listen to the's what I have said since I started commenting :

Having both a PS3 & 360 is THE gaming experience.

There have been unbelievable deals with a 360 at $150 and the PS3 at $100 or $200 off!
Dell :
Conns :

360 & PS3're NOT enemies...your gamers, and both your consoles have great games.

So put aside the arguments over who's best and see for yourself.
Enjoy them all!

Sayai jin3447d ago

I know. I feel what you are saying. Game on.

GiantEnemyCrab3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

As a new PS3 owner it's definately working for me. No matter the game I got the machine to cover it and both systems do some things better than the other's so I can have the best from both.

Obama3447d ago

you got a ps3 seriously? Are you still going to call the ps3 fans fish-heads?

Hot_tea3447d ago

You have been an anti ps3 wierdo on here as long as pog, mart and all the other losers.
Show your PSN fanboy

thor3447d ago

Their fanboy personas are either built up out of insecurity or just because they want to be annoying. Originally they thought badly of the PS3, and they keep that front up. But when even more great games start to come for the system, why shouldn't they get a PS3? Mart has a PS3. Crab now has a PS3. More and more of us are becoming multi-console owners, and I'm sure both Sony and MS are loving it.

cheapndirty3447d ago

He has a ps3. And games for it.

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N4360G3447d ago

Yep,PS360 is the way to go,the Nintendo Wii sucks!!

RememberThe3573447d ago

It's just lacking in the game department.

CobraKai3447d ago

Yeah, the wii does suck. I was expecting more than a wiggle here and a waggle there.

Satanas3447d ago

PS3, 360, PC, all great in my book.

I just am not a Wii fan. I don't think I could ever like or recommend one.

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