TPCG: Everquest II: The Shadow Odyssey Review

The new dungeons are heavily scripted and play out much more like an instance from Dungeons & Dragons Online than a typical EQII quest. They're rife with devastating AoE traps, puzzles (including a trampoline fight!) and wave upon wave of enemies – AoE spell specialists in particular will come in handy here, as large mobs tend to be relatively weak. The new rules of these dungeons caught veterans out and initially they caused a stir among purists in the community, who are used to a traditional tanking approach to EQII raids and instances, though they've now become a more accepted part of the world.

It's good to see an established developer of a veteran MMORPG experimenting a little, and if SOE keeps this momentum up for each of its yearly expansions, EQII has the potential for a long life ahead.

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