Xbox 360 RRoD returns - issue getting out of hand?

Gamer.Blorge writes: "Just when we thought that the dreaded 'Red Ring of Death' (RRoD) issue was resolved, it rears its ugly head back with a vengeance. Microsoft recently released a mandatory update, which is causing many of the consoles to RRoD. With all of the launch consoles out of warranty, will the new update cause problems for many Xbox 360 owners?"

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Gerry Mark II3570d ago

This is no surprise to me, this is the Patchbox Please-Fix-Me we are talking about.

blackbeld3570d ago

That is not funny.... you should worry them.... i do fell sorry for them... next buy PS3 it will make you're life complete..

BLUR1113570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

If this is such a problem still then why is the results this ?

1. Nintendo Wii
2. XBOX360
3. PS3

Sore losers

twoface3570d ago

I found the answer for you from this post in the gamer zone.

"Out of warranty and get RRoD? Buy a arcade system for $200 which will be the new jasper model and be covered for another 3 years."

You're welcome, says MS too.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3570d ago

...they will get away with it, because they are Micro$oft...Zzzzzzz...YAWN... :-/

Razzy3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Quite clever of Microshaft especially with all of the launch consoles out of warranty. I'll bet they planned this from the beginning. Blind Xbots will be forced into buying new consoles thus increasing sales. Bravo M$!!

Raz3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

PS3 FTW! Feel the power of the black obelisk...your petty white box has abandoned you...come to the dark side...


magicman03570d ago

Then why did 2007 favor ps3 sales? Why did ps3 sales equal 360 sales in 08, what would xbox do w/o a real halo game 09? Lets face it... kids buy xbox because most of their friends have one. The only adults that buy an xbox are reviewers, hardcore gamers who have all systems and people who don't research before they buy.

Arnon3570d ago

2007 favored PS3 due to the fact that the PS3 was launched at the end of 2006. Xbox 360 actually had a slight advantage worldwide in 2008 despite all the talk about how the PS3 was outselling it everywhere. The sales of the PS3 have slowly declined since it's launch.

XxSpiiKeZxX3570d ago

then why are pple on their 5th xbox
have u guyz ever f-ing wondered if the sales calculates and counts the replaced units of pples 360'z
if not then i can be sure many pple buy a new xbox as soon as their warranty is over or just cant wait for it to be fixed
at 200$ you see xbox in lead with 28million in 3 yers while ps3 sells 20million at 400$ in 2 years and have bout the same amount of pple online 17mill
so if ps3 was at 200$ then you will see
2.wii 360

u get so much more w/ ps3 and most features are free not like that 50$ 1 year only xbox live

Arnon3569d ago

LOL... Spike is so delusional he thinks if the PS3's price were to drop, it would have a higher overall number than the Wii... oh lawdy lawd.

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TheHater3570d ago

I didn't update my xbox 360 because of stuff like this. My brother xbox 360 got the RROD in the avatar update but mine update just fine without any problem. Hopefully MS will release a new update soon so I can update my console.

Israfel3570d ago

When are people gonna get MS to do something about this. The competition is offering quality in durability and library. MS just treats us like sh!t. 360 only owners deserve better

Why dis3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

He's a PS3 fanboy. I see he set you guys up to talk smack.

Hes baiting 360 fans and giving you fuel for your anti MSFT rants.

I'm a loyal 360 fan and I own the PS3.

His post history is one of the most rabid i'v seen so far.

TheHater3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

you seriously don't think I have an xbox 360 do you? Why don't you look at my profile, and send me a message over xbox live right now and I will respond to it.

Edit: So I am a fanboy because I loving gaming and appreciate the hard work that goes into making most games? Hell I bought Too Human because that game was in development for over 10 years and a lot of hard work went into making it. So the least I could do was buy a copy and finish it. Even though the game was pretty bad for my taste.

Israfel3570d ago

Bro, if you're talking about me. Go ahead, I want people to go through my post history. You'll see how sober my comments are. Unlike yours.

Cool Hwhip3570d ago

'Cause a friend of mine had his die on him a few weeks ago,I really hope there isn't an update killing 360s cause that would just plain out suck.

Blaze9293570d ago

RRoD returns? It never left! Out of hand? When was it IN hand? This is just more bs of how the media will never let the RRoD issue die out. The problems isnt what it used to be. Out of warranty and get RRoD? Buy a arcade system for $200 which will be the new jasper model and be covered for another 3 years. Still cheaper than everything else out and still got all your games. Problem solved.

pumpkinpunker3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

A software update can't cause RROD! RROD is a hardware issue. Most recent headlines from the person who wrote this article, Mike "Sony Fanboy" Frerro, I shall dub this loser from here on in:

Xbox 360 RRoD returns - issue getting out of hand?
Tips: How to make Killzone 2 better
EA: Mass Effect on PS3 a necessity not a choice
Game noobs complain about RE5 controls
Resistance 3: Modern Warfare in the works?
Is Killzone 2 a PS3 seller?
PS3 sales on par with Xbox 360 due to better lineup and price drop
The Reason why Banjo-Kazooie flopped
Xbox Live is a popular place for child molesters...

There is not one article about the 360 unless it's extremely negative or makes the PS3 look better by comparison. Go look for yourself if you don't believe me. Sessler would have a field day with this guy. Heck, a psychiatrist would have a field day with him. He should probably visit both.

The website is just some loser fanboy blog written by a couple dudes whose mother's probably never paid enough attention to them. A couple dudes living in their mom's basements posing as journalists looking for attention.

TheHater3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Not mine, my brother. His Xbox 360 die 3 days after the Fall update to xbox live. And yes we own our own systems.

iiraymoii3570d ago CAN actually harm hardware. If code is not optimized correctly or is stressing the system heavily. It can and will harm your hardware.

pumpkinpunker3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

software can harm your hardware, but very rarely can it crash your own system, ruin your chipset and make you console over-heat. RROD is a very specific hardware issue caused by the chipset and the cooling mechanism.

Do you really think this writer researched this or did any kind of objective analysis anyway? the guy writes a RROD returns article on a monthly basis. look at those headlines and I only went back a couple weeks for brevity.

TheHater3570d ago

So let me get this straight. You want people to buy an Arcade unit when their Xbox 360 get the RRoD when their warranty is up? I don't understand you logic at all. Why should consumers buy another system because a company build a very unreliable hardware to begin with.

itagaki3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I can't imagine a piece software stressing the hardware so much that it will fail. There aren't too many type of stresses you can do to a piece of hardware to cause hardware failure unless the hardware failed first before it ran the software. It's not like the NXE is causing soo much more heat than a game.

The only thing I can see the firmware doing is either incorrectly detecting something as malfunctioning or the trigger is now much more 'sensitive' and therefore triggers RROD detector.

Either way, most likely this is just a co-incidence when you have millions of people updating their Xbox, some are bound to fail at that moment. It probably would have failed with or without the NXE.

I must also agree with pumpkinpumper, clearly this article writer is a PS3 fanboy. It of course causes questions like why would a "legitimate" site have a blogger so extremely biased. I'm definitely not visiting their site again.

Danja3570d ago

Blaze ur Logic is deeply flawed , so ur saying everytime someones 360 get RROD they should just buy an arcade bcuz it's $199 ?? only an idiot will do that dude...

Funny this is happening just around the time the warranty

morganfell3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Jaspers are one of the units getting the E79 so that won't help. MS doesn't want people to know which ones are the Jaspers to begin with. A smart consumer just washes his hands of the matter and moves on to another console. I bought my last 360 and I do not care what games come to it. When this one goes that is it.

If a car had the 360's service record you would never buy it. If you had that many automobiles die are you saying that when the same company comes out with the same car but with a slightly different engine you would have no qualms about rushing out to buy one? Think of all the RROD stories on Youtube alone. That wouldn't make you think twice about investing in such a car if it had an equal number of cars die and owners fighting with the service department?

Okay, make it some restaurant. If the same percentage of people that ate at a restaurant became sick as have had 360s RROD, you wouldn't be eating there. Of course not, and it wouldn't be your choice because the Consumer Protection Agency, part of the FTC would have shut them down. Which is where MS was headed before the 3 year warranty and is the real reason they coughed up the money. It damn sure wasn't consumer care.

Danja, they waited until just after the warranties expired to do this. That way they force those owners to buy new 360s or pay for the repairs. Either way, it's money in their pocket.

Lombax3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Ya, right behind yours. LMAO xD

phosphor1123570d ago

Some people don't realize that its easy to kill hardware via. Most hackers don't do that kind of stuff because they want to leech your data off of you. You can easily make a C++ program by making a loop in which you initialize a process and dump allocate process into every single memory address possible. Easily will overheat your hardware, and considering the 360 hardware is in itself faulty, that program will damage it.

phosphor1123570d ago

That is exactly what I thought. If people's 360's died, with no warranty, they would have to fork over money. They CAN get more money that way, but they can also lose a lot, if someone decided to switch to PS3/Wii, they would lose game sales, netflix, XBL costs, but I don't know if that would amount to 150 per xbox 360.

king dong3570d ago

f%^k-me this guy is the worst, most prolific, sony loving blogger to write stories for

i wonder just how many people that dont visit n4g have actually heard of gamer.blorge?? i'd say none! i mite start a blog site and write material especially for n4g, it only has to be of a certain flavour in order to get hits and reach 1000 degrees.

and when are all these bloggers going to realise that it's only hardcore gamers and sony fanboys(and the community is not that big) that read n4g?? it dont matter how many of these blogs that get wrote, it's not changing things in sonys favour. just give it up, go out mite actually get a girlfriend!

Blaze9293570d ago

I didnt say everytime someone who gets RRoD should go out and buy an arcade becuase its only $200, that's just stupid. I'm saying we know the 360 is flawed and there's nothing thats going to change about it so people can either deal with it or get another system.

If your warranty expires, pay the $100 or just buy a newer model which is the latest and greatest configuration and with that, you'll have another 3 year warranty. By the time those 3 years are up I doubt the 360 will even still be around. If so, buy another one when by then, itll be what, $50?

Bloodwar3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

One thing about cars now days, is that the companies could send a signal causing the engine light to come on or check oil light or some other mechanical problem warning light that said driver of car would take the car to the shop and experience sticker shock with some fake repair job. Would the car companies do that? I don't know, but I hope and trust that they wouldn't.

I honestly don't think the MS creates the console with the intentions of the consoles going into the shop to be replaced with a new console. The console was rushed, yes, we can agree with that. MS doesn't make consoles. They are the masters of software. They took upon the task of creating a game console going against the kings of the console, Nintendo, and Sony. Nintendo owned the consoles from the 80s on. Sony came out with a console that really was good and even got better when the PS2 came out. Then Microsoft, a software company comes out with a console that was better in more ways than not than the forefathers' Nintendo and Sony consoles.

We can argue all day long if you like, and yes all of the disagrees that I get for this comment would make it look like I lost the debate, but opinions do not count without the facts in line. The same features that the Xbox 360 has today, the Xbox had, minus the RROD. Xbox was the first--let me say this again. The Xbox was the first console to utilize High Definition. If you don't believe me, check out the specs and check out some of the games. Xbox had the first truely amazing online setup of the consoles. We didnt have to create a new online identity every time we placed in a new game. With the PS2, you had to create a new online identity if the game you placed into the drive was a from a different developer than the last game you played. It was the first console that allowed people to have their own music from their own CD collection to be played on the console while playing their games. Just burn your CDs to the console hard drive and the console does the rest.

I could go on about the Xbox brand but I won't. You've been on this site long enough to know that there is a lot of good that Microsoft brought to the table that were new and fantastic ideas, but perhaps were not executed in MS's favor for the fact that the RROD nearly hammered the nail in the coffin for MS's chance of going for a round three. The only people that are really complaining are the folk who perhaps really are victims of the problem and then PS3 fanboys. I had a console that RROD'd on me twice? So F'ing what. They reaplaced it for me, and my 3 year warranty went to a 6 year warranty.

So, I moved on. I am really considering getting my PS3 next week so that I can start finding out all of the neat things that it can do and play all of the awsome games it has. But it will be like my Xbox. It will get as much or as little play time as my Xbox. Because I am a gamer and I love games. I am not some troll looking on n4g to start some useless flame war to convince people that the Xbox 360 or PS3 is an inferior console when I know that neither console is. There are only two truly next gen consoles. And just because Sony says, "The next generation starts when we say it does", doesn't mean that it acutally does. Truly, the next gen did start when the Xbox 360 came out. It is the first of the three consoles to have come out, and Microsoft is the new guy in town. I would be surprised if Microsoft didn't create a next generation to the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 got so many things right that I would be one of millions upon millions of 360 owners that will move on to the next Xbox when it comes out. Why? Because, Microsoft created things that seperated the Xbox 360 from the competition. There are features about the Xbox that you can not find on the PS3. There are features on the PS3 that you cannot find on the Xbox 360. And of course, Nintendo's last generation console with motion control called Wii also added something to the table that neither two of the present gen consoles were able to bring to the table. Every one is going to go with what they feel is best for them. I don't listen to trolls. I listen to the reviews and I pay attention to my experience and so far, even with the RRODs, I have no problem with Microsoft. End of story.

vhero3570d ago

How else are they supposed to sell more consoles than Sony?? The RROD was put there on purpose to sell more consoles and when people realize this and stop replacing RROD consoles with new ones maybe numbers will be realistic. RROD is MS ace in the hole, many people think its the 360's plague but its really the thing that kept them going all this time that's why they waited 2 years after the launch and then gave a 3 year warranty thus only giving launch consoles (which all nearly all died out by now anyways) 1 year lifespan from RROD.

Gotta love you guys for believing that MS actually wants to fix this problem though gullible little people you are :). Why fix the problem when its making them millions and helping them beat Sony in the console war?? If it backfired and people stopped buying the console because of RROD then they would fix it but that's not happened so they gonna add RROD to over 40% of their consoles. Money talks baby, I mean this is Microsoft after all!

UltraNova3570d ago

I have discovered the truth behind this whole RrOD fiasco!

MS chose to release the most faulty and unreliable piece of electronics the world has ever ever seen so that people would be feed up after their 8th 360s and go buy a new one. Making them money and increasing their unit sales count!. The only way to compete or even win Sony in this generation!

lol I am just messing around guys! But now seriously I would hate it if every time I turned my 360 to play a game I was terrified that my console would blow its insights on my face!!! Especially when I picked up the latest bad ass game and I was dying to do some serious ass whooping!!

The good thing about the 360 is that if you have a good PC (and you are a ps3 hater) you can still play 90% of all 360 games!
OR you could do yourself a favour and buy a ps3...

Personally, when I bought my 360 2.5 years ago I never thought I would be one of those super lucky folks that didn't get an RrOD !! (ok maybe because I never turn the damn thing on that much? :p)

So what do you thing about my conspiracy theory???

(remember die hard fanboys I 'messing around here dont go bursting your bubbles just yet!)

UltraNova3570d ago

Common man you beat me in my own idea!! lol

SO what'd say shall we make a clan out of this conspiracy?? lol

jadenkorri3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

when was the last time you called MS, and what 360 do you have...

mircosofts 3 year warrenty on the RROD is only applicable to launch 360's, not the falcon or the new Jasper consoles. You can call MS and they will tell you or better yet, just goto GS/EB or any retailer who has some knowledge, and they will tell you you only have a 1 year warrenty on the 360....careful thou some retailers will say the 360 has a 3 year warrenty, but i give it the fact that they probably don't know...

I know every 360 fanboy is gonna comment to defend their system and say im wrong but my 360 rrod on me, it was falcon, manufactured august of 08, when I called, i was informed after stating i had a 3 year warrenty on the rrod, they informed me not so, which was very enlightening...but yet all i see is 360 fanboys saying i have a 3 year warrenty with a small halo looming over the console like its all innocent...

JsonHenry3570d ago

As an owner of two now dead Xboxs I have to say this sucks big donkey balls no matter how you look at it. But the fact of the matter, as far as a console goes, me and every guy I know prefers to play games online on the 360. Not to mention the arcade games I already own for the system. So I am basically forced to buy another one just so I don't lose my arcade games and I can still play online with the guys I know because they don't own a PS3 like I do and can't afford to buy/build a gaming rig PC.

However, I am betting when they come over to my house and see Killzone 2 playing on my bigscreen I might have a few more friends with a PS3 shortly thereafter.

godofthunder103570d ago

When is all this sh*t going to stop.I like to know how he found out so fast when the update was only a few days ago.This is just a stupid a** ps3 fanboys speaking with a mouth full of sh*t and it's pathetic.The rrod is fixed get over it and hell don't even worry about it because it doesn't concern ps3 fans one damn bit.I don't worry about the ps3 because i don't have one and i never will.The only reason i could see ps3 fans worring about the 360 is because they don't have any games to play.

I went to ps3 sites and i didn't see half as many 360 fanboys on it like i've seen ps3 fanboys on 360 sites and that's a fact.Just because ps3 fanboys like the ps3 i'm glad for them.The fact is that i hate sony and unlike them i'll buy American as much as i can.The goverment already said that Americans buying forign products is one of the reason our econonmy is like it is.Our economy been falling ever since the forign trade.Americans are so damn stupid.Companies in the U.S have to pay taxes,and all kinds of other fees to Japan just so we could ship our products over there.On the other hand the U.S don't charge Japan 1 cent to send their products over here so it's all profit.They took a survey of people in Japan and asked why can't products from America or any other country doesn't sell well in Japan(not just the 360,all products).They said because they like to buy products from their country so they could keep their money in their own country and help their own country economy out.I have all the respect in the world for these people because they know what really matter.I bet that no one can find a Japanese that say they wish that microsoft destroy sony and cause them to go bankrupt because they are proud of their country like they are suppose to.The fact is that the ps3 fanboys in America are the only ones that hope their country or companies in it lose to a forign one and it's pathetic and they make me f**king sick.They need to move to Japan if they love it that much.They are the only people that stupid enough to pull against their country and companies in it and they should be ashamed of theirselfs.If they are not pround of the American companies and try to support America as much as they can i wish they all get the hell out because they are stinking it up and i'm tired of these Bas*ards putting down anything American.It's people like this that don't respect America that's causeing people over seas to hate America too,How can a forigner have respect for America if duma** Americans don't even have respect for their own country.Ps3 fanboys in the U.S keep saying they hope a company from another country beat a company from their own and cause it to go bankrupt.people like this might as well leave because they are sh*tting all over the U.S already and i wish they get the f*ck out because as long as people live in the U.S like these people,our economy will drop more and more because unlike other people in other country they don't give a sh*t what happens to the U.S and it's pittiful.

pumpkinpunker3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Keep posting this trash it's not going to change anything. It is heavily advertised that the X360 has a 3 year warranty. I've had my X360 for a year and a half and nothing bad has happened. It still runs great. On the flip side, everyone I know who has experienced RROD bought a launch model.

And you know what? those people sent their consoles back to MS and they were fixed free of charge. None of them bought a PS3 instead. They still prefer the Xbox 360 for the Xbox live community and the games. You can't change what most people prefer with a bunch of biased, sensationalist blogs. It's sad how much sites like gamer.blorge try though. what a waste of energy and time. Maybe they should focus on how great they think the PS3 is instead of trying to make up crap about he X360.

HDgamer3570d ago

Whydis is a fanboy if not a horrible parody of a gamer.

Pootie Tang3570d ago

This is just opinion and Flamebait, I haven't heard it anywhere else.

JHUX3570d ago

hahah I only came here to laugh at why dis claiming he owns a ps3, then pretending he's not an extreme 360 fanboy.

Sarcasm3570d ago

People, stop trying to inject logic into the situation. If idiots want to buy shoddy hardware, let them. It's like their own punishment for supporting poor products.

If a guy tells me "you drive a stoooopid Subaru, my Ford is better than your car" then power to him. It's not my fault when his car breaks down on the side of the freeway.

lessthanmarcus3570d ago

I just had to pay MSFT $99 to fix the E74 problem (one flashing red light)

xwabbit3570d ago

Whythis is just a nub who loves M$ and Bill. He could get 10 RROD and he would still be a loyal 360 fan, that's how smart he is. He has problem seeing reality.

LoydX-mas3570d ago

You either can't read or you are straight up lying.

"three year warranty for three lights flashing red"

NO WHERE does it say the "falcon" or "jasper" is excluded.

f7897903569d ago

Hasn't it been out of hand since launch?

morganfell3569d ago

Bloodwar, we aren't talking about a car company doing that. In this case it would be similar to a car company sending a signal in the open. That is they announce publicly they are going to send this signal to update the microchips in your car. Then when they do so a lot of people's cars that received the signal stop working. Then the car company says, "Sorry we can't fix your car for free because it is out of warranty. The only way you can prevent having received the signal was not to drive it on the road at all.

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imaballa3570d ago

MY 360 RRoD a little while ago. It froze after rebooting the first time, then I unplugged it and turned it back on and it RRoD!!

Msft really needs to get cracking, and fix this issue. My 360 is close to launch day, so I might be covered by the skin of my teeth.

Yea, I agree with writer- the hell they thinking laying off 30% of testers?

Algullaf3570d ago

wow just sell it before you cry on it, get a ps3 and killzone 2 and you will thank me later.

imaballa3570d ago

I can get a Jasper, I heard those are suppose to be RRoD proof.
Although, I did see someone one the official forums saying that they have a brand new system, and it RRoD from the update.

This really sucks, I really dont understand why they can't fix this issue for good. I thought it was overheating problem? New systems should not be RRoD.

RememberThe3573570d ago

Thats the problem. They can't even fix their own product. There is a reason they stick to software. The Zune is the only quality piece of hardware I've seen with Microsoft's name on it.

PooEgg3570d ago

Well let me just say I have both systems, and if they both stopped working tomorrow and I could only replace one, I would buy the 360 over the PS3, because I play my 360 more... it's as simple as that. The reason 360 fans defend a broken system is because they like the games, they like the Xbox live, and they think the trade off is worth it, because it is.

And sure, I will be sad if I get RROD, and anyone who has had to experience it has the right to be upset... but all you Sony fanboys shouldn't be worrying yourselves right? What do you care if the 360 has red ring and your rival fanboys have to deal with it? Seriously, why do you trouble yourselves? Just move on and worry about your own system... maybe you should ask yourself why Sony is no longer the company to beat? When your talking your trash about MS greed, ask yourself how many PS2 fans purchased a 360 instead of a PS3, due to the fact that the PS3 hiked up its launch price so extremely. Really we should be relieved that the PS3 stumbled the way it did, otherwise we would all be paying $1000 for the PS4... Now I am going back to playing games.

magicman03570d ago

Its obvious that you dont have a ps3 based on your previous posts, please dont lie to make your argument seem better.

PooEgg3568d ago


Don't be stupid, just because I like my 360 better does not mean I don't have a PS3, I do. I also have a PSP, and guess what I play my DS a lot more... why??? because I like the games available for both systems better. Wake up not everyone thinks just like you do.

I am not anti-PlayStation... and if you actually pulled your head out of your fanboy ass, and actually read my comments with a clear mind you would have figured that out.

360 is a great system, even with it's issues... My saying that isn't saying that the PS3 is a bad system, and I have never said it was. All I said was I like my 360 better, fool.

Also you should know that I used to be a very loyal PlayStation fan, I owned both the first PlayStation and a PS2. I also had a original Xbox, that I hardly played and was not very fond of. When 360 launched I had no intention of buying one, but when PS3 launched at such a high price, I decided to wait for games before making a purchase... guess what, the game didn't come fast enough... suddenly 360 was putting out all these games that looked good, while PS3 had nothing... so I picked up a 360, and surprise surprise I loved it from day one. It was only when Metal Gear Solid 4 released that I decided it was time to buy as PS3, since I also wanted the hard to find backwards compatibility, so I bought one. And I was happy with the purchase, blu ray is very nice. Since I bought the PS3 I have played Metal Gear Solid, the PS2 game Persona 4, Dead Space, and some Little Big Planet on it. Although, I own 12 PS3 games currently, I find myself playing the PS3 much less then the 360, because the 30 games in my 360 collection seen to hold my attention longer. This doesn't mean that everyone will feel that way, but I do... and just because you like PlayStation better it doesn't mean everyone else does. So stop forcing your childish fanboy crap onto others.

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markus993570d ago

My bros 360 RRoD, poor guy.

I really do wonder if Msft will pay to fix it if its out of warranty?

TheHater3570d ago

If you are referring to me, then MS did fix it and he got it back January.

Playa79703570d ago

they are losing losing consumers one by one

infamousinfolite3570d ago

5 by 5 I know I aint getting a Heaterbox oven toaster lol

Obama3570d ago

same here. Not buying anything that is guaranteed to break.

Deadman643570d ago

You'd think Sony would be able to overtake them wouldn't ya?

Teek_153570d ago

the thing is people keep buying them:P ive heard multiple posts about getting a new one for $200 but i really dont think its a good idea to pay a company to keep making hardware that breaks, and not fix it.

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