TeamXbox: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Hands-On

Having Visual Works in its back-pocket for Star Ocean: The Last Hope-which is due out at the end of February-should give those familiar with the studio's work a good understanding of how early and how briskly Square Enix's latest RPG is going to slap Xbox 360 users in the face. Star Ocean: The Last Hope promptly got the attention of gamers at Japan's Yodobashi Camera Shop, and it has gotten TeamXbox's, too, in the form of a debug preview build provided by Square Enix USA.

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Kamikaze1353482d ago

I was going to get a 360 on Friday just for this game (and a few others, but this game was the tipping point). However, after reading this...I don't know if I want to anymore. Doesn't really seem what I thought it would be.

RPG Guy3482d ago

I'm a little downed by reading this too. Seems tedius beyond RPG-fan tolerance. Not a good sign. However, complaining about long cut-scenes isn't anything new for RPG fans. Xenosaga, anyone? Still loved that series.

Hmmm....will Famitsu F-up another review? Or maybe they're doing just what Billy asked them to do ;)

We'll see...

gaffyh3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I'm probably still going to get this game, but it doesn't look or sound as good as I expected it to be. Tri-Ace seems to be rushing out as many games as possible, they should take a few more months and perfect the game a little.

Anyway I'll personally wait for a video preview before I make up my mind about the game.

@RPG Guy - This will probably get 38/40 by Famitsu, main reasons being that 1) It's Square Enix/tri Ace (Look at scores for IU/TLR) and 2) It's Star Ocean which has a fanbase.

kewlkat0073482d ago

Check out the IGN preview, after the first Disc. I just put that story up, he seem to be enjoying it.

Usually JRPG's can start slow and sometimes half-way/3-quarters into it is when your really into the game. Not for everyone one but it happens a lot.

kodiak3482d ago

its 360 exclusive
square it self said this game is only possible on 360
it wont come for ps3, stop begging

onomix3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Comment has been deleted.

gaffyh3482d ago

Could you stay on topic? or are you too stupid?

Grooski3482d ago

Yes, selling more than Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery combined in japan is such a major failure.

militant073482d ago

Ok,so when its about xbox360 games sale =/= good game. because xbox360 games sell very well.

but when its come to ps3 game sale = good game.

"White Knight Story" is average just like "Infinite Undiscovery" and "The Last Remnant".

Lets do some calculations here. (Console sold in Japan / Games Sales in Japan)
============================= =============================== ========
White Knight Story 2.7m / 350k = 7.7 (8) every 8 ps3 owners there is WKS owner in Japan.
============================= =============================== ========
Blue Dragon 870k / 203k = 4.2 (4) every 4 Xbox360 owners there is Blue Dragon owner in Japan.
============================= =============================== ========
Tales of Vesperia 870k / 161k = 5.4 (5) every 5 Xbox360 owners there is Tales of Vesperia owner in Japan.
============================= =============================== ========
LOST ODYSSEY 870k / 110k = 7.9 (8) every 8 Xbox360 owners there is Lost Odyssey owner in Japan.
============================= =============================== ========
The Last Remnant 870k / 134k = 6.4 (6) every 6 Xbox360 owners there is The Last Remnant owner in Japan.
============================= =============================== ========
Infinite Undiscovery 870k / 112 = 7.7 (8) every 8 Xbox360 owner there is Infinite Undiscovery owner in japan.
============================= =============================== =========

1- Blue Dragon (Ratio: 4)
2- Tales of Vesperia (Ratio: 5)
3- The Last Remnant (Ratio: 6)
4- Infinite Undiscovery (Ratio: 8)
5- White Knight Story (Ratio: 8)
7- Lost Odyssey (Ratio: 8)

PS. the numbers are not 100% accurate

pumpkinpunker3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Japan is one country. PS3/X360 games probably sell more in California let alone what they sell in the rest of North America compared to Japan. Japan is too busy with the Wii and handhelds to really support their own native JRPG developers substantially.

This is the reason Square chose the X360 over the PS3 to release Star Ocean 4. There is a much bigger 360 console base in NA/Europe. Sure, they'd like SO4 to catch on like hot fire in Japan but if it doesn't then they always have the rest of the world to fall back on. They're just protecting themselves from the fickleness of the Japanese consumer and the uncertainty of the Japanese HD gaming market as it stands.

MS wants to sell consoles to Japan. Square-Enix wants to sell games to the world. It's a match made in heaven.

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Spike473482d ago

And from reading the preview from TeamXbox it sounds very familiar.

Don't kid yourself either, WKC has had only 2 reviews, and the sales in japan are spectacular along with impressive sales for Demon Souls.

Jerk1203482d ago

White Night Chronicles sucks and Demon Soul or god knows what the hell game that is.. sucks too.

FF13 will be on 360 and Versus will hit 360 soon.

No worries.

militant073482d ago

Oh please, demon soul is avarge game at most and you know that.

its sold around 30k maybe ?? is that good

IU and LR sold 200% or 300% more.

WKS is flop no more, Im gona buy it due the lack of JRPGS this year

3sq3482d ago

Okay, then the Last Remnant sucks, Infinite Undiscovery sucks, Blue Dragon sucks, Lost Odyssey Average, Spectral Force 3 sucks. Almost every JRPG on Xbox sucks.

And FF XIII Versus on 360, ha in your dream. And so what if it comes to 360 it's still multi-plat.

You are acting like FF XIII and FF XIII Versus are exclusive to 360. What an idiot.

kodiak3482d ago

last Remant and iu suck. But Lost Odyssey is the best jrpg of this gen so far and blue dragon is good too and Tales Of Vesperia is Awesome and guess what... Its 360 exclusive. PS3 just got White Flop Chronicles 29/40 70/100 and Flop Souls. FFXIII is coming to 360 and FFXIIIVs looks meh but soon will hit 360 too

Jerk1203482d ago

How am I acting as if they were exclusive? You're the idiot.


Except for a bunch off crapfest games.

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onomix3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Comment has been deleted.

3sq3482d ago

Still not on the topic.

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