360 Dashboard Updates Making Things Worse?

Agent-X writes:

It seems that Whenever Microsoft releases new dashboard updates for the xbox 360 things just gets worse.

Update: Different from the other article.

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jack who3299d ago

i dont see how you can call this

"It seems that Whenever Microsoft releases new dashboard updates for the xbox 360 things just gets worse. The first dashboard update that was released couple of years ago made the 360 go slow and caused RROD, and then when the second dashboard update released more causes have been accuring such as bricking xbox 360’s with RROD, and many other problems, and when the last update was released which was suppose to fix the HDMI Audio ended up Bricking more 360’s, Microsoft it’s for the best if you stop releasing more updates for the 360, because it will just make things worse, people are sick and tired of there 360’s getting bricked, and that they have to send it back to get it repaired…again."

an Article .

Kevin McCallister3299d ago


150G - Super long comma splice used in an article.

Blaze9293299d ago

Well...look at the website it's coming of off. Need anyone say more about what to expect?

prowiew3299d ago

haha. That was a good laugh.

JaggedSac3299d ago

Be nice to him guys, he is clearly retarded. What we should be saying to him is:

(In baby talk voice)"That was such a great job. Yes it was. I am so proud of you. Now go clean the poop out of your pants."

ThanatosDMC3299d ago

So i guess this was suppose to be what Ballmer(sp) was talking about when he said old OSs were gonna get raped... but they accidentally put it on the 360s?

Lifendz3299d ago

how is this happening? I have no faith in their ability to build a working console. It's worse than the Ford pinto in terms of reliability.

jib3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

duh, it's they have low standards over there

thats_just_prime3299d ago

Proving once again thehiphopps3fanboy is one of the biggest SDF member there are.

1st off the update works fine and "rrod" is a hardware issue not a software issue.

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TrevorPhillips3299d ago

This is all true, and i wanna see you write a better article

GiantEnemyCrab3299d ago

Are you kidding me? You provide no facts to back up your claims. One question your article should be able to provide at least is how many of these claims are being made? You said in your article that more people's systems are bricking from updates that are actually being fixed. Prove it.

The update is pushed to 20+ mil consoles and you read a forum post and suddenly it's hurting more than it's helping?

My thought is these systems were on the verge of getting RROD and it's all coinsidence.

Then you conclude with the brilliant solution to stop putting out updates to the box? Really? No thanks!

I would call this a random rant and certainly not NEWS.

mboojigga3299d ago


Thne maybe you "experts" or seasoned veterans need to learn to set guidance on your site. This isn't an excuse either about being new you and others on the site continue to push articles as fact or BS like articles about Killzone 2 will do or might do or can do Halo sales instead of just letting it sit as what it is vs measuring up and you wonder why fanboys come out the wood works to cuss and complain. Your blog is no different than the others and that is what you all need to figure out. Why did we set out to do this blog. What do we need to do that will bring GAMERS here and enjoy the site vs BS left and right. YOU all need to go back to brainstorming and quit this BS and LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF GETTING ON N4G MAKING EXCUSES "HE JUST JOINED THE SITE"

RememberThe3573299d ago

That right there was real talk. Agent and Hydro, let that sink in for a sec.

hydro-lx3299d ago

what? oh you think i read that? i only read things that are short! what he say? in one sentence to please

Tony P3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

So many bubbles for Crab.

What he says should be taken as scripture to you guys over at HHG because what you do is not respectable in the least. You may be real with your words, but there's no intelligence behind it. Nothing insightful in the least. You can prostitute your controversial opinions for hits or you can EARN them by doing the research and learning to write above a fifth grade level.

You can't pretend to be journalists forever. I know my opinion doesn't amount to much, but you might consider the hundreds of people trolling your articles and at least make the attempt to step your game up a bit.

jib3299d ago

"what? oh you think i read that? i only read things that are short! what he say? in one sentence to please"

wow. so that explains the bad writing on your site.

hydro-lx3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

i'll re-read my articles, try and find bad grammar or bad spelling on the ones i write foo

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lord_of_balrogs3299d ago

Since the last update I've gamed around 10 hours, DL the Halo Wars Demo, and pwned noobs online. The update is causing no problems such as RROD. RROD has to do with the chipset overheating because of poor design. How does an update cause a chip to overheat?

NipGrip3299d ago

A software update can easily cause a chip to overheat by adding more work to the already running processes making the chip work harder thus in turn overhearing. Anyone who knows anything about how hardware is dependent on software realizes this.

Take your PC for example. If you're only running say, Windows XP and nothing else, you're core temp and such may be at X value. Now, open up an intensive 3D game and watch the temperature rise. Voila, software made the hardware work harder, in turn increasing it's heat output.

TrevorPhillips3299d ago

sorry guys next time ill provide with faqs

UltimaEnder3299d ago

whats wrong with you? you stole this story (not even a real story) from the article right next to this one, serisouly your site is a freaking joke and I'm unsure why people still look at your crap; then I see the people who are approving it, why is this allowed to happen....N4G is now turning into a joke!

Cherchez La Ghost3299d ago

You sound like Michael Phelps. LOL!!

jack who3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )


software update cant cause a chip(hardware issues) to overheat

Algullaf3299d ago

it can use more processing = more heat.
and a cheap cooling system = over heat.

with all devices not only x360.

jack who3299d ago

so you telling me 2 lines of code to fix the HDMI Audio problem killed the 360 yet a 500,000 lines of code to revamp the xbox dashboard didnt?