Killzone 2 demo is all like "advance>cover>attack>repeat"

Yesterday the demo for the highly anticipated Killzone 2 hit the PlayStation Network and Sony fanboys everywhere were suddenly glued in front of their television screens, SIXAXIS in hand. With all the hype surrounding this title you've gotta' wonder, is this game really all it's cracked up to be?

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CrippleH3390d ago

All games follow a pattern.

This is just stupid.

Genesis53390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Oh you mean like you would have to do in a real war. Soldiers don't just run around on the battle field shooting from the hip.

itagaki3390d ago

I agree with this guy on many points. I enjoyed the game, but of what I have seen, it is over hyped. Some of the textures was terrible and the voice acting is also terrible.

Gameplay, I love the cover system! Controls aren't bad at all and I was able to pick it up rather quick, however, running and turning is a b!tch.

Other than the graphics, it evoked the same feelings as when I was playing Halo 3 meaning I wasn't completely blown away. Game is 9/10 due to the graphics.

JsonHenry3389d ago

Lol, kinda like another "great" game Gears of War? Every game has a gameplay mechanic. You either like it or you don't.

Chris3993389d ago

You want puzzles/ adventure? Play a different genre.

FPS = "Find People to Shoot."

Rinse/ repeat.

MechaGear3389d ago

I mean he already said it. "Tired gameplay formula, or maybe I’m just sick of FPS games. advance>cover>attack> repeat" Thats the problem of all shooters, no matter what clever "innovation" they try to bring in. Love it or leave it.

Sitdown3389d ago

Hahaha, some of the dead ones did. When you said shooting from the reminded me of Tropic Thunder....the scene when Downy Jr was running and threw his arm behind his back and shot his gun...hahha...great stuff.

The Dark Knight3389d ago

I havent had this much fun in a game since uncharted.

and this demo is like 10 minutes, thats a good friggen sign if you ask me

Marceles3389d ago

I bet if Killzone was on the 360, the title would be:

Killzone 2 demo is all like "innovative>bigger> better>badass>ps3 sucks"

Can any game at all on PS3 get any props for being a good game? Either it's a bad game, or it's a good game that doesn't innovate...which makes it horrible to the gaming media

TheTwelve3389d ago

Dude decides to get tired of FPS games JUST when Killzone comes out. Right. H8er.


callahan093389d ago

This is the exact same formula that everyone praises to the heavens in the Gears of War games. What's the problem, again? Complaining about the "testosterone-induced dialogue" with all the profanity and stuff... Sounds like the PS3's Gears of War to me.

But he goes on and says:

"a lot of the textures look like straight-up garbage. There’s a part early on in the game where you and your group pass a small flowing stream and I swear to God I’ve seen better looking water in N64 games."

Hahaha. Right. This is an example of being too harsh on the pretty game. There are no hideous textures in this demo. I played it myself, and the vast majority of the textures are gorgeous and highly detailed, while some, like the metal texture on the stairs after you go up the elevator, aren't as highly detailed or as high resolution, but they're by no means hideous, and you'll only even notice that they don't have the same height of realism as the majority of the textures if you stand still in place and zoom your rifle scope in on the texture, LOOKING for inconsistencies in texture. And water that could be done on the N64? Please. That's just a ridiculous thing to say.

"You’d think that the soldier you’re controlling would be well-trained in the art of pick-up-the-f*ckin’-pace"

Yeah, this is another area where the game is just like Gears. You move kind of slowly, but, get this, THERE IS A RUN BUTTON!

"sick of games that force you to fight waves of enemy A.I. in an advance>cover>attack> repeat fashion"

Every last complaint he has also applies to Gears 1 & 2 (both of 'em, yeah), so I suppose he isn't a fan of this type of game.

Tarasque3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

All games have the core gameplay mechanic and killzone is know different. But the demo left a bad taste in my mouth regardless.

To the guy above seriously, you really think the textures are detailed? There is no depth to the textures at all they are just flat low detailed textures. I have let 2 people play it now and they have both said the same exact things, controls suck and the textures suck. But the lighting and atmosphere is great, i guess that's a trade off.

monkpunk13389d ago

because all sony playstation players that downloaded the demo are "fanboys" tits to the author

Sevir043389d ago

Tarsque the open zone is -----> way, if this game left a bad taste in your mouth then so should gears and uncharted, i'm likely to think it's the latter because you are simply a 360 fanboy, oh and the word you are looking for is "No", Not "KNOW" your usage of the word is totally incorrect and out of context.

it's as my friend say, haters will always get a product just to say they have it and hate on it. haters behave like this, and you tarsque are no different.... --------------> open zone.

pixelsword3389d ago

you can't name a game that exists that doesn't have a pattern.

callahan093389d ago

Tarasque, did you even look at the ground? The ground alone looks amazing. There are pebbles and rocks, dirt, mud, etc. The way all of these elements get kicked up by the wind and fly across the battlefield... You can't deny the beauty of this game and the engine it's running on. And the controls suck? How can they suck? The controls are actually really great, in my opinion. If you think they suck, that's your problem, not the game's problem.

Str8laced3389d ago

Wow.....Just Wow, flapping your chops of trying to justify someone's opinion. Throwing out stupid comments and also trying to correct someone's English, did you pay attention to his name. Maybe he wasn't born in the U.S. And to you my sir, people that have their head so far up people a$$e's will try to defend them to the end. You can't see to clearly with sh!t blocking your eye's.

Tarasque3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Maybe you have not been paying attention to the backlash on the controls, maybe you need to stroll over to GG forums and take a peak. The controls are my problem? That actually is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. That would be like saying i am at fault cause my brand new truck is unresponsive and i have to hit the brake repeatedly to get it to work, and Chevy told me it was my fault i don't know how to drive.

jammy_703389d ago

same as every shooter EVER!!!!!
and ...every game EVER!!!!
seriously what else cud it be, you have to make progress and this is how you do it!!!

callahan093389d ago

So you've complained about the controls twice now without actually saying what you don't like about them. Enlighten us, then, because I found them to be more than comfortable and responsive enough for me to enjoy the game.

Consoldtobots3389d ago

lol @ fanboys foaming at the mouth over KZ2's greatness. What's next?
KZ2 eats babies? KZ2 stole my wife? or maybe it was KZ2 on the grassy knoll?

Ryo-Hazuki3389d ago

wtf is wrong with this guy....its a DEMO that lasts like 10 min...on top of that, that whole demo is just a huge tutorial and then it ends

No Way3389d ago

I agree. Pretty much every game that I can recall, at least a shooter, has a pattern to follow. Many other games have the same effect, as well.

xwabbit3389d ago

ROFL AT Article, cant believe some 1 actually wrote this. All games have PATTERNS. Some journalist only care about hits but wow sometimes they forget how stupid they sound. Do a review on mario next ok ?

xwabbit3389d ago

Tarasque must be Whythis best's friend LOL. Controls ? You know... there are over 5 types of controls u can choose from. Second whats ur PSN ID.

Yipee Bog3389d ago

I got the same impression from a 15 MINUTE demo. /sarcasm
seriously. Gears of war doesn't feel the same way?

thebudgetgamer3389d ago

i am going to make a realistic shooter. you can just stand out in the open without fear of being riddled with bullets, and the only way to move forward is to win a two out of three in odds or even. look out for more info @ retarded games dot org


Viper73389d ago

Lol thats 99% of fps games for you, call of duty follows the pattern, gears of war follows that pattern, Farcry2, Halo, Resistance, Bioshock, Battlefield.

Hell only first person shooters that I know that do not follow this are probably Serious Sam and Deus ex.

Serius sam is more about advancing while shooting and killing and Deus ex breaks this with adventure and rpg elements.

But to tell the truth, isnt this what fps games are about. New addons like shaping the enviroment or super powers will just bring another thing to repeat to this cycle.

Sevir043389d ago

I'm not the one who has my head in someones ass, I corrected his english because the word "
"No" is universal, Pull your head out of your own ass. Good day Sir.

mgsfan3389d ago

what do they want in a shooter a mad crazy clown man to jump out and have a dance war with you.......*sigh*

Nonsense 4 Gamers3389d ago

And people wonder where I got my name...

Highatus3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

The dumbest thing from reviews and impressions for this game is when they talk about the dialogue.

Curse words are nothing new and almost a part of everyone's day to day vocabulary.

If i'm in a war getting shot at what do you think i'm going to say?

Pardon me sir. Please stop firing your gun at me for a moment while i tend to this wounded fellow?


Gentlemen you need to move your tushies, or i will perform rectal surgery with my foot.

No... i think not, and i reckon if i did my squadmates would probably turn and shoot me instead.

Another ridiculous claim is the control scheme. I picked up the default controls rather quicky and thought they were quite intuitive. To those that constantly complain about them...Have you ever played a FPS before? and if you have, how did you fare? I will quote some infamous lines that can be found in a game called WoW.




I have heard some lag issues on the controls within the demo, which if true is unfortunate for those that have it, i have not experienced it myself, though remember it is a demo.

prowiew3389d ago

I dont know about you guys. But playing the demo killed my expectations of the game. It was a little underwhelming to me.

II-Reaper-II3389d ago

Call me stupid but isnt Gears the same thing?OH no im sorry Gears is
advance-cover-attack-cover again then repeat.Im tired of these stupid fanboys just trying to find anything in the game to say something bad about it.We PS3 owners are gonna get the best or one of the best FPS this generation GET OVER IT!!!.

Lifendz3389d ago

RPG's are talk to someone, get a quest, grind, talk to someone, get a quest, grind, beat the game

Gears is cover, shoot, cover, shoot, cover, shoot.

Let's not be ticky tacky about this. The game is great. We don't have to resort to criticizing it for not reinventing the genre.

N4360G3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

LOL you can't just advance without taking cover,you'll get yourself killed.I can't wait to buy and play Killzone 2 on my PS3 in only 20 more days!!

agareen3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

u shouldnt even put gears and killzone in da same sentence.
gears perfected da cover system.
and dnt give me dis sh*t bout chest high walls. uncharted had chest high walls.

Jake11113389d ago

To those of you that are saying the game isnt good I highly doubt you have played it. I have finished the Demo about 8 times and I want to go back for more.

I think what makes the game amazing are the controls (yes I said controls are good!), AI and realism...

The controls are innovative! At first I switched to a COD type control and found it too hard to use cover and zoom. So I went back and pushed to "CHANGE" my thinking. And guess what! I changed and love it. Pushing the R3 to zoom feels almost natural now. The cover seems natural. Peeking up and around cover is wild!

AI??? I can sum it up with this. I was hiding behind cover and realized I was getting shot. I looked around and thought... Ok.. no one in sight..glitch??? NO!!!!! The dude was halway up the stairs to my left and he was shooting me through the cover and the gap that was to the left of my cover! For a second I thought I was online??? Then I realized these were NPCs!!!! I have never played against bots or NPCs that were this smart! Never!

Realism?? The explosions, sound, weight of the character, movement, scenery, physics, destruction are all amazing. I have yet to see a gas can indent when I shot it. I have yet to see a plastic table bust apart with plastic fiber sticking out. This is amazing.

Therefore, the truth is this. This game is AMAZING and innovative! PERIOD!!! I am in no means a fanboy! I have the 360 as well and think he 360 has some great games. I loved GOW1 GOW2 etc etc... But I have played nothing close to this on any other console!! I truly believe it was the competition from Microsoft that pushed Sony to make games of this quality this generation. Without the 360 we would have potentially had a "stepping stone" system before the PS3... Regardless. I am a HAPPY GAMER!

KEEP THEM COMING MICROSOFT AND SONY!!! Cant wait until Feb 27!!!!!


FrankenLife3389d ago

What the **** does this ****ing asshole what out of a ****ing first person shooter. You go forward. Some ***hole shoots at you. You get the **** out of the way. Then you shoot the ****er in the head. You don't stop shooting until everyone is dead or you are able to go forward. What the ****? Even Bioshock, which was the most innovative shooter for a long time followed that gameplay. If this ***hole thinks that this form of fps gameplay is tired and old, then why doesn't he come up with a better one. It is just like you can't build a better mouse trap. Making demands that it is other people's responsibility to build a better wheel is just ****tarded.

incogneato3389d ago

So true, but since it's on the PS3 IT NEEDS TO REVOLUTIONARY CRAZY AND OUT OF THIS WORLD to achieve a decent critique.

dantesparda3389d ago

The 360 fanboys are unbelievable! Their hate for this game is unbelievable, eh? And everytime some no name site or blog talks sh!t about K2, they (the 360 fanboys) comes out and defend it like its true because of their predetermined hate for all things PS3 & Sony. They hate this game, and are trying everything to bring this game down, but its really just pathetic and petty on their part. Because all they are really doing is just nitpicking and b!tching about the pettiest little things. But then again what else would you expect from them?

All the meanwhile, they think Halo Wars is so fvcking great and dont question anything about it, one bit. Where is the media picking apart of that game, eh? Where is all the bullsh!t complaints about that games controls and bugs and repetiveness, or the fact that RTS games are all the same, and the "been there, done that"? Huh? Where is it!? But the media isnt biased, right 360 fanboys? That's just some delusional conspiracy theory conjured up by Sony fanboys and their paranoiac thinking, right?

The 360 fanboy is the most pathetic, b!tchiest, delusional, and down right mean-spirited and nasty fanboy there is. PEROID! They are all snobs and think they are smarter and better than the Sony fanboys. Oh and they are not "fanboys", only Sony fanboys are "fanboys". They always complain about how N4G is some fanboy infested website, just because is got more Sony fanboys than 360 fanboys, yet never mention a peep about how the rest of the damn internet is infested with fanboys. Cuz you see those are usually 360 fanboys. Hence they are not fanboys, but rather non-fanboys who can see the light. Unlike you blinded Sony sheeps (according to their thinking). It is all biased thinking, and its bullsh!t, its not right, its not fair, and its never gonna end. But its the way the humans are and the way the world works. You take a side and stick to it and hate the fvck out of the other side no matter what.

Look people, you will never get a fair unbiased review or opinion from these websites. We dont need reviews anymore, not when you have a bazillion videos of a game on the internet and demos. Stop letting other people you dont know sway how you feel. Fvck them, they are just out to fulfill their agenda.

no-spin3388d ago

on normal i noticed the a.i. was intense. The helghast covered just as you would, pin yuou down and not stay in the same place so you can wait for them come out.
the so called pattern:
well i see the pattern of this dumb articles to get hits, so its okay for the journalist to follow this pattern i guess. I hope this person never goes to war, he would not get past the first wall :)

BigSwede3388d ago

Killzone sucks. Btw Sweden is the best country in the world.

jadenkorri3388d ago

omg a covering system, run, cover shoot, rince repeat, rince repeat etc, etc, really f*cking funny to be saying that when Gears Of War is the exact same thing...OMG Killzone 2 having a covering system...

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Raoh3390d ago

LOL did he notice that only one class was available for demo?

how is this different from any fps formula?

also have played it a few times... each time was different the AI is on point.. when they get into a formula yeah you can figure it out, but depending how you play (sober last night, kinda drinking right now) its not the same game each time

begone hater

Playa79703390d ago

And COD is like run cover shoot repeat....

Gears Run cover shoot chainsaw repeat....

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

"play> it> re-play> it> play> it> re-play> it> repeat> 1Million> Times> Go> 2> Bed> Very> Happy> Think> about> it> all> day> play> it> again> it's> f-in> AMAZING>
re-play> it> hug> PS3> re-play> it> laugh> at> the> xBox>360> play-it> again> etc> etc>"

PR3DAT0R3389d ago

you never create a comment that is not humorous towards me, keep those comments coming Sir Ken Kutaragi

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

"played> it> a> few> more> times> can't> stop> Help> me> Girlfriend>
is> p*ssed> off> Shes> leaving> me> I> paused> when> she> said>
do> you> love> me> or> your> PS3> more> Shes> gone> now> +> The> cat>
needs> feeding> but> i> need> 2> have> 1> more> go> Cat> is> trying>
to> open> tin> food> can> Cat> leaves> to> now> WOW!!!> did> i> say>
the> KillZone 2> Demo> is> AMAZING???> +> You> MUST> play> it> with>
a> DS3> pad> the> Rumble> is> MGS4> like> Wish> all> games> looked>
like> this> PS3> is> Really> the> BEST> Poor> xBot> Zombie> DLC> Lemmings> and> the> hating> M$> loving> internet> sites> I> hope> you> all> burn> in> HELL> WOW!!!> did> you> see> how> that> guy> was> on> fire???> in> the> KillZone 2> Demo??? Was> Amazing> ;-P> All> we> need> now> is> a> good> PS3> price> cut> and> it's> bye-bye> xBox 360> Back> to> Demo> now> ;-P>"

Playa79703390d ago

COD is like run cover shoot repeat....

Gears Run cover shoot chainsaw repeat....

militant073389d ago

but Japanese RPGs

Solve Puzzles.
Hack and slash attack, use magic, use items
look for treasure.
buy/sell you stuff.
make items.
do quests.
customize your character.

and in FPS
Shoot, Shoot, Cover ,reload , change weapon and do it untill you complete the game with crappy story.

steriotyp3390d ago

You just summed up the formula for every FPS ever created. Story or not, all games of the genre follow this formula. Well, I guess we are bound to see some fanboyish articles about release time right?

JsonHenry3389d ago

Every? You obviously did not play PAINKILLER when it first came out. No time to cover there. Balls to the wall run and gun baby.

pixelsword3389d ago

Shoot, reload, repeat.

I'm just kidding, but like I said, every game has a pattern.