Fallout 3 DLC Delayed

BeefJack writes, "The first piece of Fallout 3 DLC was released earlier this month in the form of Operation Anchorage. Additionally "The Pitt" and "Broken Steel" were due to come out soon. Bethesda has now said that everyone one will need to wait just a little longer..."

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Fowack3326d ago

all that april stuff is just fud.

Mikerra173325d ago

I know this isnt going to be on the ps3 anytime soon but will it eventually move over to the ps3 like the expansions for oblivion did?

kcdude3325d ago

Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely. Microsoft bought rights to Fallout DLC.

Cartesian3D3325d ago

Im wondering how could this game got GOTY from IGN ???

I played this game on PC lately, the level of draw distance is INSANE .. but the AI is Bullsh!t , the graphics is BS too , and didnt change much from Oblivian

your light didnt cast any shadow (unLike L4D,DOOM 3 !!!! ,.. etc) its SO LAST GEN ..

when an enemy (melee) running toward you ,and reach a sth like a couch , it just keep running in a straight line and never reach you , and you just can keep looking at him and have fun..

your Artificial friends cant find the way when you use short cuts ..

it has many same dialogs as Oblivian .. like " another satisfied customer " :P (I heard that somewhere , and I'v heard that recently by myself)

this game is unfinished , has less DARK atmosphere than previous Fallouts , its just a Oblivian mod. sorry bethesda you did a great job (making money) but its nowhere near OBLIVIAN or previous Fallouts in any term.

kcdude3325d ago

In my opinion, the game was GOTY worthy for the unique aspects like V.A.T.S., massive game world, and unique characters. There is so much to do/explore in that game. Overall, IGN and various other reviewers did something smart for once...they based a game on gameplay, and not just graphics alone.

JDW3325d ago

What is this "Oblivian" you speak of?

OmarJA3325d ago

DLC = Delayed Lame Content, & it's flopped too...

azmanmanz3325d ago

Delay coz no HDD inside the box

Raider693325d ago

I hope they take the extra time to rank up the difficulty of the DLC since Anchorage is two easy to play!people's are complaining about this fact !