EvilCast NewsBrief, Episode #11

With all the bad news you've been hearing as of late, it's nice to finally have a news cast that will not be mentioning any lay-offs. We will however be talking about the billions of minutes that Xbox 360 users have accumulated over Netflix. Who would have thought so many people were using Netflix? Aside from movies playing on your Xboxs and Blizzard tryin' to hate on E3, the rest will fall into the FPS genre; Survival Packs for all so you don't get left.. for dead, Modern Combat 2 (have we met the maker?), and more Battle Field? Seriously.. didn't we just touch on a new Battle Field? Well apparently one new BF isn't enough to keep EA busy, we're getting two!

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bgrundman3301d ago

Things are getting interesting in the world of downloadable games!

CrAppleton3301d ago

No kidding.. Full games for download? Awesome!

bgrundman3301d ago

Burnout Paradise for $20.00 is leading the charge on that. It is the wave of the future.

Neco5123301d ago

dont you think that might add to the problems were seeing already of unfinished games?

Neco5123301d ago

great job guys, good to see there are no more layoffs to report

bgrundman3301d ago

Don't hold your breath, we are not out of the woods yet.

CrAppleton3301d ago

Getting better though.. With any luck things will turn around

killyourfm3301d ago

It's the future, totally inevitable. Retail discs will go the way of music CD's. Majority gets consumed via iTunes now, I bet it's only a matter of time before we see...oh dare I say it?

Steam on consoles? Yep, I'm insane. And Evil™

supercharger51503301d ago

I for one really with you didn't have to have a gold XBL account to watch Netflix movies you ALREADY pay for. Especially or the lackluster amount of of movies they offer for instant play.