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Apart from its single-player campaign--which depending on your skill could take a minimum of five or six hours to complete--Savage Moon features a challenge mode that sees you take on a never-ending wave of enemies to see how long you can survive. There's no multiplayer component, although the game does feature online leaderboards. The game packs in a decent amount of entertainment for its asking price, but thanks to some of its gameplay quirks, it doesn't do quite enough to make it recommendable for anyone who isn't already a fan of the tower-defense genre.

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thereapersson3452d ago

This game is fun, and lot deeper than a lot of previous tower defense games that I've played.

My personal rating for this would be an 8/10. It's got its flaws, but overall it's a very satisfying experience. I sat up for 3 hours last night playing it, trying to improve my score on the first moon.

Whatever though... this is about on par for Gamespot.


cmrbe3452d ago

Also how big is the download?.

thereapersson3452d ago

Here's a good link explaining the genre:

Basically the sole premise of any TD game is to create automated towers to guard any bases or outposts that you occupy from a particular enemy. There is a lot of strategy involved because you only have a limited amount of resources in a given turn (but can earn more depending on a game's play mechanic), and placing your towers at random points with no semblance of strategy or planning will quickly lead to your downfall.

There's another game on the PSN called "Pixel Junk Monsters", which is insanely addictive. I recommend both that game *and* Savage Moon, for a double dose of Tower Defense strategy madness.

Savage Moon clocks in at around 260 megabytes -- not too bad considering other games on the PSN. It's fun, and in my opinion worth the 10 dollars it goes for.

cmrbe3452d ago

I only recently got on to online and the only game i bought is Super star dust.

I'll buy Savage moon tonight. Thanks.

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