Don't Like Timmy? Do Something About It.

You know him, you hate him - Timmy. He's the scourge of online gameplay, especially for the serious gamer. What can you do about him? 2old2play discusses how to properly deal with the problem, both at home and online.

Excerpt: "If your child's Xbox Live gamer tag is 'Cocksickle94' or 'Crackakilla', you aren't paying enough attention. Children are flooding the mature gaming markets at an alarming rate. They give the media ammunition in its crusade against our beloved hobby, and an excuse to every psycho kid who blows away his classmates. If the parents were doing their jobs at home, I wouldn't have to listen to an 8-year-old scream in my ear as I sit down to relax with a WWII shooter; nor would I feel self-conscious about telling someone I'm a gamer."

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Captain Tuttle3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

This story should reach 10,000 degrees on N4G. Online gamers unite against Timmy!

JonahFalcon3518d ago

Timmy IS the Lord of the Underworld. :p

Zydake3518d ago