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Submitted by BigDDDave 3266d ago | rumor

RUMOR: Leaked Phil Harrisons GDC Keynote

The hype train is now rolling and it's getting faster and faster.
The Keynote of Phil Harrisons is not a secret anymore if a forum post over at Neoseeker is to be believed. Firmware update available on the 8th for North America/Japan and Asia. European PS3's will be preloaded with this latest update. (Killzone 2, PS3, Tekken 6: Bloodlines, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, Virtua Fighter 5, Virtua Tennis 3, Warhawk)

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Antan  +   3266d ago
Very good if true, best put in the rumours section for now though huh?
D3acon  +   3266d ago
I'm a little excited. I hope this is all true, I can't wait for those demos, and did you notice that they might be setting up for dowloadable movies. I didn't expect it to happen this early, maybe late 2007 or early 2008. I hope this turns out to be true.
T-Virus  +   3266d ago
When is the GDC?
And please look out for Nintendo's and MS's keynote leaks.
BigDDDave  +   3266d ago
the GDC is on march 5th to 9th at San Francisco
T-Virus  +   3266d ago
You get (+) rep!
specialguest  +   3266d ago
Killzone 2 and Lairs trailer is all I want to see. I hope this time, Killzone 2s trailer will display some real gameplay footage instead of that 2005 stuff.(damn, can't believe it's 2007 getting old)
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dantesparda  +   3265d ago
Ha Ha! thats right fool! you're not getting any younger. Welcome to the club ;-)
DJ  +   3266d ago
Lair demo & trailer
Rainbow Six Vegas demo
EA: Skate trailer
Battlefield Bad Company trailer
Warhawk demo
Killzone trailer

I wonder when Heavenly Sword is finally gonna come out though...wasn't it slated for holiday 07? If this rumor is to be believed, we only have to wait only 6 more days to see what we've been waiting 22 months for. -sigh- Too good to be true? =/
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Blackmoses  +   3266d ago
oh man....
I think i pee'd in my pants just a little.
soccerstar  +   3266d ago
that would be pretty tight if it was true but i seriously doubt it, i mean seriously its just some random guy on the internet
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wildcat  +   3266d ago
but the 8th is right around the corner and things get leaked fast. I really hope all of these positive things really pull through for Sony because they desperately need good press.
InMyOpinion  +   3266d ago
Rainbow Six: Vegas demo? I finished the full game a month ago.
Graw 2 trailer? Had the demo since 2 weeks back and I'm getting the retail version next week.

Lair will probably be cool but...

Prepare to be CGI'ed by the rest.
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N4G_FANBOY_CRAP  +   3266d ago
Double Yawn
Why be such a wanker??

I'm pretty sure this information is about a PS3 announcement not the 360.

Why bother?
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CaliGamer  +   3266d ago
Damn Jenzo!!
You are one hateful MF man. I have seen you come on here all hours just to talk S&#T about Sony no matter what the news. You are sad bro, just like the rest of your crew. Don't be mad, I'm sure the SexBox will have some nifty news for you to jack off to soon enough, in the mean time just STFU and go commit a hate crime or whatever you do, because you sure don't play your 360 if your always on the PS3 area of N4G. Get a f&$kin life, a friend or somethin.
Tell your mom I'll be in a little late tonight too, and I promise I'll take you to the circus this weekend. Jenzo just needs some male supervision, that's what it is.
Bathyj  +   3266d ago

I wont be as hard on you as those above me but I will say why even bother pointing out XB has those games already?

If you dont have an XB then that means nothing, and in case you haven't realised out of a population of 6 billion in the world only 10 million thought getting an XB in the last year was a good idea. The rest are either waiting for Halo 3 or waiting for a PS3 price drop. Despite all the crying I think every gamer in the world would want a PS3 if it wasn't for the price.

PS. I loved RB6 too. Way better game than GoW IMO. Too bad it got over shadowed by the hype.
Chexd  +   3266d ago
....? so 5.9 Billion people are waiting for halo3 and a ps3 price drop???
The games industry will be thrilled :P lol

anyways some of this stuff is exciting :)

AS some people have already said...its nice to hear some positive news from the PS3
dantesparda  +   3265d ago
5.9 billion would be 5,900,000,000! meaning that 100 million people would have the 360. What you really meant to say is 5.99 billion. And now way all those people would buy a video games system. How many of those are old people? young little kids, girls? poor people? people who just dont care about video games, etc. And the world's population is actually closer to 6.4 billion and growing fast
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InMyOpinion  +   3265d ago
@ CaliGamer
Your answer is more hateful than my comment lol!
Too bad you are'nt clever enough to come up with something that moves me. Sounds like you're writing about your own problems. Overprotective mother, a father who was never there. Boohoo!

@ the rest
I just wrote what came to mind, I was surprised by the lack of titles really. I was hoping to see MGS or Final Fantasy. Sorry if I upset you, I'll be more gentle in the future.
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Chexd  +   3265d ago
yeah typo i meant 5.99bn :)

I hope you picked up on my joking tone btw lol
kingboy  +   3266d ago
9.2 i smell jealousy
He`s like that all the time dude.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3266d ago
if this is all true

lair demo.yeah!
killzone trailer:yeah!(probally the opening sequence of the game)
warhawk demo:yeah!

can i get a heavenly sword trailer?

don't stop the music sony!keep on rolling with your bad self if true.

dvd upscaling,rumble,home(if true),downloads,music,bc,ps3 games.WOW!just WOW!

and the best part?: no stinking mart comments.he's running faster than that train can catch him.get 'em choo-choo train! get 'em!
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jeanm3306  +   3265d ago
I agree
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Maddens Raiders  +   3266d ago
you did it again -
shadowgamer. Succinct, brilliant response. But BigDDDave this is a great find.

btw, Jin Kizama if you're reading this -- my tag online is my name here; just put an underscore in between. or just pm me man. We can hit the rooftops of Manchester first before motorstorm drops.
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kornbeaner  +   3266d ago
DOPE, DOPE, DOPE!!!!!!!!
I hope everything promised is true. This will make the PSN Comparable to XBL and all for free!!!!! (but the content will sure surpass anything that can be given on XBL)

This will be the best news all PS3 owner can get. And then Upscaling on PS1/2 games,(even if just a select few)

DOPE, DOPE, DOPE!!!!!!!!
fenderputty  +   3266d ago
Well ... if that all comes true
I'll have to change my pants due to uncontrollable bowl movements. Somehow I doubt all of this is true. Still ... one can dream right.
AppleSlime  +   3266d ago
I'm skeptical as all hell
This sounds too good to be true. But, on the other hand, it's very much deserved by all of us who paid hard earned money.
Maldread  +   3266d ago
Well, this is just rumors
so i wouldn`t take them as comfirmed just yet. It would be nice to get to see more of Sonys big games, but will they really show this much at GDC? I honestly think this is wishful thinking and the source is thin to say the least. But let`s hope i`m wrong, because i want to see those games in action (doubt Killzone will show though).

Guess we`ll find out soon enough anyway.
SimmoUK  +   3266d ago
Hey :)
I'm 99% sure that Heavenly Sword will be at GDC as well i've already seen 3 leaked screens of the new build, all I can say is you won't be dissapointed and your looking at 400 enemy's on screen at any given time, the graphics are even better now and she looks as sexy as ever. I'll see what i can do but i'm not signed up to post news here unfortunately...

The other BIG thing to watch out for if Playstation Home, this is what Sony promised and wanted to include all along and then got alot of slack from press for not including it. The keyword here is YET though! Playstation Home linked in with the HD EyeToy = the dream scenario...
More to come soon...
wildcat  +   3266d ago
You can still tip the news and a contibutor might make it into a news story if you they see it.
Shadow Flare  +   3266d ago
TheMART: "I don't believe this is true. This is only some rumour that doesn't make sense for Sony to do. Xbox 360 already has the best online system and has loads of content on the marketplace. I sleep with my 360. I call him 'wiggles'. Killzone 2 is gonna suck, the first one was no AAA title. The Xbox 360 has all the AAA titles anyone could ever need because every gamer is into shooters. I have no central heating, my 360 heats up my house. I'll believe this rumour when i see it and i cannot see this happening. Besides, the future does not matter. It is the hear and now and at the moment the ps3 sucks. It is selling so poorly in Japan! lol. 360 is thrashing the ps3 in sales in japan. My 360 has also never broken, therefore every 360 in the world must have never broken and there are no reliabilty issues with the 360. 'Wiggles' is performing like a champ. Especially in bed."
#18 (Edited 3266d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jeanm3306  +   3265d ago
Last time i check
Last time i check, ps3 is kicking 360 ass in japan. Do your research buddy. give sony it's chance, when the 360 came out it was having a lot of issues. #1 problem is over heating, #2 lack of title, #3 download issues, #4 lack of supply. "Now 360 is doing well in america and ok in europe".<-- Notice my quote. over time 360 got better. As for the ps3 they have more unit out compare to 360 last year at this time. Sony is doing its best at supply, sony is constaintly updating it's network. SO give sony time.
#18.1 (Edited 3265d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Shadow Flare  +   3265d ago
uh, jeanm3306 ....I KNOW

Everything i said was supposed to be ridiculous because i was impersonating the xbox extremist 'TheMART' aka Peter Moore's little fly puppet b1tch

Didn't you twig that my comment was supposed to be silly when i said "I have no central heating, my 360 heats up my house", lol jeez
#18.2 (Edited 3265d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DJ  +   3265d ago
I wonder if
Wiggles' feelings are mutual. My god, the thoughts going through my mind when he said "Wiggles is performing like a champ. Especially in bed." LOL
Columbo  +   3266d ago
How is this a credible source for news? I could post on the Xbox forums that Microsoft will have a Halo 4 trailer and Gears of War 2 demo next week, and that would be the same exact thing as this. Their post does not have any mention of a source or anything. Sure its a rumor, but approving forum topics as news is ridiculous.

On another note, if this is true, I'm happy for you Playstation guys. Have fun.
Maldread  +   3265d ago
Hehe you`re definatly right.The source isn`t all that either. I would be very suprised if Killzone shows, but let`s just wait and see.
Balance  +   3266d ago
you know if you want 360 fanboys to not start flaming a thread try not provoking them directly.
r1000  +   3266d ago
I'm confused... that guys post in that forum said "Removing" emotion engine for NA & Japan...?? I thought that going forward their production would have that removed. I thought the people who already owned the 1st version get to keep as is? Am I wrong ? Will this actually disable a hardware component in my system?
Whoooop  +   3266d ago
I love my PS3 and i love good news.. Hell i've been waiting for good news some time now, but it seems a bit unreal all those rumors for GDC.

I don't think that article is accurate, i hope it is all true, but i doubt it.
pmx  +   3266d ago
You think is good news?? Heavenly Sword is the only game im waiting from the PS3
I boght my ps3 when i heard the rumor that heavenly swod was coming in March 6th. now im just using my ps3 to chech my emails from my bed.

Now i have US$ 640.00 waiting from undefined time
BoneMagnus  +   3266d ago
This list sounds reasonable and accurate...
Nothing unrealistic about these announcements, and I'm starting to get excited about the PS3.
zonetrooper5  +   3265d ago
Apart from the Sony fangirls runining this comments section in a matter of seconds for attacking a guy who points out that these games were already on the Xbox 360. I would really want there to be a real time demo of Killzone 2, if not then i belive its far behind in development.
Drew  +   3265d ago
Aye. I'm tired of this pre-rendered crap. Show us something real. We want substance.

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