Fable 2 to have online co-op?

In an interview over at gamepro Peter Monolynx hinted what could be some multiplayer co-op features for Fable 2.

As he answerede some questions about the Xbox 360s rawpower he told the them that letting 4 people play together in a self-contained environment as opposed to an open ended one hasn't been exploited yet.

So does this mean that we are going to be playing Fable 2 together with our friends?

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soccerstar4308d ago

that would be awesome, but what about split screen coop?

Xi4307d ago

It might be a bit more than just co-op I'm going to assume it's more like guild wars.

gogators4307d ago

true. I wish these RPG/adventure games would do more of this. Even better if Mass Effect was suddenly announced for co-op or KOTOR 3 will support co-op. Well Peter, I for one really want this kind stuff in your game.

jpod4307d ago

if it is true, i'd so buy this game. first one was good, just overrated but being able to play coop with 4 people even would be great.

NextGen24Gamer4307d ago

It was a new twist to the MMO type of game. It was a mixture that was perfectly executed. One of my favorite games of all time. If Fable does the same type of thing....That would make an already Great game....a Must Have. I know its just a rumor...but if they do indeed make it 4 player co op....that would be just fabulous. I enjoyed playing through and beating Fable the Lost Chapters. Does anyone know when Fable is due to be released? I can't wait.

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