Intel is offering off-roadmap Atom solutions

Fudzilla writes, "HKEPC has posted a very interesting slide that they got their hands on which clears up a lot of the current confusion with regards to what is going on in the world of Intel's Atom processor. With the recent introduction of the N280 processor and the details of the Asus Eee PC with the GN40 chipset, it seemed like Intel was going next gen a bit too early, but it doesn't seem to be the case now.

The Atom N280 is simply nothing more than a speed bump over the N270, although with a faster bus speed. The next generation Atom processor will be the Pineview which should launch later this year, our guess is at Computex in early June. The N280 can either be paired up with the old 945GSE chipset in what Intel calls an off-roadmap solution to gives its partners a differentiating factor and a small performance bump."

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