Race Pro Demo Details

Autogaming writes:

Well it's clear now that the Race Pro demo wasn't published today as planned, however some details were published by one of the German Atari moderators as to what will be packaged into the demo, whenever it comes out.

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PirateThom3596d ago

Wasn't this the game that was better than Gran Turismo and Forza and was made by the greatest simulator racing developers ever?

Currently on Metacritic with 64 after 4 reviews...

My best guess is that they've been hit by the sheer limitations of consoles being PC developers. I think I actually called this about 2 months ago.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3596d ago

Exactly Pirate Thom.Have another bubble

Speed-Racer3596d ago

Hardcore Gamers are crap reviewers. :/

maybe you should check who your reviewers are before baggin on the game.

Chris3993596d ago

You fellas are all crazy.

Bubbles for all, so that you can continue your tirades!


Oh, and I'm with Thom on this one. Called this as crap a while ago when that silly PC magazine article came out proclaiming it greater than Gran Turismo.

Ichiryoka3596d ago

Why dont you go outside and feed Tina, you decroded piece of crap.

lol nah I'm just kidding, I love napoleon dynamite.

Speed-Racer3596d ago

@Ichiryoka - haha, napoleon rules man ^^

Why dis3596d ago

You stupid as PS3 fanboy.

PS3 has crap.

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Kyur4ThePain3596d ago

Seriously? The game looks great? Maybe compared to other 360 games, but next to something like Gran Turismo, it looks turd.

terrandragon3596d ago

You give me the giggles, here, have a bubble.

TrevorPhillips3596d ago

dude your a joke, and whats wrong with your face

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3596d ago

I see you have become a lemming.So long bot


TrevorPhillips3596d ago

cant wait to get my hands on this demo and hopefully the full thing

TrevorPhillips3596d ago

take your crap else where no one wants you here

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3596d ago

Yes get angry.I enjoy your reactions,puppets XD XD XD

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