IGN: Deadly Creatures Review

THQ's creepy Wii exclusive action-adventure is not just a console showpiece, overflowing with cutting-edge graphic design and ultra-ambient audio, but one of the few titles for the system available whose main characters will give you goose bumps, let alone the supporting cast.

If you complain that Wii never gets high-quality third-party games and you don't buy Deadly Creatures, you've only yourself to blame.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 10
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 6.5
Overall -

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buy a ps33448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Ya I'm glad that Nintendo hasn't completely abounded the hardcore gamer. Now i have a reason to re-buy my wii controller.

Mini Mario3447d ago

"Ya I'm glad that Nintendo hasn't completely abounded the hardcore gamer. Now i have a reason to re-buy my wii controller. "

Thats funny because nintendo didnt make this game. Once again people thinking nintendo are responsible for 3rd party efforts.

The game does look good tho.

Shoko3448d ago

Oh look! Yet another great Wii game that appeals to the hardcore. That's 3 great 2009 games so far.

Tenchu got a 9, HotD got an 8.3, and now this. Thae great games just keep coming. Can't wait till MadWorld and The Conduit.

mint royale3448d ago

are lost by the hype of killzone 2 and halo wars and then complain about the wii lacking games whilst blatantly overlooking the gems it is getting. The reason for this is of course they don't want to see these games because they want to believe the wii is crap which will make them feel better about the wii outselling their HD consoles.

BrotherNick3448d ago

Hehe, this kind of makes up for the dry winter last year.

Chris3993448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

The past 2 years gave me (and many others) no incentive to buy a Wii. No More Heroes and Zack and Wiki didn't cut it, I'm not a fan of the plumber or the elf either. It's only now that developers are unable to ignore the install base of the Wii and are putting out a more diversified portfolio of games.

This year:
- Muramasa
- Arc Rise Fantasia
- Winter (possible/ probable)
- Deadly Creatures
- Fragile (combat looks lame, but I like the environment and it's more "adventure" than "rpg" anyhow)
- Tenchu

I'll pass on The Conduit, seems generic beyond belief. I have a feeling it will be the Wii's "Haze".

Anyhoo, I'm picking up a Wii and probably Fire Emblem and Tales of Whatever tomorrow. Any other action/ rpgish games you folks can recommend?

- C

Mahr3448d ago

"Any other action/ rpgish games you folks can recommend?"

Did you own a PS2? If No, Okami.

If Yes -- did you own Okami for it? If No to that, Okami.

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cooke153448d ago

Will buy, along with Tenchu and HOTD.. then Madworld.

GFahim3448d ago

will buy deadly creatures, tenchu, hotd, madworld, conduit, punchout, nmh 2, fatal frame 4 (confirmed for europe!) and fragile - the will rock man

Voiceofreason3448d ago

Tenchu is pretty fun, got it last night. Kinda sucks though really. The better the games are the more I buy, the more I buy the less money I have. I hate buying used games too.

CBaoth3447d ago

Initially, you make a point we all understand. More games = less money. But you hate "used" games. Huh? Buy used = saves money. End of your conundrum. Buying used is the perfect way to be a multi-console owner on a budget. Used games are just as good as new if you're careful. I'll switch out the boxart, request NEW jewel cases from GS employees, look over multiple copies for the least scratched disk, grab the least used instruction manual of the bunch, etc... I guarantee you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between my new and used (over 150 PS3/360/Wii titles in my current library). But go on with your narcissistic but expensive attitude. It's worth a chuckle.

Voiceofreason3447d ago

Used games add nothing to the publishers or developers revenue and are less likely to lead to a sequel that way. The only time I buy any game used is if its so old I cant find it new.

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Danteh3448d ago

I can't believe there are making actually good third party games for the wii. Wtf? I might have to undust that remote and start wiggling it.
...although not in february, Killzone pwns my soul

doG_beLIEfs3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Thank you...that made my day. Can we please stop pretending that the Wii is capable of good graphics? Please? Your just making yourself (anyone who beLIEves this) look dumb.


I am not dismissing the game. As you can see I like the game. The title was a knock on the stupidity of the reviewer by putting cutting-edge graphic design and Wii in the same sentence.

doG_beLIEfs3448d ago

It is not however overflowing with cutting-edge graphic design.

doG_beLIEfs3448d ago

For a Wii game should not be an excuse for so called good graphics. I do love the artistic design, the originality, and the animation.

One wonders how good it could look as a PS3 or 360 game. But more than likely, the control difference might completely change the experience.

Kudos to Rainbow Studios

mint royale3448d ago

but I have never seen a game like this. So what if its not cutting edge graphically, if you dismiss it becuase of that then you are missing out on alot of awesome games. Please stop trolling.

Swarm3448d ago

Hmmm, seems like someone failed at account switching.

The game looks good. I've seen so called "Next-Gen" games that look a lot worse then this one. The Wii plays to its strengths and if the gameplay is good you don't even notice the graphics after a while (good or bad... in any game).

Also might be time to get a Wii (for the family ofcourse ;D)

WiiJunkii3448d ago

From your list of responses, it seems you made that comment and soon after, you must have seen a video for this or some other badass looking Wii game and started worrying that people would call you out on being visually impaired. I think this game has more geometry in it's organic environments than alot of games I see on PS3, 360 and even PC.

That type of departure from flat terrain and cubic buildings is pretty cutting edge graphic design. Not to mention the character (insect) models are highly detailed, and the animation is spot on.

Its far from Crysis, but whats the problem? This game looks fresh, it has incredible art direction and the graphics are a cut above the rest on the console.

I understand that I have unpopular beliefs, but in my opinion, Art always trumps Tech.

But, the games that are visually most pleasing have strengths in both departments.
This game qualifies.

Voiceofreason3447d ago

Technically no console offers cutting edge graphics. PS3 is 3 years old so its no longer cutting edge. That would apply to PC games that are being developed now on gear most of us wont have for a while not outdated consoles.

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