New Killzone 2 Glitch Found has located another far more serious bug than others that have been reported. This bug is not only annoying, it actually breaks the game.

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cain1413596d ago

Demo's have glitches. As long as it's fixed prior to release I don't care about them...

I'm sure the killzone team is working hard to make sure the game ships complete.

el_bandito3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Yep. They can just patch/fix it or something. It's not the end of the world.

stewie328873596d ago

Yeah, I can't see this being an issue in the finished game and even it is, it can be fixed. That's one thing you have to love about this generation of games

Still interesting though.

Timberland2K93596d ago

it clearly says 2008 on the title screen

sonarus3596d ago

Demo is an old build

Whats with the sudden glitch hunt in Killzone. Don't people have better things to do such as play games for entertainment and not for glicthes

mint royale3596d ago

and why is every other story on here killzone related. Jesus its over the top. I know it will be awesome but I don't need every editorial telling me everything about it before I even play the damn game.

Microsoft Xbox 3603596d ago

Yeah, it doesn't have the grain filter as well in the demo build.

Sarcasm3596d ago

It's a DEMO... DEMO!!!

Why aren't there more articles about the floating characters in Gears of War 2?

mint royale3596d ago

why would there be a need for articles of glitches or floating characters anyway be it gears of war or killzone. Some people have far too much time on their hands.

red5ive3596d ago

TWO glitches found in the DEMO now?....... i am going to refund my pre-order tomorrow POST HASTE!

ProperFunked3596d ago

your only hearing about whats "been" played/experienced. your not hearing too much about the entire game itself, well, unless you've watched all the gameplay videos and beta shiz like i have, then your hearing more than you need to. still im gnarly pumped, reminds me of last October, too many Good games coming out around the same time= expensive month. SF4, KZ2, RE5

predator3596d ago

it will most likely not be in the release version...well I hope not

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Viewtiful3596d ago

I don't mind petty bugs that don't affect things, but there's a philosophical argument behind a game that doesn't even allow you to play it.

Some people may encounter this bug, get angry, turn off the game, and never play again. For that it deserves severe criticism.

cain1413596d ago

It should be fixed by time for launch. (hopefully)

I'm glad bugs pop up now... Helps get them fixed early...

Vulcan Raven3596d ago

I have played through it 5 times and done the same thing it said in the article but could not find the glitch. Guess i am one of the lucky ones.

SirLarr3596d ago

He obviously dug himself a little fort.


ProperFunked3596d ago

AWESOME RESPONSE!!! lol hahahahaha =D

bubbs for yous

ahnonamis3596d ago

I'm more interested in whether or not something specifically caused this to happen, or if it was just a fluke occurrence.

cain1413596d ago

Me too...

I got my foot trapped in a tree on CoD WaW, but it's only happened once, even when I tried to redo what happpened...

predator3596d ago

Hopefuly a one off...yet on Tomb Raider Underworld I find myself finding loads of glitches thanks to dodgy camera work and controls..oh well

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3596d ago

Impressive graphics only on Playstation 3

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3596d ago

And i enjoyed EVERY second of it to!!! ;-P
Well i played it 10 Billion times'ish!!! ;-D

+ I wasn't a retard looking for(Er it's a DEMO???)Bugs(LOOK MOMMY!!! I got it on YouTube 1st MOMMY!!!)or moaning on the internet about the controls didn't feel like other FPS???, blah, blah, blah and all that MEGA-CR*P people talk on this!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

talltony3596d ago

Your stupid ass sarcastic fanboy comment. Get a life and by the way glitches in a 08 build of a demo doesnt mean it has bad graphics. The game game is sweet and i can tell you that from playing the demo and from being in the beta.

GiantEnemyLobster3596d ago

That there is a bug that BREAKS THE GAME. Jesus Christ, Sony needs to learn to release a game that works instead of letting the PatchStation live up to it's name. Thats assuming that they do patch this glitch.