Race Pro - 2 New Screens

Here are two more screens from Race Pro. The game is less than 2 weeks away from being released for the Xbox 360.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3330d ago

Looks alright,doesn't look like much fun though.

JokesOnYou3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

A Sim too, so how the hell can you tell from a couple of screenshots that:

"doesn't look like much fun though"

Are you serious nasim?, really you are losing you're trolling skills, now you just sound like a mindless zombie, infected with a anti-360 virus that forces you to comment negatively about anything that reminds you of the 360, I bet your eyes glaze over everytime you even hear words like "360 degrees" or "micro-phone" or "xm-radio" or "box-ing", suddenly you begin your anti-360 rants....careful there buddy your legal guardian may notice your weird delusional panic attacks and call those folks you promised you wouldn't do it again.

-I might check this game out SimBin is a award winning studio, this might be the next best thing until Forza3 for me.


3330d ago
killzone2flop3330d ago

I'll rather play Race Pro than GT5P which for some unknown reasons makes me fall asleep. I'm going to look around some forums and see if anyone else are having this problem playing GT5P.

3330d ago
Speed-Racer3330d ago

You rly cant judge this game on its graphics. its a good sim title..SimBin developed expect the best in handling.