To Trade or Not to Trade?

Scenario: A handsome young man enters his local EB Games establishment excited yet humble about what is about to happen. In his hands are a handful of his favorite video games which he has thoroughly played and enjoyed, but unfortunatly has grown tired of. Being financially challenged at this point in his life he approaches the counter hoping to trade some of these games in order to finance the purchase of that awesome new AAA title release or that older rare gem he has had his eye on for months. With a great sense of anticipation he drops down his initial investment of $60 per game on the counter only to be told that his investment is now worth $2-$15 per game. Ouch! Reluctantly he accepts because all the game magazines, websites, and EB employees are telling him not only how amazing that new AAA title is but also that the multiplayer is amazing. He is going to be a loser playing by himself in the corner while all his friends frag the hell out of each other if he doesn't get this game.

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