ConsoleGaming: Killzone 2 Review + In-Game Menu Walkthrough

Consolegaming Michael L Writes:

Will you survive what's around the corner? Will you survive Killzone 2?

Killzone 2, is a name that every PlayStation 3 owner will have heard. A game that is already being heralded as Game Of The Year, a game that has fueled hype to unimaginable proportions. Yet a game that begs the question, when something this big has been inflated so much, is it all destined to come crashing down as an anti-climax? Read on to find out!

As one of many eager followers swept along by the tidal wave of hype, I was itching to insert the disc into my PS3 and start gaming. Many games have tried to claim the number one spot and many have been fallen prey to expectation, and I was moments away from seeing if Killzone 2 would realise its ambitions.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3594d ago

Another excellent game for an an excellent console from an excellent company.The bots get killzowned with each 9+ review

Timberland2K93594d ago

this is what im talking about We haven't even played it yet because the demo was from 2008

darkdoom30003594d ago

Yay!! Played the demo 8 times so far! going for a 9th before i go to work. First day for me. mabye even a pre-order.

Sarcasm3594d ago

"going for a 9th before i go to work"

lol the good and bad about the demo being 8-10 minutes. It's bad because it leaves you wanting more and more.

It's good because I do the same thing, play the Killzone 2 demo before leaving the house to get my quick fix

Ichiryoka3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

If the controls were such a big FREAKING ISSUE theres no motherfreaking way this motherfreaking game can get a motherfreaking 9.5. Quit whining on the motherfreaking internet and go tell ya motherfreaking mother because this is getting on my freaking nerves.

Anyway yeah wonderful score. Dont get me wrong I did have problems with the controls too, but there is no need to act like a motherfreaking two year old who acts like they cant do anything for themmotherfreakingselves. MOTHERFREAKERS!

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The story is too old to be commented.