Crysis: Maximum Edition coming March 10th

Fudzilla writes, "Entire Crysis world in one box for $49.

Finally, PC gaming enthusiasts can get their hands on the entire Crysis collection with the announcement of Crysis: Maximum Edition. The package will include the "2007 PC Game of the Year" Crysis, along with the parallel story Crysis: Warhead as well as the separate multiplayer game known as Crysis Wars."

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xg-ei8ht3597d ago

And you still need a decent rig to run it.

Good games BTW.

But not worth buying a new rig for, MP Sux.

M337ING3597d ago

$600 isn't too much to ask for...

Leio3597d ago

Well 600$ isnt much for you maybe.. but i would never spend it just for Crysis

evrfighter3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

bet $800-$1000 wasnt much of an issue when you bought your hdtv for ur console right?

Spydiggity3597d ago

no way you could run this game on max settings for under 1500 dollars. but it is a really good game.

i wouldn't buy a new pc just for it though. but PCs have so much to offer, if it's time to upgrade, spend a few hundred more and get a real rig. you won't regret it. on sites like n4g we are led to believe that crysis is the top tier game, and you can get pretty comparable quality with a ps3 or 360. this is absolutely not true. pc gaming is almost an entire generation ahead of consoles. consoles are budget PCs basically. this MIGHT change as the console market continues to grow because developers won't even bother pushing technology, they'll just dumb down their engines for consoles. but for now, if you want to see true next generation graphics, PC is where it's at.

Leio3597d ago

1.3 -
What make you think that i upgraded my HDTV or bought one in the first place just for a game??

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3597d ago

I'll pick this up and I will also get Crysis for the PS3 version later this fall.

Sasanova3597d ago

they milking it arnt they

heyheyhey3597d ago

man that's weird, i was thinking about this idea not long ago.. and i also thought this would be the version that's coming to the PS3 (remember the numerous confirmations that it's coming in 09?)... i expect an announcement soon about the PS3 (and possibly 360.. although the rumors said it was only for PS3) version

free2game3653597d ago

it was never confirmed, that's just a bunch of bull, PS3 and 360 don't have near enough memory to run this game

M337ING3597d ago

Crytek already said that although they're making multi-platform games, they're not even considering bringing Crysis to the consoles.

TABSF3597d ago

you can get a quad core system with 4GB of ram and a 9800GT all for £510 and today currency exchange it is around $753 but with no monitor then again if you already have a hdtv you could get a dvi to hdmi converter. this could run crysis at high setting at 720p with around 60+ fp/s.

2 things kills frame rate for my gtx 285 and that is Anti-aliasing at x8 and x16
and resolution, im at 1600 by 1200 and that is around 1.9 mega pixel 200 thousand off 1080p but because my card is very powerful there is no need for using anything lower. 720p is less than 1 mega pixel and that will increase frame rates as lower end graphics cards that don't have the raw processing power to get high performance with high graphics

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