Whatever happened to the Xbox 360 Motion Controller?

Remember that Xbox 360 motion controller thing that was rumored to have been in the works last year? It was supposed to have possibly been released in conjunction with Banjoe Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, but that game came and went, and we never saw the controller.

Reception of the idea was very mixed. Some people proclaimed that with the $199 360 and the motion controller, the Wii's days were numbered. Others were incensed that there was a possibility that Microsoft would go that route.

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ChickeyCantor3570d ago

I asked my self the same question 3 days ago...

Durffen3569d ago

It would just make Microsoft 2 years late to the party.

They should have never even bothered.

kewlkat0073569d ago

....did MS ever had a press release on such contraption?

TruthbeTold3569d ago

No Microsoft never confirmed it. But it all caused quite a fervor due to the pictures of the supposed thing and the price drop to $199.