A 360 "Fanboy's" Impression of Killzone 2

Hardcore Christian Gamer writes: "I want to like this game. I truly do. I want to like it so much that I even recommended a friend to create a European account just to try the demo early.

I don't know much about the Killzone franchise, so please don't butcher me with my knowledge of past games. From what I understand is that the first Killzone was a rather mediocre game on the PS2 scoring a 70 on Metacritic. So why all the hype about Killzone 2? Apparently a video surfaced before the release of the PS3 and had people going crazy over the graphics and fluidity of the game. The video turned out to be a CG experience however the developers promised that the game would look as good upon release."

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Liquid Snake3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Without even clicking on this i can tell you this will be a hate article.

Update: Surprisingly NOT a hate article.

morganfell3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might."

If you are going to be a gamer, be the best gamer. If you are going to lay claims to being a christian, be a christian. But you can't be both. This is why I could care less what this guy writes. Not because he of the name in particular or my person feelings concerning religion but be cause he is a charlatan and a hypocrite. How can one pay any heed to anything else he writes if he can't be honest about the most truthful thing in his life.

After all, a man cannot serve two masters.

In the time it took to scribble that article another 6,432 people went to hell. And at Scelestus below, if he existed he would.

cayal3569d ago

Christians...God fanboys.

gaffyh3569d ago

This bit makes no sense:

"Killzone was a rather mediocre game on the PS2 scoring a 70 on Metacritic"

70 is average, if the game got 50 then it would be mediocre. That's just an observation, I've never played the first game, but from the videos I've seen it looked pretty decent.

Sheikh Yerbouti3569d ago

It is how you look at it.

In schools a 70 is equatable to a C grade, which is synonymous with Average. A 50 would be a failing grade. So he is accurate in calling it 'mediocre'. And it was. Liberation on the PSP was a better game than the first Killzone.

drewdrakes3569d ago

To gaffyh: What is your definition of mediocre?

Monkey5213569d ago

I am a christian and I play video games. I am actually going to college for digital design so I can go into 3D design and animation. The whole point is to not let video games control your very life. Just because you are a christian does not mean you can't play video games.

stix0793569d ago

but at Uni a 70% is a first ;)

The Dude3569d ago

I am so glad my gamestop preorder included access to the killzone 2 demo. I played the KZ2 demo and am now canceling my preorder. In the end its an average shooter with great graphics thats it.

ProperFunked3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

"I felt like I was controlling a mech of some sorts. I increased my sensitivity for the controller and I still felt sluggish and strange. It’s possible that I am used to the fast-paced action of a game like Left4Dead [COD4 for me] but the slow movement and almost delayed reaction of my character was a real turn-off."

this is actually my only problem with the game, otherwise i love every part of the experience. like MotherH said, the devs probably intended it to feel this way, and its just something we're gonna be forced to get used to. personally, i just hope it doesnt effect my overall gameplay online (<---main worry) but from beta videos ive seen, the majority of ppl dont have a problem getting kills, so we'll see =]

Blitzed3569d ago

This is the third article you've spammed with that comment.

Keep up the great work fanboy; you're really making a difference!

The Dude3569d ago


Gotta spread the word on garbage. Glad you read my posts thanks.

LoVeRSaMa3569d ago

"Firstly, the language is going to be an issue. A lot of cursing in just the small bit of dialogue that I heard."

Your going arround Killing people in a game, and the pu$$y is crying about swearing?

" All in all the game looks promising but it didn’t make me say “Wow I’ve never seen that before”. I also don’t think that the PS3 was built for FPS’ but I will attribute that to the fact that I am used to using the 360 controller and I can forgive that. The only way I can see Killzone 2 become “the” game I play for the PS3 is if the the multiplayer offers something unique compared to other online game "

Bullet Impact on a player is pretty new id say.
Multiplayer Server system he would not have seen before, as its a PS3 game.

and I hate that "PS3 wasnt built for FPS" crap, just because the Xbox controller has triggers, how Retarded are these kids.

They should rename there website from "christian-gaming" to "14 year old american kids who only own an xbox" because that is the reality.

The Real Peter Moore3568d ago

Oh you mean like the sh1t you're spewing? @sshole!

"Gotta spread the word on garbage"
Oh you mean like the piece of sh1t the 360 is?

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9mmPreacher3571d ago

Well you know what the word "Assume" means right?

mal_tez923569d ago

When you ASSUME

you make an ASS of U and ME
ASS / U / ME

did i get it right?

Electricear3569d ago

Benny Hill will be quoted long past his death.

Mikerra173569d ago

I like the quote "The ps3 isnt meant to play FPS"

wtf was this god lover talking about?

deathray3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

take shots at the guy's religion? It reeks of fear because you don't understand it. Get off it. It makes you sound stupid and really ignorant. As for the review, it's so-so. What I don't understand is why people think the 360's controller is better for shooters. I HATED the 360 controller.

majorsuave3569d ago

"I like the quote "The ps3 isnt meant to play FPS"

wtf was this god lover talking about?"

Let me go with a wild guess here: he was talking about the PS3 and FPSes.

The title and the guy himself hint at being a 360 fanboy, did you expect him to say the PS3 is the best console for shooter?

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3571d ago

We don't need a 360 fanboys impression of a Ps3 exclusive,we need you to get back to your Xbox and enjoy your games.

theEnemy3569d ago

exclusive games or exclusive DLCs ?


majorsuave3569d ago

I thought that SONY needed all the 360 fanboïs to buy a PS3 and a few games.

Johnny Rotten3571d ago

your gonna have to kiss @ss a little more if you want my click :)

crazy-eyez-killah3571d ago

Grammar - ever heard of it Mr Christian Gamer?

Final_Rpg3569d ago

You'd hope so. Especially after all that Bible reading.

The Emperor3569d ago

Hey you don't have to pick on Christians, we dont go starting wars or blowing people up

majorsuave3569d ago

You forgot the /sarcasm at the end, people that don't know history or read news might believe you were serious.

KarateExplosion3569d ago

what a dumb thing to say. You need to read other history books besides the bible.

GIJeff3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

if you mean to say the crusades, well, those were started when 3000 Christians were killed at the hands of Muslims in Jerusalem. So, yea no /sarcasm required. Perhaps you should read something other than what your one track minded liberal professors try to tell you. Do research before you try to attack ones religion.

supahbad3569d ago

ahahaha! you mgiht want to read up on yours, i suess you forgot about the uhhh 700 year period following the fall of rome where christianty got its real power. it was called the dark ages, you know where it was constant warfare disease and death. oh and the crusades were started by the church to find a magic cup, and the last two crusades werent even fought against muslims, it was white on white crime

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