Killzone 2: Soon To Be Killing Them Softly

"Killzone 2" is about to hit store shelves and with reviewable copies being sent out nationwide, and the game is shaping up to be the exclusive to own in 2009.

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slave2Dcontroller3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I was very excited to see KZ2 graphics running on my PS3 and TV because well.. everything I seen looked amazing. I knew the looks wouldnt dissapoint but I was reserved about how it would actually play and plus I'm not that big on FPS's.

WELP! I'm reserved NO more. This game is kick ass as it gets. I dont have a problem with the pacing of the game, the controls, or the muddines??/molases?? feeling some people mentioned. The sensitivity can be adjusted, theres a sprint button, alternate control configurations and the Zoom can be Hold or Sticky so I dunno what the fuss was. I guess people played it and didnt bother checking out the options but who care.

What I LOVE most are the visuals of course and just as much, the way the guns shoot! OMG!!! and WOW, the way Helghast die, it has an amazing physics engine. this game grabs you and totally emerses you and never lets go. Killing never felt so good.

The only time I felt out of the game was when I smoked all the Helghast and was wondering around marveling at the envirornments and shooting anything that would break, explode, pop, crack or shatter. My favorite discoveries included shooting a chair and feathers flew out and floated lightly to the floor, I tossed a grenaded at file cabinet and it bounced around and the drawers flew open revealing files. My favorite was when I shot a long propane tank that was laying on the ground. It hissed, slid on the ground and then flew up in the air and violently whipped around in a circle and then BOOM!!!!! it blew up in mid air.

I did notice some slow down and minor hiccups but they just dont matter. This game is a BEAST in ALL the areas that matter. GFX, Gameplay, Sound(AWSOMENESS) and most importantly FUN. My expectations have been exceeded, my worries about the Gameplay put to rest, and Sony and GG did that with a friggin 10 minute demo which I have played literally 25-30 times now.


Johnny Rotten3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

it's all good. ;)

slave2Dcontroller3298d ago

But, I'm not touching that one Johnny Rotten ;P

xwabbit3298d ago

LMAO!!!!! Johnny Rotten!

Elimin83298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

It will be coming down on them too hard. REAL HARD.

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chidori6663298d ago

"Metacritic has a collective score for the game at 93 percent and critics all over are praising Guerrilla Games latest attempt at a “Halo Killer.”"

owned in 360 fanboys.... :)

ALIEN3298d ago

This game is amazing!

beavis4play3298d ago

i just got done running through the demo with only the pistol. (except when i had to blow the bridge.) when i got to the warehouse, i didn't shoot from a distance.....i went down and went "melee crazy"! damn, that was fun! feb. 27 is sooooo far away.

killzone2flop3298d ago

My opinion fear 2 looks better also in Multi-Player.

digger183298d ago

Your opinion doesn't count for sh!t wanker boy :D

bassturd3298d ago

any good promotions or anything for this game?

Amazon has a 5 dollar off thing plus free shipping but it wouldn't get to my place till march 3-5. Dunno if I can wait that much longer...ya I'm impatient. Trying to save a little since I want to get SF4 or RE5 as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.