Important Importables: Neo Angelique Special for PSP review

From the review: "Unlike the other Angelique games, which could get tricky due to the city management and development aspect of the game and large number of guys to build relationships with. Neo Angelique, on the other hand, is absolutely wonderful and easy for people who do and don't speak Japanese to play and enjoy. The characters are detailed and engaging, the RPG quest aspect is fun, the battles have an interesting mechanic and the voice acting is spectacular.

However, Neo Angelique Special for the PSP is essentially a port of the PS2 game Neo Angelique Full Voice. The only difference is, four new characters from the Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ anime series were added in. So if you don't own Neo Angelique Special (PS2) or Neo Angelique Full Voice, it's a great game to buy. If you own one of the other versions, it really isn't worth it. Erenfried, Jet, Mathias and Roche, the four newly added guys, aren't actual party members and only have three events each."

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