The Bender Podcast - Ep 30 - $60 Games are Good and eBaum Finally Fired

The drunk is back! Allison is no longer sick and sipping/chewing on a wine slushee, Perry seems to be stuck in the 80's playing NES games and ignoring his PS3, and what could be worse, a racist or a sexist, you decide… all on this week's The Bender, enjoy!

Show Notes:

Mike reviews EA and Gillette's Champions of Gaming

James reviews the Resident Evil 5 Demo


Leaked Kid Icarus Concept Art? Or a new Youngblood comic?

Free Radical is Dead! Long Live Crytek UK!

The Death of the $59.99 price tag? Maybe not as good as it sounds.

Again! Left 4 Dead isn't coming to the ******* PS3! Drop it!

Man chokes girlfriend with Wiimote

Non-Gaming News: Man Dressed as Klingon Robs 7-11

Non-Gaming News: Eric Bauman Fired from eBaum's World, Thank God! - Some background on copyright laws

Shacknews bought by GameFly, now why could that be?

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