Eurogamer joins Resident Evil 5 racism row

TVGB: "Eurogamer have sensationally re-ignited the racism row over Resident Evil 5, claiming the game contains "outrageous" and "outdated" representations of Africans and blurs the lines between the infected monsters and African civilians. In a hands-on preview of Capcom's upcoming survival horror title, Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead identifies what he believes to be racially antagonistic content, including suggestions of African brutality, primitivity and savagery."

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OGharryjoysticks3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

joins Resident Evil 5 racism row. LOL

morganfell3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Outdated views of Africa? Is he kidding? I have been to East Africa, mainly Djibouti several times in the past few years in my last line of work and it hasn't changed.

I have also been over to Africa twice on vacation flying into Jburg then traveling to Malawi and on to Tanzania. If you look at the outskirts of the metro areas in Jburg and Dar es Salaam you see plenty of shanty towns and places that are not far off what is represented in RE5 (minus the zombies). I won't even discuss two trips in the late 80's to that craphole called Nigeria.

Crossing over to dive in Zanziba you even see shades of it there.

Are these idiots not familar with the wholesale slaughter occurring in Chad? Have they ever heard of Sudan?

And lets not forget what happened in Rwanda a few years back.

And as regards sexual primality with the rate of rape in many countries being through the roof. It's a pathetic piece of writing.

It's pathetic image protectionism. The clowns from Eurogamer ought to try looking at the truth instead of attempting to paint a pretty picture. They want you to believe there are thriving prosperous economies there flourishing with institutes of higher learning. Everyone sits around the campfire at night in beautifully colored dashikis and sing songs of harmony. All the while the women bring bountiful dishes of exotic foods and the air is filled with the laughter and peace of ancient generations.

Well it isn't the Lion King unless you are talking about the part where Skar screws everyone over. Add an additional scene where he has Simba beheaded.

There are some wonderful people over there and some remarkable experiences to be had rarely duplicated anywhere. There are a few schools thriving to make people more than they would be. And there is a history to be admired (in some instances)

But to act as if some of the scenery in RE5 doesn't convey an air of reality (minus the zombies) is just revisionism at it's worse. I say at it's worse because it is one thing to pretend something DIDN'T happen. It's another even more horrible act to turn a blind eye while it is still occurring and you could make a true difference.

And pretending things are not the way they are is just that - turning the blind eye.

mpmaley3393d ago

My cousin was studying over in Africa last year, and anytime they went on long trips they had to hire body guards.

Nemo883393d ago

Morganfell, thats dissappointing to read from you.

Are you actually arguing that Africa should be represented that way? And your visits to a couple countries makes you an expert on Africa? Africa's not a country, its a continent. A huge continent with many different varying people. Im not saying theres nothing f****d up going on, but give me a break!

Its like going over to Kazakhstan, having a bad time and going "damn Asia's primitive". I think people might have somethhing to say about that.

"My cousin went over to study in Africa and they needed bodyguards" WHERE IN AFRICA??? Its not a country its a continent people try to understand this, your mileage will vary.

silvacrest3393d ago

It really shows peoples ignorance when they talk about africa as if it is one country, its a huge CONTINENT with almost 1 BILLION people with many countries infact, it has the most countries of any continent

im not gonna rant but i will say this, pretty much anywhere in the world you will find depraved to border-line savagery, think of the KKK in the deep south of the US, if i (a black british male)were to only go there would that shape my view of the entier USA? no, because i no there are are better places if im willing to look.

@morgan, i usually agree with your comments but you cant compare your experiences with a few contries then claim it represents fact

khellendros13393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I think what Morganfall is trying to say is that the article claims that some of the events in the game are totally wrong and never happens in Africa and from his experience those things are very real in some areas. Of course all of Africa is not like this but what about some of the poor areas? I'm sure the game could try and take the story to some of the beautiful parts of Africa and maybe they do. But be honest, take the whole story of Resident Evil and then take the story to Africa. Where do you think the story would start, in the poorest areas.

GameGambits3393d ago

Every place in the world has slums/crappy places to live. RE5 is set in those parts of Africa---oh did I mention a fictional Sci-Fi Africa? It's their game universe they can make it however they want in their Africa. Give me a break.

5,000 bucks says this whole racism controversy started with a WHITE PERSON saying this is racist against black people. I don't think any black person with half a brain would even stoop so low as to say this game is racist. People are looking to blow everything up out of proportion.

If there is any controversy that RE5 needs addressing from Capcom it's the controls. I don't need to run and gun, but if I do start running somewhere can I just reload while I run? Up the aiming system too so when I point in a monsters direction it doesn't pick 20 yards the other way. Just a little boost in auto aim + reload as you move would make this game back on a buy list for me.

Gorgon3393d ago

Have any of you even read the original article?

Official General3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

While I do appreciate and understand the very valid and truthful points you are trying to make about Africa, I do believe you have a very terrible way of putting your explanation across to everybody in here. I am Black British, born and raised in the UK of African descent (Nigerian) and I feel a little offended by your comments, however true they maybe.

Just because you have taken some trips to Africa and have heard and maybe seen a lot of bad stuff going on in there it does not give you the right to start throwing negative conclusive judgements about Africa being mostly a bad place. Yes, I'm totally aware that in many parts of Africa there is not much justice, there is alot of savagery, brutality, rape and primitiveness - but HELLO MISTER! This kind of stuff goes on in many parts of the world NOT JUST DAMN AFRICA!! I have read about many, crazy and messed up things that go on in other parts of the world in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Countless times. In places like Thailand, Philipines and Sri Lanka, young boys are sold by their fathers to white male tourists for sex. Now does that mean I should start ranting on about how nasty these three Asian countries are? Most reported paedophiles are often from Western white countries - does this mean I should primarily view the West as a hotbed for paedophilia? In Russia during the Communist Revolution, people were so poor in the cold countryside that they started killing and eating other, FACT. In many parts of rural Europe, farmers like to have sex with animals and in Romania it is common to have rentboys as young as 9 years. I have seen a TV program where people in India eat gutter rats as an everyday meal because they worship the Hindu rat god. What about the killing fields of Cambodia where millions of innocent civilians got killed by Pol Pot? What about the mass killings going on in Palestine? Kids are trained in the Middle East to be suicide bombers and blow themselves up. What about those who get kidnapped and murdered everyday by death squads in Colombia and Brazil? What about the killing and ethnic cleansing of Jews in Nazi Germany and those of Kosovans in the Balkans? Where is Germany and the Balkans? Yeah thats right, EUROPE! What about the way white Americans slaughtered Native Americans in mass numbers in the USA? So much that they only make up 2 % of the population! Savagery, brutality, primitiveness it's all there in these places. So all these places I have mentioned, I can say just like you that there are so much bad things happening in these places that I must express them and give everybody the impression that is what they are all about? Of course NOT! You see my point now? Your one-sidedness on this subject is on a catastrophic scale. It is not just Africa that has these problems and you dont need me to tell you this. Just like we dont need you to tell about us the bad stuff that goes on in Africa - most people already know this. And the way you explained yourself needs a lot of re-evaluation because if you speak like that to the wrong person face-face you may not have a face left, believe that.

Valid points and views can be expressed in a rational and civilized manner, even if they maybe be very true. In your case Morgan, today you have sounded very much uncivilzed and irrational in getting your views and points across, making you seem like the primitive one. I gotta go somewhere now so if you wanna explain yourself fully to me,
do it in PM.

@ Hiruma Youchi - Yeah I hear you, but what about what many people think about Haiti? It's one of the poorest in the world, the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere and it viewed by many as a dirty, violent and unruly place where all people do everyday is sacrifice each other and worship voodoo dolls. Now even if some of that maybe true does that mean I should start saying that Haiti is mostly a bad place to be? No of course it does not, it has it's bad parts like everywhere else.

morganfell3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

If you had been to various places on the continent then you would understand why issues are not isolated to one country alone but rather the majority of the countries on the continent suffer from similar problems. That is why it is simpler and much more direct to address the matter in such a manner. These are not isolated problems and widespread crossing territorial borders.

And here is a lesson Nemo. Not discussing an issue doesn't make it disappear. I also won't dodge something in a game just because the truth paints some people in a bad light. Whether they are Africans or the CIA. That's your problem. You are likely well and good seeing other people painted badly. You do not want African culture seen in a bad light. Yes there are good parts and bad but acting like the bad isn't there because you are concerned about perception solves nothing and is in fact harmful. Someone has an issue with the truth here and it isn't me.

And I haven't taken a few trips there and seen some bad things. It's been more than that. I lost friends, co workers in one embassy bombing on that continent and that still isn't the reason.

I just do not dodge the truth because it is socially distasteful. Maybe I missed this but was the Hutus and the Tutsis hundereds year old war of outright murder over soccer? And that is one incident.

Should it be allowed to be represented in a game? Absolutley. Don't like it? Don't buy it. While you are on your moral justification horse, ride on over to Hollywwod and beat them up over movies that paint southerners like morons or Oliver Stone over his movie W. After all, George Bush was the driving force that saw Africa receive more funding than any other man has been responsible for in history. Where is you social justification now? Or are you selective in your defense. I thought so. After all, only the US has evil people. Zombies here are fine.

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BattleAxe3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

First of all I think that people who are calling this game racist, need to get a life and give their "want to be, intellectual" liberal heads a shake. If this game were on any other continent other then Africa, there would be no racial discussion.

In reality places in Africa like Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sierra Lione, The Congo and Nigeria have constant Civil Wars, major disease outbreaks like AIDS, Malaria and the Ebola virus and due to their corrupt governments they also suffer from Famine in alot of areas in Africa. Africa contains many 3rd world countries, so I don't get the argument about "out dated views". Al Qeida now has a presence in some of the poorest African countries namely Somalia. I think that RE5 is dead on with its depiction. Lets move along people!

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sinncross3394d ago

To be fair, the author makes a valid point.

Being a half white half Indian living in post apartheid South Africa i can assure you that I have read more colonialist and post colonialist work then most ppl, and if the scenes he describes are exactly like that, then it does seem to represent African's as the 'other' a lil more heavily then it perhaps should.

I'm all for freedom of speech and the fun of video games, but i just hope Capcom use the opportunity to actually hit hard some important socio-cultural and economic messages.

HDgamer3393d ago

By killing african and supposed tan zombies?

BattleAxe3393d ago

@ Sinncross

With all due respect, South Africa is far different then most of the countries you share the continent with. Now having said that, South Africa has a staggering amount of crime. Most of the rich in your country live in homes surrounded by tall concrete walls or steel fences with security cameras all over the place. Rapes and car jackings are commonplace in your country. South Africa also has the most expensive healthcare in the world even more then the USA.

The point that I'm trying to make is that South Africa is the best country in Africa to live in, but its still from everything I've seen and heard a bad place to live. In comparison, all of the countries surrounding your country are trouble spots with massive poverty, disease, wars and dictatorships. Its pathetic, look at who is leading the African Union right now........non other then Lybia's own Momar Gaddafi. LMAO

farhsa20083393d ago

anyone who mentions RE5 is racist is racist THEMSELVES, when are we going to look beyond the colour of skin? We see people of different ethnicities every day in the street yet do we make a fuss about it? You are racist if you talk about how RE5 is racist because you are FOCUSING on the colour of skin.

Anyway how come RE4 wasnt racist when you were killing spanish people? why wansnt gta san andreas racist when you controlled a black character killing white people?

IrishAssa3393d ago

brutality, primitivity, savagery , res 4 was like a village in the past, this is capcoms new style probly haha

Arsenic133393d ago

Ok its in AFRICA, an African village. The people there will be black. Not white or asian. How is it racist? They are infected with something and happen to be black, big deal. Im sure what ever virus it is doesnt care what race they are. God, acknowledging thnat they are black just makes it racist, see past color and just know that they are infected and u have to protect urself. Just like RE4 (Which has Spaniards with Mexican accents....)

So lets all take a cue from a little virus an see past skin color.

poeo3393d ago

they're not complaining about that.

there are things that HAPPEN in the game, that are questionable. (according to Eurogamer)

sinncross3393d ago

So you're telling me that white ppl don't live in Zimbabwe or Namibia, to name but a few?

Don't act so ignorant.

Besides you've completely missed the point of the argument that was raised. The author was saying that killing black ppl was racists. He said that the depiction of Africans as mere savages, even when not infected, is racist.
There is a massive difference between the two.

Yes life can be extremely difficult for Africans down here in Africa, expectantly the central part, but don't think that they are all irrational beings who just kill for the sake of doing so.

rekonizakilla3393d ago

Lets wait and see what's going on here. If the game can't find any time to represent any black or non white people as civilized beings then maybe these guys have a point.
At the risk of sounding a bit lame I think it's good that so many people can look at the issue without resorting to some kind of racial slur.From what we've heard, some people do have the right to remain cautious of the games content but lets not jump to conclusions.
People notice patterns emerging pretty fast and if this game does treat black people as just primitive savages then I will be offended and I don't think that's just cos I'm black. After all I'm sure most non/black people would be just as offended.
Once again it's really cool that most of you are being so cool about this but I haven't checked the open zone yet.

P.S And I know Obama's president now but I don't think anyone told the Nazi youth party on halo3 yet.

Dpa3393d ago

Eurogamer.. more desperation for website hits. Same old story.