25 Necessary Improvements for Madden 2010

Slashgamer Writes: "Now that the NFL season is over (does anyone watch the Pro Bowl?), and I've finished my 6th franchise season in Madden '09, I've been thinking of the things that need to be added, changed, deleted, and tweaked for Madden 2010. Even though this year's product was better than last year's, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

So in no particular order, I give you 25 things that should be fixed for Madden 2010."

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And every year I feel like am getting rape all the time .I use to play madden through out the football season but now its like I will play it for a couple weeks and never go back . I hope madden goes exclusive for the ps3 . I hate all these downgrades that they have to do just so it can run on the xbox . Just look at the show " AWESOME "

2. NBA2K

originalrece3327d ago

Madden needs a major improvement!! what theve been doin year to year is not enough! if they want my 60$$ for 2010 they better get to workin!

primelax3327d ago

Almost all of these features were in NFL2K5. It's unfortunate that EA and the NFL extended the exclusive rights for two more years.

donscrillinger3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

WHERE DO I START ..1ST OFF WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TWEAK THE CAM ANGLE TO WHAT EVER WE WANT IT TO BE LIKE IN THE ONE FOR THE PS2 AN xbox 1 ..users cam ....also there should be refs walking around the field of play not just when they make an call and where is the line of scrimm,the ball marker boys on the side line the chain gang ,cheerleader,and how is it that the ball goes higher then the sky cam when you throw it down the field ..?it goes higher than the cheap seats ,they really need to tweak the passing game ..cause i've done thrown an ball to a wr 25 yards out and an lb 5-10 yards in front of me jumps up to either block it with one hand or int the ball ,,which is all the way fake ...also how is it when i'm playin on an real grass field you see no grass kick up or anything ,all you hear is your feet running through the grass but when your in the rain or snow you see footprints ..not real at all .and why aren't there two stiff arm buttons right and left ,they should be the bumper buttons,also wats up with not being able to change the buttons ..i really hate the buttons set up ...there unnatural...but just like an lot of friend on my list we aren't buying the next madden in less an lot of what i wrote about is in the game .cuz it just seems as if madden 09 is an basic football game from an company that has been making football games for 20 years ,and what has came from them is an incomplete an very arcady football game..ill rent 2010 before i go out and buy it fasho..just my opinion..thx for reading

midlouisiana3184d ago

its a game its not going be perfect and my opinion madden 2009 was pretty good not the best but improvement in graphics and fields/stadiums each year madden comes out they are improving on it its not going be perfect but atleast they are improving sh!t why dont yall create a game silent still silents ok then be quiet if u dont want a game easiest thing u can do is leave it on shelf and not buy it im sure if u dont buy it they fix something then or better yet dont make football games no more then u have nothing b!tch about lol