Savage Moon: A Difficulty Spike to the Heart

Mitchell Dyer writes:

Contrary to what I thought, I won't be reviewing Savage Moon. I was excited to, since I adore tower defense games, but it just isn't happening. It's not for lack of trying, though. Savage Moon won't be getting a proper review from me because I'm simply done with it, and I'm only a few levels in.

It's not for lack of quality, however. The game is a damn fine addition to the PlayStation 3's slowly growing collection of incredible tower defense games. Though the drab colors and generic sci-fi setting might put you off, there's a ton of depth, variety, and fun to be had. It's too bad, then, that the game is so horrifically balanced.

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bgrundman3394d ago

This game looks a bit like Pixel Junk Monsters on steroids.

CrAppleton3394d ago

Yeah.. this game looks awesome

bgrundman3394d ago

This may be a game that is even to difficult for my liking :(

CrAppleton3394d ago

From what I've read.. yeah.. I wouldn't want to play something that difficult.. that sucks though.. cause it looks so cool

bgrundman3394d ago

I wish they would bring games like this to the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

CrAppleton3394d ago

XBLA has a ton of great games at the moment though

ammonator3394d ago

Agreed until they do though I will enjoy one of the few good Tower Defense games on my iPhone, FieldRunners!

Raoh3394d ago

LOL i cant remember the last time i played something that kept beating my butt but kept me playing.

i think its great. people are spoiled with easy games.

think back to the days before saving.

now a days you can save in the middle of a battle during one of those 1 or 2 hour long battles in an rpg game. before you would have to play through or keep your system on until the next day.

i finally got to one of the endings of a level in savage moon and it was way more rewarding than just being able to play through it.

what needs to happen in general is a more dynamic difficulty setting for all games.

are you a poor player? lets drop the difficulty.

are you a really good player? lets raise the bar a bit.