Mass Effect 2: EA refuses to confirm PS3 version

VG247: EA has refused to specify what company CEO John Riccitiello meant when he said that Mass Effect 2 was a "multi-format" title on Tuesday, yet again skirting heavy rumour that the sequel is heading to PS3.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3232d ago

Then why don't they just deny it so we can move on?

Jamegohanssj53232d ago

They're playing with your mind.


Pennywise3232d ago

EA refuses to deny PS3 version!

solidjun53232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

It's not a denial. Let it out of the bag, so the flames of this story can be extinguished. If it is eventually confirmed, cool. If not, well them's the brakes. But one thing's for sure. PoG or Why dis is going to probably comment and say "you losers can't read" or something to that effect.

EDIT: That's an interesting way to generate hype. I mean the original ME sold a lot. But I guess the potential to sell more based on hype is valid. I'll take that.

DADO3232d ago

This way they are generating more hype. If they deny it or if they confirm it, the hype will be over.

Max Power3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

if they do a crappy port of the first one, as long as i could play it so i get the story, and have the the second one properly made when ever i'll be happy. Oh well only time will tell if we get this series, it would be nice to play.

003232d ago

that's why they're doing this.

koston36473232d ago

this is playing out EXACTLY like Bioshock did and look what happened there........

dexterwang3232d ago

errr its simple, they're waiting to see how much cash MS can throw at them for exclusivity. Sadly, enough money for a IP will be spent to keep something exclusive.

Bubble Buddy3232d ago

Name the last EA exclusive game on a console.

fishd3232d ago

This will be a timed exclusive,I really really doubt MS would let this one go,all we can do is wait...

Sangria3232d ago

They maybe prefer to announce it officially during the GDC'09.

marinelife93232d ago

Go ahead EA you can say it. We're all adults here. Well at least most of us are adults here.

Alcon3232d ago

Of course EA refuses to confirm PS3 version. If it comes to the PS3 it will certainly be after it came on the Xbox and PC first. M$ would have a time exclusive. So until it comes out on the Xbox they will never confirm it coming on the PS3

Lifendz3232d ago

EA released exclusively on one console? I'm not talking a PC version or PC games. I'm talking a console game that didn't come out for the comp. I have to go back to Madden not being on the dreamcast.

Why dis3232d ago

We're going to see one of these once every two days?

Off-topic I just picked up a PS3. Going to check out all the forced hype for KZ2 now.

yanikins1113231d ago

great.... can you shut up now?

Arnon3231d ago

2 off of the top of my head...

Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect 1 for the 360.

Then there's a ton on the Wii, and PC. In fact, PS3 is the only one that has not had an exclusive from EA.

GUNS N SWORDS3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

on the day of mass effect's reviews, it received more criticism from lots of ps3 gamers, from it's long boring dialog system down to it's technical flaws. how can a game like ME be accepted by ps3 gamers if the game was chewed out in the past?

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3232d ago

That's the thing;Just deny it,don't be scared of angering Ps3 owners that happen to be EA fans.

We don't need Mass Effect,it would be a nice addition to Ps3s ever growing 3rd party line-up,but it's not a game that will be greatly missed if it doesn't come to the Ps3.

JokesOnYou3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Nice way to cover all your bases...

"We don't need Mass Effect,it would be a nice addition to Ps3s ever growing 3rd party line-up,but it's not a game that will be greatly missed if it doesn't come to the Ps3."

So basicly IF it were to come to the ps3 you would be the first one screaming:

"OMG I told you it was coming to the ps3, its the only game for the 360 I would ever touch and now its on ps3!!!!"

But in the off chance that it EA came out and said its 360 exclusive, I bet your response would be something like:

"Well I never really cared about this game anyway, I just wanted them to end the rumor, we have soooo many games coming on the ps3 EA knew this boring game wouldn't have sold much anyway."

-Really bro, your comments are so predictable, you seem so empty of any real belief or creditability....its almost as if all your comments are cut & paste 'cliche type response to everything, souless dribble, devoid of all life.

Try Harder.

Oh you must be the "wife" of the same bad guy who had 2 different opinions of the infamous "KZ2 SuperBowl Ad", you know the one that didn't happen....lets just say you have a "Pre SuperBowl Oppinion" and a "Post SuperBowl Oppinion", lmfao soooo predictable.


SeanScythe3232d ago

Just hope they fix the elevators to go a bit faster.

FantasyStar3232d ago

You don't like Elevator music? They should add a Bellhop, so you can talk to someone!

Aclay3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

I wish EA would just confirm that ME2 is coming to the PS3 or it's not coming to the PS3.

Since Mass Effect 2 isn't coming until 2010, it does really make me think that there will be a PS3 version because it will give Bioware/EA plenty of time to complete a PS3 version if it's already been considered.

With EA owning Bioware now, I really don't see how ME2 wont come to the PS3 day and date with the 360 version unless M$ pays for timed exclusivity. Since ME2 is supposed to be at GDC, I guess we'll definantly know the status of the game by then, but I do think that ME2 will be coming to the PS3 because almost literally everything under EA is multiplatform.

likedamaster3232d ago

Except maybe Spore, Crysis, etc.?

iHEARTboobs3232d ago

neither of those two are on consoles.

Arnon3231d ago

Left 4 Dead & Mass Effect 1 are produced by EA and are exclusive to the 360.

SIM Animals, Boom Blox, Need for Speed, etc. are produced by EA and are exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

What exclusive game have they made for the PS3?

Wife Of The Bad Guy3232d ago

With all the problems Mass Effect 1 had on the Xbox 360,is Mass Effect 2 really going to ship on a single DVD?

Ausbo3232d ago

mass effect had framerate issues. it had nothing to do with the dvd