PlayStation 3 to get 45nm Cell 'mid year'

A slimmer PlayStation 3 could hit the shops this summer, because Sony's finally said when it'll begin replacing the console's 65nm Cell chip. The new chip would enable Sony to slim down the bulky and heavy PS3, because the 45nm chip doesn't consume as much power as the current one. In turn, this would allow Sony to scale down the PS3's power brick and cooling system.

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C_SoL3597d ago

compatibility anyone?

Nonsense 4 Gamers3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )


I just bought the 160gb Uncharted bundle! My brother and I always argue over the PS3 so I gave him my 40gb for $100 and I bought the 160gb Uncharted bundle (even though I already have the Uncharted and it's Platinum Trophy). I could of waited until this RUMORED slim PS3 which might (probably not) have BC...

Actually no I can't wait, KZ2 is coming out in less that a month and it will consume my life O_o. An article would show up on N4G with the headline "Video Game Addict Throws Brother out of 6 Story Building"

krouse933597d ago

Hmm i think this Mini PS3 will become the designated Blu Ray Player.

Daves3597d ago

That they will spend money on a redesign and re-tooling of factories to make a slimmer PS3 at this time.

Marty83703597d ago

45nm Cell chip production starts late Feb/march2009, this was already known. Meaning we could see a price cut by summer2009, if Sony choose to pass on there production cost saving they will be making.