The Rumor That Ended Kotaku and Sony's Relationship ( Playstation Home )

Kotaku has just received a very interesting tip. As you are probably well aware, GDC executive director Jamil Moledina set Sony's Phil Harrison up for the spike yesterday, claiming that PLAYSTATION 3 owners will be "very happy" when Phil's keynote takes place next week. Sony's blending of Achievements(similar to XBL) and Miis(Similar to Nintendo Wii profiles) may be that big surprise.

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ER1X4304d ago

are really on the ball today. :-)

D R Fz4304d ago

It's actually pretty funny because this post by GaMr was actually submitted before DC rider's post. Not sure how that one got published before this one, but all rights to have the story published and viewed by the public clearly belong to GaMr since he was first.

Geohound4304d ago

yeah, well, I'll comment on this one.

Miis and Achivement points on the PS3? Now I have a reason to buy one! :P

Wait... I do. I can yell at it for it's problems.

Boink4304d ago

way to try and bully them, PATHETIC...

everytime sony seems to start to win my respect back, they do something like this to heasd to the bottom again.

why people still support these people is beyond me.

oh and sony fanboys, if you argue for sony on this one, you are agruing against free speech and freedom of the press.

Tut4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

By making the assumption that in arguing the point you posed the arguee will then be arguing against everyone's right to freedom of speech is, in an act of its own, arguing against my own right to freedom of speech. I don't appreciate that so don't act all high and mighty when you contradict yourself out of the gate.

Let me create a situation that might give you better insight into the difference between selfishness and loyalty.

You have herpes, theoretical ones if you don't actually have them. Herpes is something people would like to know about you, especially women (or guys if you are a homosexual, nothing wrong if you are mind you). Your best friend, let's call him Mr. Mart for this story, knows of this and is with you nearly every waking hour. Mr. Mart has been a good friend and never told anyone about your secret that everyone wants to know about, even if they don't know it yet. One day you and Mr. Mart are at the mall and you see the most beautiful woman (or man, still not sure if you are homosexual yet or not). You approach this person and strike up a conversation. You end up spending a large amount of time with this person and would like a serious relationship with him/her because you have fallen madly in love. She reveals the fact that she wouldn't ever consider anyone with a sexually transmitted disease for a serious relationship, or even a one-night stand for that matter. Your friend, Mr. Mart, comes around and throws off hints to her that you have something "special" about you because he has an interest in her as well and knows he can oust you out by revealing your secret. You ask him kindly to stop because you would like to tell her yourself when the time is right, but his lust for her is too much to overcome to acknowledge and appreciate your friendship together. Then, immediately after you ask him politely he screams the secret to her, in which revealing something that wasn't supposed to be revealed by anyone else but you. How exactly would you feel? I don't think you would be the happiest person in the world, now, would you?

There is a big difference between loyalty & respect versus deceit and selfishness. I am sad you don't know the difference. Call me anything you like, because as far as I am concerned you mean nothing, especially since you consider your own rights more important and higher than anyone else who even shares the same rights you have. That is called hypocrisy, and you seem to have a bad case of it.

There's your freedom of speech.

specialguest4304d ago

That was a well written and good analogy there.

killercam194304d ago

sony taking features from other systems how original u know its gonna be half a*sed

Chagy4304d ago

Takeing both their ideas and making it into a better one i cant wait 2 see the final result (thats if this is even true) :)

Violater4304d ago

be so sweet if it wasnt true

Chagy4304d ago

What you scared that if it is true it will out do the wii and 360?

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