Left 4 Dead DLC Free

When the announcement was made about the DLC for Left 4 Dead, it was very unclear if Valve would make the PC users pay for it. Now, if you have other Valve games you would know that Valve has never in the company's history ever charged anyone for DLC. Never. So we took it upon ourselves to settle the hearts of the community and emailed the man himsself, Gabe Newell.

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JustinSaneV23393d ago

Why would VALVe charge PC users for a patch? I take it the author hasn't been a customer of theirs for very long.

solar3393d ago

it has to do with an Edge online article that stated only the SDK was free and all the forumites over at went crazy. how many times does Valve have to state that the PC content is free, and if they could it would be free for 360 owners. kids.

SCThor3392d ago

why do I need a 360 again?

JHUX3392d ago

Yeah, Valve releases there dlc updates free, they wanted to do the tf2 updates for 360 as well, but MS want's them to charge money for it, and Valve refuses (Which I gained respect for them after that, although it sucks for people who play that on 360, if anyone does?).

ThanatosDMC3392d ago

I hope they dont charge for the 360 then... those a-holes!

GiantEnemyCrab3388d ago

"and if they could it would be free for 360 owners."

It is going to be free for 360 owners, did you not read the article?

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dexterwang3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Valve is the most generous company ever.... I dislike Gabe Newell, but LOVE his business strategy...

Orange box = amazing deal
TF2 = Free regular amazing DLCs
L4D = Free DLC which includes a new mode and unlocks 2 versus maps
Not to mention Steam is a GREAT FREE service
Plus they're very very open source, allowing Mods of all kinds

Somehow they're everything MS is not... I'm not dissing the 360 here, but MS is a company that tries to grab every single penny out of you... and I'm sure Valve is in for a fight to get MS to allow L4D DLC for free. I can understand if people love the 360, cuz I like mine too, but I can't understand people supporting MS ever...

JHUX3392d ago

I have a love hate with valve, a lot of times they release games and take years to get glitches out, but I still am a fan of them.

GiantEnemyCrab3388d ago

The DLC is free on the 360 as well. So maybe dial down the MS hater spew.

Stu19813392d ago

Why are people so quick to criticise Microsoft in this situation?

If it's Microsoft insisting Valve charge, how come Criteion get away with doing it for free with their Burnout Paradise updates?

Cut the crap, Gabe.

PotNoodle3392d ago

Because burnout paradise is a multiplatform game (yes so is left 4 dead but..) if sony were allowing EA to do what they were doing with burnout on the PS3 and microsoft were not, then it wouldnt look good, would it?

Epic and valve have complained about this.

Stu19813392d ago

That's so irrelevant though! haha

The fact is, it can be done, that's all that matters.

PotNoodle3392d ago

How is it irrelevant though?

If left 4 dead was on both PS3 and 360, it would be free. But because the 360 is the only console that has it, they can afford to make valve charge for it.

JHUX3392d ago

Yeah it can be done, but valve would have to take l4d to the ps3, which won't happen, so no it won't be done. Another reason why I will talk down on Live, you gotta pay for gold, then gotta buy stuff that should be free.

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Stu19813392d ago

It's still available for free on another format.

il-mouzer3392d ago

but the PC is not a direct competitor.

Most "casual gamers" play on consoles only, and casual gaming is the main market.

Stu19813392d ago

Bottom line, it's still available elsewhere to other users.

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