FIRMWARE v2 - Downloaded PS1 games will play on the PS3

The next update to the Playstation 3 firmware will not be v1.55. The changes to the Playstation firmware are deemed to be so significant that it will in fact be v2.0, and will bring 'big changes.'

Confirmed: Playstation 1 games downloaded over the Playstation Network will now play directly on the PS3, as well as on the PSP console.

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zonetrooper54305d ago

This sounds great but its sounds like its coming a little too late.

techie4305d ago

Coming late for who? Not me.

ER1X4305d ago

You think Live was born as phat as it is now? C'mon dude......

techie4305d ago

I think what you should be able to do is...if you own said ps1 game, you should be able to type in the code or something and download it for free...then again that really wouldn't work. dang

DJ4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Everytime positive Playstation news leaks out he dies a little bit inside. =P I actually think Deepbrown's idea would be cool. Unfortunately that means you could technically borrow your friends' PS1 titles and just get free downloads (theoretically), and publishers wouldn't like that.

One idea that I'm tossing around is if you could copy your PS1 titles onto your PS3 hard drive, and just play them from there... Some of us are getting hella big HDDs, so it seems feasible.

DiLeCtioN4305d ago

you and deepbrown are so right ms 360 fanboys wish for the downfall of sony ps3 but they just die down when something good comes out for us ps3 owners(for me eventually march 23). just like how the psp has RSS CHANNEL, LOCATION FREE TV and growing not to mention japanese psp's have more. i think the ps3 will have more and more things that will make it different from wii and 360

techie4305d ago

Oh just had a question...kinda related. You know the ps3 doesn't have ps1/ps2 memory slots...and they've put out an adapter to copy over your files...what would stop you from copying your files from your memory card and onto a usb device and then onto the ps3...?

DJ4305d ago

They should allow us to use our PS1 saves for downloaded PS1 titles. At least, that would make sense.

fenderputty4305d ago

If they did make you right in the serial number to verify purchase, then they could make it so only one game download per serial number. This way it ensures that only the origional user, or at least only one person, could do the download.

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deathtok4305d ago

This firmware update sounds really cool. Old Playstation games are getting tougher and tougher to find. Their are so many great games though that could be made available for download that I would be very interested in owning.

Hopefully some publishers/developers see this as an opportunity to bring over some games that never made it to the U.S. as well.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4305d ago

if you can download the firmware updates using a dial-up connection?

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The story is too old to be commented.