Why Women Should Play Video Games

Morgan Romine, better known as "Rhoulette" in the video game online community, helped found and build Ubisoft's all-girl gaming team, the Frag Dolls. As captain of the Frag Dolls team, she serves as spokesperson, gamer, road manager, and liaison between the team and Ubisoft. A graduate student at the University of California, Irvine studying to get a PhD in cultural anthropology, Romine is researching sociality in online communities, and is specifically interested in the dynamics of leadership in multiplayer videogames, and deviance in online social environments. Honored in Fast Company's feature story "The Most Influential Women in Technology: The Gamers," Romine shares why she believes anyone should want to play video games.

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rawd3453d ago

She's quite the uggo

Socomer 19793453d ago

because there is a very good chance you'll bump into me.


Nevers3453d ago

... was gonna say it's a huge ratio of single dudes vs gamerchicas...

Socomer 19793453d ago

And Knowing is half the Battle,(SING) G.I.JOE!!!

hey, check it this dude that got killzowned.
youtube has alot of people who got killzowned, its so funny .

Zip3453d ago

why women schould stay the hell away?

obious, let us boys play alone for a change! we dont get involded in their tea parties either, or dildo nigths

ChickeyCantor3453d ago

You are kidding right?

I'm a guy but that is obviously a stereo-type.

Btw if you don't get involved with their dildo nights, there is no need for "change" right?...

Wished more girls would play games, so i could refer to them as nerds xD

ChickeyCantor3453d ago

Lol at disagree.

I wouldn't be surpised if you guys think women should stand in the kitchen right?!

PooEgg3453d ago

Hey Zip, we are sorry that you can't get laid, but don't take it out on women gamers.

devilhunterx3453d ago

Cause it would give them bigger boobs. Take Gabe Newell for example...


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The story is too old to be commented.