Development ended on PS3/360 Indiana Jones

DarkZero: With the recent announcement that Lucasarts are working on Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for Wii, DS, PS2 and the PSP, many people wondered what had happened with the "next gen" version of Indiana Jones that was highly boasted about a few years back, and if development of that game was happening, albeit quietly, concurrently with Staff of Kings.

However, this seems not to be the case, and Lucasarts have now confirmed they've decided to work solely on Staff of Kings, making a "strategic business decision" to end development of the 360/PS3 versions.

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Pennywise3209d ago

Well, that sucks... but Lucas Arts hasnt been known for pumping out quality lately. Maybe its for the best.

thats_just_prime3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

WTF are you talking about SW:TFU and Facture were both great games.

Anyways I cant believe lucas just screwed over millions of loyal indy fans (again)

Ghoul3208d ago

very sad indeed

I was totally in joy when i heard about that lucas arts was back in business but i was totally disapointed and this puts the nail in the coffin.

indy nextgen was so great the dmm and euphoria looked kickass and now its on halt .......

TheColbertinator3209d ago

Shame that.Good for the Wii,PS2,PSP and DS gamers I suppose

PirateThom3208d ago

I was looking forward to kicking ass with Indy... :(

madpuppy3208d ago

they're digging in the wrong place...

Jamegohanssj53208d ago

I guess after Fracture lmao!


iilluminate3208d ago

Maybe Lucasarts could divert some resources to Monkey Island 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.