Demon's Souls sells 23,000 copies opening day, sells out

On opening day, Demon's Souls sold 23,000 copies. Though 23,000 seems like a paltry number, the title's first shipment has been completely sold out. From Software is a smaller Japanese developer, which may attest to the small shipment. Their most recent games, the 360 exclusive Ninja Blade and the Wii exclusive Tenchu 4, both charted less than 10,000 copies opening day. Japanese retailers greatly underestimated the demand for the game, and new shipments aren't due until next week.

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MisterNiwa3394d ago

Awesomeoness, seems like the japanese are more interested in some Medieval Third Person Hack and Slash Role Playing Game than Ninjas.. lol

Hell i gonna buy both, Ninja Blade and Demons Souls

Panthers3394d ago

Ya but this could hurt sales. Underestimating demand can almost be as bad as overestimating it

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3394d ago

Good for them,with the disastrous failure of Ninja Blade,I definitely think they're not going to bother with Xbox exclusivity in the future.

cmrbe3394d ago

It seems like the Japanese crowd don't listen to Famitsu anymore.

kewlkat0073394d ago

Right now there is no RPG saturation on the PS3.

pippoppow3394d ago

Many people have opened their eyes and no longer take a review as gospel. Factor in biased views and regional game style preferences which makes scrutinizing reviews ever more neccessary. Besides tastes vary and can be varified by looking at the idividual review scores from sites like Gamerankings and Metacritic. While famitsu scored it pretty well with a 9, 7, 7, 6, another Japanese mag Denki gave it a 95, 85, 85, 85. Famitsu avg is 7.25 which is above avg. Denki's avg is 8.75 whihc is great. It's total metacritic type score then would be an 8 which is a good score. It's in a buy range for fans of games similar to this. I for one saw the video feeds online and regardless of the scores, I knew it was a game that catered to me immensely. It seems like it will be at the very least a good dark fantasy adventure game experience which I am looking forward to. I read the the Asian version has English support but will wait untill someone online confirms it has full English support from top to bottom. If it does will import.

sonarus3394d ago

Isn't demon soul published by sony? Thats a pretty weak initial shipment

TOO PAWNED3394d ago

Yes game is published and co developed by Sony Japan. Probably preorders were not that big so they didn't expect "much". No worries.

rhood0223394d ago

It's actually a smart way of doing business. You test the waters by limiting the initial shipment and if it sells out, then you can always ship more to the retailers. In the meantime, you get word of mouth publicity that [x game] sold out at retailers, thus giving the impression that it is a highly desired title. It's very basic marketing strategy but it often works. Look at Nintendo's Wii strategy.

It's better than the opposite--over shipping and selling way below that first run. On a related note, I wonder how many copies of Ninja Blade were shipped.

TheColbertinator3394d ago

Either way I won't pick up Ninja blade or Demons Souls.Average looking games.

Which is really strange since I hyped up both Infinite Undiscovery and WKC as big games but the reviews slammed both.

Talk about irony

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