Burnout Paradise: Cops and Robbers Pack Announced

Today, Criterion Games has announced a totally new pack for Burnout Paradise.

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Cartesian3D3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

will they stop supporting their game ? .. one of the best Devs ever in this genre.

cant wait for their next project :) Good luck Criterion Games!

Lifendz3537d ago

their support for it is unprecedented.

darkgandhi3537d ago

I have never seen this much free support for a game. The next game Criterion makes is an automatic purchase.

Panthers3537d ago

I dont know if they will ever get to a new game the way they keep making new content for this one.

JoySticksFTW3537d ago

This is the way it should be done!

andron3537d ago

With all the extra content I don't see myself trading in Paradise ever.

While other short games with expensive and uninteresting DLC are traded in as soon as I am done with them...

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Speed-Racer3537d ago

hard to believe these people function under the EA group...maybe Black Box (NFS's developers) should take a note

andron3537d ago

It might be harder for a long time internal team to stand up to the boss and do what they think is right...

blackpanther253537d ago

Burnout paradise officially the best game (worth the money) i have ever bought.

joydestroy3537d ago

arguably the best racing sim currently out thanks to all of the updates and continued support.

Arsenal4Ever3537d ago

The update CG just did on the 5th was magnificent every car has been changed and made easier to handle. I love this game even though I have platinumised it I still play it. I hope to see a New Burnout by 2010 though.

Mo0eY3537d ago

I actually hate the new update - cars are MUCH slower than they were. The Calvary FLOATS down when it hits a jump, and the intro screen takes way too long to boot into a game.

Socomer 19793537d ago

these guys dont quit.
Cops and robber? This is officially wipping away any memory i ever had of need for speed hot pursuit.

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The story is too old to be commented.