GameBosh Review: Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows

GameBosh writes: "The problem with Marvel comics and their numerous video game excursions is that there's half a century of storylines you need to make yourself aware of before playing - especially for Web of Shadows. If you're a fan of the Spider-Man films and their game adaptations you might find yourself completely lost here, as Spidey teams up with Luke Cage plus Wolverine from X-Men to fight a still-alive Venom and The Kingpin from Daredevil. With us so far?

Spider-Man is still fighting the parasitic alien suit for control over his mind. Meanwhile he becomes embroiled in a war between rival gangs and also has to deal with a symbiote invasion that turns people into Venom's raging monster offspring. Peter Parker gets help from Luke Cage, a big black dude with super-strength and skin like titanium, by bringing together the gangs for a parley (peace talk). But The Kingpin sends in snipers and it comes to light that he generated the gang war in the first place."

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