IGN: NYCC 09: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Q&A

With so much news about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 breaking this week, IGN thought it was only right to grab Dan Tanguay, director and lead designer on the game, and get some answers about just what the heck is happening in this super-hero RPG.

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Anon19743597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I'm really looking forward to this game. Played the original on my Xbox and I'm looking forward to a true "next gen" game like this.

It doesn't say on here but anyone have any idea when this game is set to be launched? All I see is 2009.

Edit: And when the hell is Snowblind Studios going to announce a new game? I really enjoyed the Champions of Norrath/Balders Gate/Justice League co-op, topdown dungeon crawlers. PS3 had Dark Kingdom which I played- but let's face it, that game just wasn't very good.

WaitStation 33596d ago

Enjoyed it as well. I didn't get past a certain part of the game before I was asked to borrow it and never seen it since.

SpikeSpiegel3596d ago

Im definitely looking forward to this one (still have the first). Maybe the sequel will have some come of chat in the PS3 version this time.. **laughs**