Killzone 2 Official Controller input

Seb Downie, QA Manager, Guerrilla Games: "I have been looking at this with one of our Game Designers and we are starting to come to the conclusion that this is down primarily to the design decision to make the game weightier. Killzone 2 is not a 'twitchy' shooter like some of you might be (rightfully) accustomed to and we think it might simply be down to some growing pains on some people's behalf. In this demo we also did not add the section that comes before this where a player would naturally climatize to the controls and have simply dumped you on Corinth River, so I think a lot of these complaints will be negated by the players natural progression through the full game."


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GrieverSoul3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

First u posted the all story! No point on clicking the link!
(as of the time i wrote this, not sure it will be changed)

Second, I´ve been playing Resistance 2 and when I go to CoD4 I feel the same thing everyone is complaining about. Its all about adaptation. After 3 runs throughs through the demo of KILLZONE 2 I actually laugh how the Resistance 2 cursor speed reacts! Its freaking fast!

I firmly believe its an adaptation issue. However, if they do a patch to speed the cursor speed up, that would be great!

cronaldo73446d ago

My bad. Maybe a mod can fix it?

Timberland2K93446d ago

the final build will run in 1080i and if you look on the title screen it clearly says 2008 and the game play runs in 720P

as well as if you stay at the title screen it will show game play that looks way cleaner than the one you played

Also the guerrilla games QA Manager is looking into the aim sensitivity

Mikerra173446d ago

Its something that is INNIVATIVE in the game because it is weighted and more realistic
I know for a fact if I were carrying that big of a gun my nerd arms couldent move as fast as other games

I also want to take the time and say I think its great that not even a day after the demo came out they adressed the issue and post constantly on boards

No other game devs I can think of do this

GameGambits3446d ago

I'm pretty active in those boards and talk to Seb on there from time to time and I'm glad he has helped us over the months/years with someone to talk to from GG.

He's 100% right. Nothing is wrong from what they've seen, and if something DID need fixing when the full retail copy hits then they will address it immediately.

I played the demo close to 20 times now. I love it to death. For me the controller feels like poetry in motion to what's going on screen when I play. This is still THE reason to get a PS3 this year.

joydestroy3446d ago

i liked everything about the demo. i'm going to play it over and over again using a different weapon every time.

if i were to base my entire judgement of the game solely on my play though of the demo, i'd say KZ2 has lived up to the hype and that makes me really excited.

UnwanteDreamz3446d ago

I wont say that people who are having issues with aiming are wrong. I will say that if they keep complaining and this thing ends up playing like Halo or UT3 I'm going to be pissed.

TheTwelve3446d ago

If fanboys will screw up Metacritic scores, doesn't GG know that some people will over-exaggerate very minor issues regarding KZ2?

GG needs to stand by their ideals for this game and make their own impact with it. If they try to please everyone, this game will get watered down.


IdleLeeSiuLung3446d ago

I'm very impressed with the KZ2 dev team really listening to gamers. I tried the game and generally I actually don't like the PS3 controller very much, don't care for the triggers and find that I accustom to the 360 controller faster mostly due to spending more time on it, but I did not find the KZ2 controls awkward at all. It took a little bit of adjusting too, but I had a considerably harder time with other games.

To me, the KZ2 controls are just fine and the game is fantastic. I already pre-ordered the game. My first major PS3 game!!! Finally my investment into the PS3 is paying off.

Bonsai12143446d ago

fyi timberland, most people would prefer it to run in 720p rather than 1080i. since its a moving picture rather than a static one... the 1080i feature is for people whose hdtvs don't have 720p resolution.

Torch3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Yeah, I noticed the "2008" as well...however, I can assure you that mine was running in 1080i.

Regarding the controls: I liked them right off the bat. Added to the realism of the game, as I often had to remind myself on a few occasions that it was only a video game.

Funny thing about the game's control responsiveness: They must've really affected me, because following a run through the demo, I messaged a few buddies of mine, and moving the cursor across the PS3's on-screen keyboard actually felt eerily strange and different.

But I'm happy with the movement and responsiveness. At this point all I ask for is a little customization so that I make my L2 a Crouch/Run combination Resistance2-style.

yomoma111155553446d ago

this website is gay. im out

Nonsense 4 Gamers3446d ago

God I'm sick of people saying "Blah blah blah, this game's controls need to be more like CoD4's!" and if a game's controls ARE like CoD4's people will say "Blah blah blah, this game is just a CoD4 rip-off!"

I absolutely LOVE KZ2's feel and controls! Like I said, if I wanted a game that felt like CoD4 and Halo, I would go play those 2.

Tarasque3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

The button map is not the problem it is how it controls is the problem. Why does it seem the responsiveness is slow and it seems very floaty. Maybe some of the control lag is due to it dropping frames all the time. And BTW i put my sensitivity all the way up.

Milky3445d ago

The controls are great, unique and adaptable.
If they change it because of a few casual whiners then I will be very dissapointed.

Jake11113445d ago

To those of you that are saying the game isnt good I highly doubt you have played it. I have finished the Demo about 8 times and I want to go back for more.

I think what makes the game amazing are the controls, AI and realism(yes I said it!)

The controls are innovative! At first I switched to a COD type control and found it too hard to use cover and zoom. So I went back and pushed to "CHANGE" my thinking. And guess what! I changed and love it. Pushing the R3 to zoom feels almost natural now. The cover seems natural. Peeking up and around cover is wild!

AI..! I can sum it up with this. I was hiding behind cover and realized I was getting shot. I looked around and thought... Ok.. no one in sight..glitch??? NO!!!!! The dude was halway up the stairs to my left and he was shooting me through the cover and the gap that was to the left of my cover! I thought maybe I was online or something? Tell me this.. When have you ever seen that in a video game with NPCs??? Never!

Realism. The explosions, sound, weight of the character, movement, scenery, physics, destruction are all amazing. I have yet to see a gas can indent when I shot it. I have yet to see a plastic table bust apart with plastic fiber sticking out. This is amazing.

Therefore. The truth is this. This game is AMAZING. I have the 360 as well and think GOW1 and GOW2 were great. But nothing like this. I do like both systems but I can honestly say that Sony and the PS3 are heading for the top with games like this!

KEEP THEM COMING SONY!!! Cant wait until Feb 27!!!!!


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Wife Of The Bad Guy3446d ago

Jesus,this isn't even an issue,my only problem with the controls was with the Iron sights,thanks to a N4G member I changed the setting and have absolutely zero complaints regarding the controls.

This isn't the same case with Resident Evil 5,where you DON'T have the option to change the controls to run-and gun.

Mr_Bun3446d ago

What was your control issue regarding the iron sights?

solidt123446d ago

I love the gameplay and how it controls, Much better that COD4. Not sure what the issue is.

ape0073446d ago

alternative 2

hold to zoom

inverted Y axis

man this game is SO amazing

still can't believe it

na2ru13446d ago

I too invert my Y axis in FPS ever since PS2 MoH Frontline. I often get accused of being weird though lol until i made them do it too. Now they are the same.

Oh and Alternate 2 ftw.

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Meus Renaissance3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

This problem is killing the game for me. I enjoy it less and less everytime I play it. Dear God Guerilla, you have divided people on this control sensitivity. They justify it as weight, but guess what - each gun, from the rifle, to the grenades, to the knives, to the rocket launcher, feel the same way. How does that make any sense?

I created a thread about this in the forum, but the messageboards even on KillZone 2's official board were flooded by complaints about this. People called it lag which worried GG. I knew what it was from the get go, it wasn't lag, it was the X/Y sensitivity.

It should be a concern that people can mistaken it for lag as it suggests they do not like it. If Guerilla want this game to sell millions, it means they want to draw in the conventional FPS crowd - but they will struggle to please the majority of them with this.

The Online play will emphasise this even more when you can't trace a person with your aim because it's all over the place. I am not whining or moaning, I want to love the game but this is just a ridiculous ridiculous decision made by the design team.

There are some who respond by saying "just adjust to it". Why should we adjust for one game out of a whole genre? Why alienate the FPS crowd? The irony being if GG were to change it, those pricks would be the first to complain "change it, change it" after telling us to adjust.

Oner3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I am not above calling how I see it for ANY console though I am partial to Sony products so I will say this.

I agree.

The best description I have is one I posted in the official PS forums ~

"If you thought releasing a demo got this much attention to the situation...just wait until the game releases to paying customers. Watch how the forums will blow up then! I just hope it doesn't hurt you guys as much as the whole "Halo Killer" fiasco (though that was not your fault whereas this situation you have a limited chance to address before it becomes one). I myself am a definitive Sony supporter. Always have been, always will be.

But I have to admit I will be most likely passing on KZ2 based off my demo impressions with respect to the muddy responsiveness and inaccuracy of certain aspects like how even the handgun feels like the rocket launcher in "weight" and the afore mentioned aiming issues. I am truly sorry to say this but this is not to my standards for FPS's. I have been playing FPS's for easily well over 10 years and gaming for nearly 30 and suffice to say I had REALLY high hopes for KZ2. I wish you guys the best, I hope you aren't shooting yourselves in the proverbial foot so to say."

Meus Renaissance3446d ago

Exactly. They've already changed the default control layout to something new, but regardless - they still offered the Alt 2 option which is the standard layout for the popular FPS's these days. If they can realise that they need to satisfy the FPS crowd by offering different configurations, what are they doing in adding so much weight to the sensitivity? It feels like you are dragging a Tank across a sticky surface.

It will hurt the game. No doubt about it. I myself am reconsidering my purchase of this potentially fantastic game. I am extremely disappointed. It was the game I bought the PS3 for and the developers are too arrogant to change it back to standards. And this is not the opinion of the minority, similar complaints are flooding KZ2 forums on the Internet

3446d ago
Pennywise3446d ago

But Meus, the majority of people did not experience this problem. I played with default sensitivity and it was fine.

I heard about the problems and tried again... all seems fine. It is either a random bug in the code (maybe just the demo) or a problem with the demo. Either way, I am sure it will be fixed.

Dont not buy it... Like I said a lot of ppl loved it... maybe you got a bad demo copy.

OOG3446d ago

im glad to see im not the only one who was getting cranky and thrown off by how heavy the movements feel etc... I found it extremly painful to swing your crosshairs to aim because I would either under or overthrow my aim because the response time of the aiming is.... pretty slow....

Coming from being a fps player for around 13/14 years and im only 23....this is a big turnoff.... but im trying to adapt...but I would really like to see them fix this so called weight because it truly did hurt my first impressions of the game.....

Pretty as hell but handles like a boat.... :/ heres to hoping it will get fixed! ill buy it anyway! but I would like them to do something :)

Oner3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Feline you are arguing with the wrong person honestly. I am a DIE HARD Sony supporter and this IS an issue. Read my post history before you embarrass yourself any further to know I am not faking anything or trying to stir some crap up.

I am not going to flame, argue or anything with you on this as I am being 100% honest. To me the games "feel" is hampered more than intriguing, and I am disappointed as I had really high hopes for it personally. So if all you are only going to do "flame" and not have a proper adult conversation then don't bother, please DON'T. I really want to play this game but I don't believe it is up to my expectations that I hold for ALL FPS's not just KZ2.

@Pennywise ~ I downloaded the EU verison first and then the Gamestop Demo later in hopes it was just a download issue & it was the same for me. It sucks for ME, I understand that but it's more compounded since I won't be able to truly enjoy the game with I really wanted to.

Edit: here is a video that shows there is SOMETHING going on that does not feel right to everyone.

Meus Renaissance3446d ago

It is not a technical issue. Those who have complained about lag are actually experiencing the "weight" of the movement. They didn't think it was right so assumed it was lag. Those who have not noticed any "lag", are those who have little issue with the XY sensitivity.

It is obvious they are trying to be different with KillZone 2 but at the end of the day, some people are unable to enjoy it because of this minor design choice. If they changed it, who would be left to complain?

But they won't change it so they can take it as they want. But I will say for a fact this complain will persist. Whether or not it actually impacts the games reputation or sales is another matter. Yesterday a few friends of mine came over, 3 of them to be exact. Two of those three hated the "weight". There seems to be an equal split on Message boards about this. This is too big of an issue to simply ignore in my honest opinion. It's heart breaking but I can't enjoy the frickking game and if GG doesn't care then that's them.

Life goes on.

Aclay3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

"Why should we adjust for one game out of a whole genre? Why alienate the FPS crowd?"

Well, this is how I feel about it.

When it comes to Killzone 2 and "adapting" to a new game, to me it's no different than adapting to the different type of gameplay such as a Simulation Racer such as Gran Turismo, and a more Arcade type of racer like Burnout.

After playing a bunch of Arcade racers, I have to adjust my gameplay style for a racer like Gran Turismo, and usually it takes me about 5-10 minutes to get adjusted.

However, as in the case of Killzone 2, Gran Turismo isn't a game for everybody because everyone doesn't like Sim. Racers and everyone doesn't like the way that Sim. Racers feel, and it looks like to me that Killzone 2 wont be a game for just anyone that plays FPS games because it plays so differently. Killzone 1 had the same "weight" and feel that Killzone 2 has, so I pretty much already knew what to expect from KZ2.

Before anyone writes the game off for purchase, I think that you should at least get the Retail version of Killzone 2 and try it, and see if you get better at it with more progression throughout the game.

OOG3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Well to use my last bubble to finally agree with Meus and ask why people are defending it so much... its just a minor issue that if fixed would make the game great....

I dont really understand why everyone is being so defensive... damn people its just a game and people are just trying to make it better....

I personally love when I play an FPS and the game seems to run smooth as butter... where turning aiming etc feels natural.... like the perfect weight in the game... everything seems to move the way youd you that immersive feeling.....

With this "added" weight you lose the immersiveness....well seems like a lot of people do and thats a bummer cuz the game is really good... O well hopfully they might do something to address it... if not ill just have to deal with it when im playing thats all... :)

All I ask is for the fannies to stop being so angry because people have started to say some negative stuff about that game... its not like they are saying screw it....they just want it to be even better then it already is.


Check this video and youll understand the complaints... dead zone etc is kind of retarded..... but its not about leveling playing fields its about making a game for people that actually play those games.... Know what I mean? Who makes a FPS that doesnt cater to its fanbase??? Regardless im buying it tho... but the follwing video just shows some of the issue

UnwanteDreamz3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Sounds like to me some FPS fans don't want to have a level playing field. You want your exp with other FPS to transfer over to KZ2 thus making it that much easier to be good and own lots of people.

I don't agree I played the demo and I am also a FPS fan. Seems you want to be able to pull of that head shot white jumping within a second of seeing your opponent, like in other FPS.

I have played many FPS and I know how diffferent this one controls. I love it, that is my opinion.

You saying making it like other FPS would make it better, again not a fact but your opinion.

Meus Renaissance3446d ago

So far, the game is getting alot of hate internally from the community because of this. If I was happy with the controls and I saw how much noise this issue caused, I would plead with GG to change it because I want to game to be successful in every way, and for people to love it.

Some people have been waiting for this game for years, even based their decision on buying the platform, and they are now screwed because GG want to act different. It's failed. They should have the decency to change it to the standard sensitivity of other FPS.

Remember that CES footage of the game a few weeks ago? You know the one where those two guys on the corner were in awe of the visuals? The guy playing it changed the sensitivity of the controls seconds after playing the game and criticised it for not being "tight" enough.

We have message boards being flooded with complaints. This will hurt the game, and no one wants to see that. What's keeping it back is arrogance. If this game gets heat from the community for this, GG deserve it.

UnwanteDreamz3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Why don't you stick to what you like and stop ignoring the other side of that coin man. You talk like there aren't just as many fans saying don't change it. If you based your purchase of the PS3 based on one title then you were setting yourself up to be disappointed.

Why dont you spend money on what you want and let others spend their money on what they want. No you want to make this game control like all the others so that you don't have to adapt. Newsflash you don't have to adapt just continue playing what you like and leave this new take on controls to those who enjoy it.

Edit: At below hey its your money right? Spend it on what makes you happy. All I am saying is the KZ2 was supposed to be different and that is what drew me to the title.

Oh and I'm right for me, you chose what is right for you.

Oner3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Additionally how would having the option affect anything? If person A likes play style A, then good for them; and if person B likes play style B then also good for them. How does that make for an advantage/disadvantage UnwanteDreamz, if they are both good at their perspective play styles? If anything those who have tried to adapt (of which are having problems) and those who ALSO played in the beta of which are having an issue ARE at a disadvantage.

Look I am not saying nor have EVER said that KZ2 "sucks" or is "bad" in ANY way, so for those questioning my intentions or comments you can dead it right there. I immediately noticed something "off" and if that is what GG wanted to portray in their game, then fine. Sucks for me, but that is damned harsh knowing how much I anticipated this game. It's not a slight against GG or KZ2 itself...just the explanation of a problem that I and MANY other people are voicing.

And for someone with a gaming history such as mine it's pretty saddening & very disappointing to not be able to enjoy what is/was expected to be a great game. I am sure the single player will be amazing and the multiplayer will be even better. But if something is off with the aim to me and others how much fun do you think that is to us? It shouldn't be a weird problem or a chore to have to deal with. It should just work & play as expected.

Think about it. If there was no problem with the aiming, weight, acceleration, dead zone or whatever then why are there SOOOO many posts & threads about it in the official forums and even here? If it was 1 thread with 20 or so people then I would ABSOLUTELY agree. But it's not and that just proves there is SOMETHING up that is of concern to people. It's not about bias, bots, downplaying, lying or anything else for that matter.

Just something that people want addressed to enjoy a great game. That's it.

@below: That is what you don't seem to understand it IS an issue to many as proof by how many are talking about it in the PS Forums. If it was only a few people then I would agree as I said but it is more than what you are trying make it seem (as less of a problem).

UnwanteDreamz3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

Why don't you take your own advice and look at it as well. Many people agree that it is fine the way it is, are you saying they are wrong?

If you are right and they are right then it seems this is about personal opinions not facts. I never said you didnt like the game because I understand you don't like the controls. I check users comments before I go calling BS or fanboy. I have said neither. Only stated a fact for every gamer complaining there is another saying they like it so what then?

Why should your opinion matter more than the next guy and why make it sound like the majority doesn't like it when that is just not true you have no proof that almost 1 million people don't like the way it controls.

ud3446d ago

but once you get the hang of it you'll be headshotting people like other games. Maybe try to turn without pushing the joystick all the way on one side? I didn't like it back when I first tried the beta, but after a while I thought it was great! it really adds to the realism.

But if you've played warhawk and uncharted I don't see why this is a problem really.. They have the same style of "gliding controls". I think it's just nitpicking because people aren't used to it yet. I mean it IS a 10 minute demo, give yourself a couple of hours maybe to get really used to it.

beavis4play3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

meus, oner, and whoever else........if you can't handle it or are afraid of throwing off your "delicate" gaming skills, then don't play it.
and it took me all of about 2 to 3 minutes to take in the aiming and player movement. let me repeat: 2 to 3 minutes. it's not a big deal.

and the only reason anyone is "defending" the game is because of the crowd that thinks every game ought to play EXACTLY THE SAME??? and that is a really stupid notion. i don't buy KZ because i want it to be the same as other FPS games. i don't buy ratchet or jak because i want mario. i don't buy gran turismo expecting need for speed.......each game is a separate entity.

i keep hearing the same quote: "but why should we have to change?" (accompanied by babies crying in the background for effect)

you change and learn a game because you like games. quit the whining.

kewlkat0073446d ago

I'm willing to bypass that as this game looks great but to have this little problem on top of the controller issue bugs me.

Like Oner below stated " It boils down to not being able to enjoy the game because the action you want to do is not indicative of what is happening."

I hate not being precise....

Dino3446d ago

amen. I can feel that it's different, but that doesn't mean it's broken. no need to fix it.

orakga3446d ago

But I am sort of happy that there are others who finally agree with me, now that they've had their own chance to try out the controls.

This is what I said two months ago:

I realize the boards are divided over this, but the fact of the matter is people are finding the game less enjoyable because of the controls.

beavis4play3446d ago

i'm popping guys all over the place and it's sweet! i went through once using only the pistol.....then i used the helghast gun (as soon as i could get one......awesome!! i'm having no problem being "precise" with my shots. i absolutely love the cover mechanic and peeking out and shooting.

sorry to say this, but for those of you being critical: did you ever (even a little bit) think that perhaps your gaming ability is a little suspect? the skill is in the player and his ability to adapt. and some of you seem to be struggling with this.

i know i LOVE this game!!

orakga3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

What's suspect is your stubborness to see that the argument is not about us (the "whiners") not being able to play the game, but rather our ability to see that this will frustrate a large group of players.

My "skill" is not suspect, and my scores in EVERY GAME that I play prove it (that includes my MP score in KZ2). But unlike you, I refuse to hoarde all the fun by myself. I like SHARING the fun, and that means I know when I see a game that only dedicated videogamers can enjoy.

If you can't see it, at least do not assume those who point this out are somehow less skilled than you. We just happen to have friends whom we want to join us in this game.

Oner3446d ago

Here is more proof of how there is some sort of an issue as it is clearly evident in this slow motion recording. You can see it when

1) In the menu of KZ2 vs XMB
2) When he shoots with the revolver
3) Right @ 52 seconds when he aims
4) Right @ 1:02 & 1:09 when he presses X to jump

Now I do realize this is the supposed "weight" characteristic and as I said that is what GG wanted but it detracts from the gameplay too much and that takes the fun out of it for me and MANY others. I really hope that it won't be worse in the Official PS Forums when released (or on the net everywhere).

Because in all honesty if I can't play for whatever reason, then that's fine (as I have said before ~ sucks for me) but all the work GG has put into KZ2, I seriously hope it does not become a detriment and hindrance to what this title can truly be to the mass consumers/players...

Lex Luthor3445d ago

That was the same problem i had Meus.

Oner3445d ago

Another video to use to show the situation ~

And :52 - 1:0 <- Perfect example of how many times he has to re-adjust
And 1:47 - 1:51
And 4:41 - 4:46
And 5:18 - 5:25 <- This one especially shows it right at 5:19 how he over shoots when trying to re-adjust

It detracts enough from the game for me to not be able to enjoy it the way I hoped. I have to keep re-iterating that I am not saying that KZ2 sucks or is bad in ANY way, but it is evident to MANY people that this "issue" is affecting the gameplay in a negative way and when the game releases expect a lot more "heat".

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lamigol3446d ago

I disagree. FPS is my genre of choice and I must say, cod4 pretty much nailed it for me. However, I have played through the KZ2 demo 15 - 16 times now and I love it. It is true that it takes some getting used to but now I have, I think the controls are great.
It is a matter of preference but why should the devs change an aspect of THEIR game to please a percentage of customers.

Mr_Bun3446d ago

"why should the devs change an aspect of THEIR game to please a percentage of customers"...


I am not saying it's right but money talks.

UnwanteDreamz3446d ago

They said (GG) that this style was not going to be like other FPS from very early on. They also stated that this would not be what some FPS fans were used to. It seems they were right and I love it. If the it controled like COD or Halo or UT3 then what would set it apart.

To anyone wondering why it is being defended.....maybe just maybe some people enjoyed it the way it is. Your opinions are not the only opinions that mater.

Like I said eariler if this thing ends up handling like other FPS I wont be spending much time in the MP.

_Q_3446d ago

had to address these whiners. The game plays fine. He's right . Its a mindset so ppl either need to put or shut up. The control so similar to so many shooters how can ppl not adjust to a lil more weight? really now.

3446d ago
OOG3446d ago

its not that people cant adjust honestly... its more of why should they have to??? And if you play PC FPS games youd hate how the aim is in this game....personally i dont play pc fps often.... but still doesnt help the problem..... hopfully it will all get worked out... if not o wells.

UnwanteDreamz3446d ago

If you want to play a PC FPS, then you should play a PC FPS. Looks like some die hard FPS fans don't like change or the idea of not being able to jump in the MP day one and own everybody.

_Q_3446d ago

"Shouldnt have to" ? Is it that difficult to grasp?Its so similar to COD and others I caught on in a couple plays. A lil bit of realism and We all can't handle it? Shouldnt have to adjust to a new game? If you want the same sh!t go play the same sh!t. Dont whine about something because its different. Im glad its different itll weed out the casuals faster. I think this is a nitpicky whiny issue and ppl need to put up or shut up. I bet there will be tons of n00bs citing the control as the reason THEY suck at KZ2's MP

OOG FunK3446d ago

alright I had to use my old account to even answer you..... Look at it like this.... with a control scheme that delays reaction time this game isnt going to be about peoples skill...since that will be out the door when people are not reacting as fast as their own personal reaction time... why should people who can actually play an FPS game be hindered by slow reacting controls??? Anyway the main point is maybe they should have it set as an option for both fanbases.... that would be the best choice... and wouldnt hurt anybody.. and honestly if they fixed the reaction time people wouldnt complain because then it would feel more naturalll.....

Anyway... I love how you guys cant take constructive criticism and realize that guess what maybe its an issue.... Im sorry if I had around 14 years of FPS experience and play online almost every other day....

And dont think im trying to hate on killzone..its one of the main reasons I bought the ps3 and hell I even just bought a new 32 inch sony xbr6 for bedroom to play it and im in the process of buying a $200 tritton axpro gaming headset.. so dont give me your defensive fanboy nonsense....

beavis4play3446d ago

if someone is faster at aiming than others......they're still gonna be faster in this game. the game will aim how it aims. that "speed" will be constant. so the quickness of the player will still determine who "gets the drop" on someone else.

again: the reaction time in the game is a constant. if someone is quicker at aiming in other FPS games, they'll be quicker than other people in this game. think about it.

beavis4play3446d ago

i love how the game plays. and i'm glad we are getting a game that is'nt out of the same mold as unreal tournament, COD.....etc.

Tarasque3446d ago

Come on people, you are saying people can't get used to change. Nobody wants to get used to something that controls like sh1t. It is not fluid alot of time unresponsive i sometimes have to hit me reload buttons 3 times to reload. Its funny cause i can hit my melee button over and over and it will melee like 3 times after i am done pushing the button. Has anyone noticed of how blurry it get's when you actually move, then when you stand still everything is nice and crisp.

_Q_3446d ago

Man o man your missing the point still. PPL arent slower or faster due to the control scheme.
It still comes down to your ability to deal with what you have. If you cant succeed or compete thats your problem not a defect in the game. since the game was obviously set this way on purpose.Why? Becasue as creator of the game GG felt that was best for a game like KZ2. They gave us the option to speed up the control within obvious reason according to the game already. Just because other games are faster doesnt qualify them as the archetype shooter nor does it even establish any kind of standard amongst shooters. Again like I said if you can't deal with it,thats all there is to it. It doesnt isolate anyone. It comes down to simple preference. Nothing to whine and complain about.If you want to play the game you better try and get use to the control scheme obviously best designed for the game.
BTW Multiple accounts are strictly against the rules around here.
Id suggest getting rid of one before your banned.

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